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C6 Lucky?

After a short period of silence, the crowd in the alchemy hall exploded into an uproar.

Everyone looked at Chen Yu in disbelief.

Chen Yu who was at the first stage of his cultivation, actually defeated Chen Rui who was at the second stage of his cultivation?!

Furthermore, Chen Yu actually used the basic fist technique "Dragon Seizing Hand" to break through the advanced martial art "Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strikes"?!

Everyone present looked at Chen Yu with great bewilderment.

It was all because of this incident that shocked the world.

This mood was simply f * cking bullshit!

"Who's going to punch me? Tell me, this is not real!"

"It's absolutely true. The one who lost, is Chen Rui."

"Now, Chen Rui has lost a lot of face..."

However, amongst the noisy crowd, the one who could not accept this fact the most was Chen Rui who had been knocked down.

"Impossible!" "Impossible!"

Suddenly, a scream came out from Chen Rui's mouth, he stood up with a face covered in blood, and shouted frantically:

"You're merely someone at the first level of the Martial Dao, how did you defeat me?"

Chen Rui, who was initially full of confidence, had brazenly said that he wanted to teach Chen Yu a lesson. However, he was defeated by Chen Yu who was only at the first stage of the martial way in a single move.

"Surprise!" This is definitely an accident! " Chen Rui seemed to have thought of something, and shouted loudly: "Chen Yu, I want to have a rematch with you!"

Once Chen Rui's words came out, the other disciples of the main sect of the Chen Family were immediately relieved. It was also the reason why Chen Yu won, which gave a "reasonable" explanation.

"That's right!" This kid must have gotten lucky and won by coincidence. "

"Damn, this luck is simply heaven defying!"

"That's right, if we were to fight again, Chen Rui would definitely not lose!"

Facing the crowd's doubts and Chen Rui's provocations, Chen Yu once again remained expressionless and did not say a word.

If one looked carefully, they would realize that Chen Yu's forehead was currently covered in a fine layer of cold sweat.

Chen Yu used the powerful willpower in his body to fight at the same time, and it was not without a price. In that instant when he had used his "see through" ability, he had severely exhausted Chen Yu's stamina.

"Did you hear that? I want to fight with you again!" Chen Rui who was at the side roared.

However, even though Chen Yu was severely exhausted of his stamina, his eyes still released an ice-cold aura:

"Chen Rui, don't tell me you can't afford to lose?! Is it a great honor for you to challenge me, a person at the first level of the Martial Dao, over and over again, with your cultivation of the second level of the Martial Dao?! Or perhaps, with such heavy injuries, you have absolute confidence in winning?! "

"You ?" Chen Rui was trembling from head to toe, his face turning purple.

Chen Yu's rhetorical question had indeed stunned him.

At this time, Chen Rui's injuries were extremely severe, and he could barely stand up.

If he were to fight in a battle with injuries, and get lucky and let Chen Yu win again, he would completely lose face.

"Kid!" Today's matter is not over. After I recuperate from my injuries and train the 'Seventeen Killings of the Raging Python' to the Fourth Killer, I will clearly account for today's matter, including interest! "

In Chen Rui's heart, he had always believed that he had underestimated his opponent.

Losing in his "Wild Python Seventeen Annihilation" which he wasn't able to cultivate perfectly, flaws existed within his moves;

Losing to Chen Yu by luck, and accidentally hit his weak point.

"Chen Rui, you are not my opponent today, and you will be even less my opponent in the future. If you continue to fight me, you will only be humiliating yourself!" However, Chen Yu responded to Chen Rui's provocation confidently, picked up the Body Refinement Pellet that belonged to him, and turned to leave.

At this moment, everyone present looked at Chen Yu with complicated gazes.

In their opinion, the reason why Chen Yu could win this battle was indeed because of luck.

If not for his good luck, how could Chen Yu, this trash of the first stage of the martial way, have defeated Chen Rui?!

However, luck was also an important factor in determining the outcome of a battle between martial artists.

Very quickly, the complex gazes from the people who were looking at Chen Yu turned into looks of disdain.

This time, you were lucky enough to defeat Chen Rui.

But can you, Chen Yu, always have such good luck?!

Chen Rui had the absolute advantage in terms of martial skills and cultivation. In the next battle, Chen Yu would lose without a doubt!

Those with this thought were mostly disciples of the Chen family's main sect.

In their hearts, they would never believe a miracle had happened. The disciples of a branch should have been inferior to them by nature.

The counterattack of the grassroots did not exist!

Chen Yu's victory was only a temporary one, his cultivation was still at the first stage of the Immortal Martial Realm after all, so there was no way he could be compared with Chen Rui.

However, they did not realize that Chen Yu's victory over Chen Rui in a single move had already caused fear to instinctively arise in their hearts towards him.

When Chen Yu walked past them, these people actually automatically moved to the sides and created a path, allowing Chen Yu to leave the pill hall with his Body Refinement Pellet.

After leaving the Alchemy Hall, Chen Yu went straight to the clan's Martial Arts Practice Field to cultivate "Dragon Seizing Hand".

At this time, the scene from the battle with Chen Rui just now repeatedly appeared in Chen Yu's mind.

This was another special ability of the Mystic Will ? playback.

This ability allowed Chen Yu to perfectly preserve all of the scenes he had experienced, and repeat every single detail in his mind.

It could be said that a fight like this, which was repeated over and over again, was equivalent to gaining experience from multiple battles.

With these experiences, Chen Yu was able to clearly see his own shortcomings:

Firstly, Chen Yu realized that the reason he had been able to win in that battle just now was because Chen Rui had underestimated his opponent. At the same time, he hadn't cultivated his high level martial skill "Wild Python Seventeen Killings" to his home, resulting in him using the flaws in it.

Secondly, in this battle, his mistake was that he had expended too much physical strength when using the mysterious will, resulting in him not having the strength to fight again. If he did not heavily injure Chen Rui in the end, it would be hard to say whether he would have won or lost.

If they were to fight again, Chen Rui would definitely not underestimate them. Moreover, his "Wild Python Seventeen Killings" wouldn't leave him with too many flaws.

If you don't want to be entangled with Chen Rui anymore, then there is only one way, to raise your cultivation!

Only if his cultivation increased, would his status in the Chen family increase. Only a rascal like Chen Rui would not dare to openly find trouble with him.

Moreover, only after raising his cultivation to the second level of the Martial Dao would he possess sufficient strength to participate in the Chen Clan's Large Competition and receive the attention of the clan!

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