Invincible God King/C7 Second Stage of Martial Dao
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Invincible God King/C7 Second Stage of Martial Dao
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C7 Second Stage of Martial Dao

Facing the wooden stake in front of him, Chen Yu cleared his mind and once again focused on practicing "Dragon Seizing Hand".

"Retreat, Collapsing Fist!"

"Reality, Reality, Void!"

"The first half, the second half!"

"Advance, form your fist!"

"Sidestep, Death Fist!"


After consuming the Body Refinement Pellet, Chen Yu once again used the "Dragon Seizing Hand" technique.

Under Chen Yu's use of the Chen family's most basic fist technique, it was as beautiful as a poem or a painting!

After consuming all five Body Refinement Pellets, Chen Yu's strength, which had been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time, improved by leaps and bounds.

Chen Yu realized that after this set of punches, his strength was at least thirty percent stronger than before!

Right now, he could feel an inexhaustible power within his body.

The blood in his body seemed to be on fire.

If there was someone at Chen Yu's side at this time, it would be obvious that Chen Yu's body seemed to be emitting a thin layer of flame!

This was the sign of strength becoming reality!

It was a symbol of one entering the palace on the path of martial arts!

It was a pity that Chen Yu, who was completely focused on his fist techniques, did not notice this special phenomenon.

Chen Yu, who had tasted the benefits, once again demonstrated "Dragon Seizing Hand".




The sound of heavy punches rang one after another, and the speed at which Chen Yu punched grew even faster. In the end, it actually formed into a series of fist silhouettes, endless and unending!

At this time, Chen Yu's punch was at least twice as fast as before, and his strength had also increased by at least two fold.

If Chen Yu and Chen Rui were to fight again, Chen Yu was confident that he would not have to risk using the power of the mysterious will to defeat Chen Rui!

"Howl ?"

For a moment, Chen Yu could not help but let out a long and excited roar.

A boundless fighting intent surged and blossomed in his body!

Chen Yu's surging battle intent resonated with the mysterious will in his body once again.

"Dong Dong Dong"

"Dong Dong Dong"

Chen Yu could feel the blood vessels in his body violently throbbing, and it seemed as if his will had fused with another incomparably strong will once again.

In that moment, Chen Yu realized that the mysterious will in his body seemed to have condensed.

"Could it be that this mysterious will is actually able to become stronger as my strength increases?" Chen Yu could not help but guess.

The appearance of the mysterious will caused his fate to change.

With the help of this power, Chen Yu could even feel that the threshold of the second stage of the Martial Dao was already right under his feet. He only needed to take a light step to cross over this barrier and advance to the second stage of the Martial Dao.

After all, after he advanced to the second stage of the Martial Dao, Chen Yu would have the qualifications to participate in the Chen family's competition.

's eyes shone with a bright light as he tightly clenched his fists.

This time, he would definitely become a powerful martial artist, making his parents proud!

At daybreak on the second day, Chen Yu went to the training grounds.

Subconsciously, Chen Yu had a feeling that the time to break through the second stage of the Martial Dao was right in front of him.

After landing, Chen Yu took a deep breath, and used the strongest move of the "Dragon Seizing Hand" to hit the wooden stake in front of him that was as thick as a child's waist.


A furious roar was heard.

Progress, Collapsing Fist!

Chen Yu's fist, along with the sound of wind breaking, directly smashed towards the wooden stake.

At this time, Chen Yu felt that his fist had caught on fire, blazing, ferocious, overbearing, and invincible!


A loud sound echoed out.

Chen Yu's fist actually struck the wooden stake directly.

Following that ?


Accompanied by a clear cracking sound, the wooden stake in front of Chen Yu was actually snapped at the waist!

"Destroying the target with a single punch, is that right?" Chen Yu's chest was heaving violently as a bold guess emerged in his mind.

In order to test his hypothesis, he once again found a brand-new wooden stake. He took a deep breath, circulated his energy, and once again threw out a punch!

"Progress, Collapsing Fist!"

This time, Chen Yu used all of the strength in his body!


In an instant, the wooden stake in front of Chen Yu had actually been smashed into pieces by him!

All the signs, Chen Yu's full strength attack had already surpassed the limit of the first stage of the martial way.

"The second level of the Martial Dao is the power of the second level of the Martial Dao!"


Chen Yu's eyes were filled with excitement!

Finally, he took this step forward!


This time, he was no longer the lowest ranked disciple of the Chen family. He had the qualifications to stand on the same stage as the other geniuses and compete on the same stage!

After being excited for a long time, Chen Yu also gradually calmed down.

As everyone knew, there were nine levels to the martial path. Moreover, the further one went, the harder it was to increase their cultivation.

The second stage of the Martial Dao was merely the beginning of the long journey of Ninth Stage of the Martial Dao, and was not worth him being so excited about.

His goal, was to cultivate to the Ninth Stage of the Martial Dao and become the Chen Family's strongest warrior!

He, who was at the second level of the Martial Dao, was only the lowest level of martial artists at the moment.

Only after reaching the peak of the third level would one possess great strength. At that time, ripping apart tigers and leopards would only be a small matter.

People on the fourth to sixth levels of martial arts would not only have a great increase in physical qualities, strength, and speed, but they would also be able to comprehend "inner strength", and release it outside the body. With a distance of one hundred meters, it would be invisible to everyone.

As for experts at the ninth level of Seventh Stage of the Martial Dao, they were the backbone of the Chen Clan. Those who had reached this level were all called Martial Ancestors.

As the name implied, his martial arts cultivation had already reached the level of a Grandmaster.

It could be said that Chen Yu still had a long way to go before he reached this goal.

In the next moment, Chen Yu retracted his mind, packed his things and prepared to leave the training grounds.

He was not prepared to relax and cultivate just because he had advanced to the second stage of martial arts.

According to the Chen Clan's rules, disciples who advanced to the 2nd level of the Martial Dao were allowed to enter the first level of the clan's Book Collection Vault to select a martial skill.

A flash of excitement flashed across Chen Yu's eyes. Previously, because his cultivation was not high enough, he could only cultivate the most basic fist techniques in his clan.

Now that he had advanced to the second stage of martial arts, he had the qualifications to learn higher level martial skills.

When he thought about his high level techniques, Chen Yu could no longer hold back and hastily rushed towards the Compendium Pavilion.

Very quickly, Chen Yu arrived at the entrance of the library.

The Great Solar Chen Clan's Compendium Pavilion was a place similar to the forbidden grounds.

Not only was he unable to cause a ruckus here, he was also unable to use force. If he violated the rules, he would lose the right to study in the Compendium Pavilion forever.

Although this was his first time here, Chen Yu had already heard about the existence of the Chen Family's Book Collection Hall from him.

There were a total of four levels here.

On the first floor were basic martial skills, ordinary martial skills, as well as the remnants of a few high level martial skills.

On the second floor, most of the Martial Skills were ordinary ones. There were even a few high grade and rare fragmented Martial Skills.

As for the third floor, it was filled with high level martial skills. There were even some extremely precious and outstanding rank martial skills.

As for the fourth level, according to the rumors, a perfect martial skill passed down by the Chen Clan until now was placed there, and it was the Chen Clan's treasure guarding the clan.

However, whether or not this rumor was true, Chen Yu did not know.

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