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C8 Book Pavilion

However, in the vicinity of the Compendium Pavilion, there were still quite a few youngsters.

However, this was within Chen Yu's expectations. After all, the martial skills stored in the Compendium Pavilion was a shortcut to increase one's martial strength.

In this world where strength was everything, strength was even more important than life.

When Chen Yu stepped into the library, an old man slowly opened his eyes. After sizing Chen Yu up from head to toe, he said in a deep voice:

"I have just advanced to the 2nd level of the Martial Dao. I am qualified to enter the Compendium Pavilion, so why don't you show me your identity token?"

"Yes, Ninth Elder." As they spoke, Chen Yu respectfully handed over his identity badge to the old man.

The guard of the clan's Book Collection Hall was none other than the ninth elder of the Chen Clan. His surname was Chen Yanfeng, and he was in his sixties, with an ordinary appearance.

However, Chen Yu who possessed the mysterious will could feel the immense power contained in Chen Feng's body.

That kind of power, was at least the true qi that only experts of Sixth Stage of the Martial Dao could possess.

Cultivators with true qi could no longer judge the difference in strength simply by how much strength they had.

This kind of expert could hide his strength in every part of his body, including his punches, palms, and legs. He could wound someone through the air and kill them all.

It could be said that a single Sixth Stage of the Martial Dao practitioner could simultaneously deal with at least dozens of martial practitioners at the second level of the Martial Dao like Chen Yu.

While Chen Yu was still observing Chen Feng, the old man had already seen the identity badge he handed over and said: "Chen Yu, do you know the rules in the Compendium Pavilion?!"

"Understood. Every disciple in the clan is allowed to enter the first level of the Compendium Pavilion to learn any cultivation technique for two hours. In two hours, regardless of whether you have learned the technique or not, you must leave the Compendium Pavilion. If you violate the rules, you will be kicked out of the clan! " Chen Yu said softly.

"Yes, you are talking about the old rules. From this year onwards, the clan has issued a new rule against the disciples of the branch families." The Ninth Elder said calmly:

"The amount of time a auxiliary branch disciple takes to enter the Compendium Pavilion is only half of the time the disciples of our sect take in. In other words, you only have an hour to study!"

Hearing that, Chen Yu was startled, but he understood, before having absolute strength, he did not have the qualifications to negotiate with the elders, so he nodded his head: "Disciple understands."

"It's good that you understand. You can enter now. Remember, you only have an hour!" Patriarch Nine said with an expressionless face.

Hearing this, Chen Yu took a deep breath, and stepped into the library he dreamed of.

The new rules of the Compendium Pavilion had a huge difference in treatment for the main clan and branch family disciples.

An hour's time was enough for a talented person to remember a high level martial skill. No matter how weak it was, he could still remember an ordinary martial skill.

But if it was an hour, at most, he would only remember an ordinary martial skill. It was almost impossible to remember a complicated high level martial skill.

This rule magically widened the gap between the disciples of their sect and that of their branch disciples.

However, this rule was useless to Chen Yu.

The mysterious will within his body had a special ability to replay. It could reflect everything that he had seen into his mind, and was ready for him to call upon and view at any time.

This allowed Chen Yu to have photographic memory.

Moreover, this ability was even more monstrous than photographic memory.

There was a time limit for an ordinary person's photographic memory. Perhaps a day, or ten days, or even a hundred days, after a period of time, the things that were originally clear in one's memory would gradually become blurry and be forgotten.

But Chen Yu was different. As long as he lived in this world for a day, and as long as the mysterious will still existed in his body, he would never forget something that he had used his mysterious will memories for.

In an hour, not to mention memorizing a few battle techniques, he would be able to memorize all of the battle techniques in the entire first floor of the Compendium Pavilion!

As a result, after Chen Yu entered the Compendium Pavilion, he did not act like the others, fighting for every second and studying. He memorized every memory, and instead went to the bookshelf and casually opened a book.

This was a biography like book. Chen Yu flipped through the book extremely quickly, and in a few minutes, he had finished flipping through the entire book.

Although the book did not have any information on martial skills, Chen Yu was still captivated by the martial arts expert's charm.

Experts of the Martial Dao should be able to win a thousand with one strike.

If he was angry, blood would splash out to the world!

It could determine the rise and fall of a nation, and it could determine the fate of one's entire life!

However, after his blood boiled, Chen Yu could not help but have some questions.

Was the information in the book true?

Even if it was an expert with Ninth Stage of the Martial Dao, he might not necessarily be able to defeat a thousand people, much less determine the rise and fall of a nation, or the proud power that would determine the fate of its entire life.

For the first time, Chen Yu suddenly felt that Ninth Stage of the Martial Dao might not be the true essence of the martial way.

Above the Ninth Stage of the Martial Dao, there might be an even broader world of martial arts!

At this moment, the library was extremely quiet. Even though there were quite a few people here, there were very few conversations between them. Even if they had to occasionally converse with each other, they would always keep their voices down, so other than the rustling sounds of the pages being flipped, there was basically no other sound.

Therefore, Chen Yu tried his best to keep quiet. After finding a few martial skill manuals that suited him, he sat down at a table by the wall and quietly started flipping through the books.

Just as he opened the first page of the book, a sixteen or seventeen year old youth wearing a black top sat down in front of him.

As the black-robed youth sat down, he placed a book in his hands on the desk, placing it very heavily.

With a "bang", Chen Yu could not help but frown, and looked at the other party with a strange gaze.

"What, Chen Yu, you don't recognize me anymore?!" The black-clothed youth said with an extremely unfriendly tone.

The black-robed youth's words made Chen Yu recall the identity of this youth.

He was a disciple of the sect, and like Chen Rui, he was the son of the Third Elder, Chen Jian Xing's loyal lackey.

If Chen Rui was said to be one of Chen Jian Xing's henchmen, then he was the one who had the bad idea on Chen Jian Xing's side.

The news about Chen Yu pestering Chen Ran time and time again was mostly just a statement.

The appearance of the narration made a sharp glint flash across Chen Yu's eyes.

But in the next moment, Chen Yu stopped his anger.

After all, he only entered the Compendium Pavilion for a short hour, so he shouldn't waste it on such a person.

Therefore, Chen Yu didn't even bat an eyelid as he nodded his head to indicate that he understood and continued to flip through the books in his hands.

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