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C9 word for word

After Chen Yu finished reading the footwork manual named "Floating Cloud Steps", he continued to read the next manual.

Because he was reading very carefully and attentively, he did not notice the expression on the other party's face after seeing him quickly flipping through a few secret manuals.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, let me see, Chen Yu, you have understood all of these secret manuals, right?! "Yo, first it's a high level technique, 'Flowing Cloud Steps', then it's a high level technique, 'One Thought Dragon Fist'?!" Ha ha-ha ha ha, Chen Yu, do you really think you are a genius in martial arts?! " When he said this, he had a rather exaggerated smile on his face:

"You only have an hour to study, and you don't treasure this opportunity?!" "This is the library that our clan has passed down for hundreds of years. Even if you don't understand a single one of these books, there's no need for you to pretend to understand high grade martial skills."

You should know that just a few days ago, because you luckily beat Chen Rui in just one and half moves, this brat had recently trained in the "Wild Python Seventeen Killing" technique, and the moment he comes out, it would be when he reaches the small success stage of the "Wild Python Seventeen Killing" technique. At that time, he would definitely come looking for you to wash away his previous shame, do you think that you would still be lucky enough to accidentally hit Chen Rui's weak spot?

Initially, Chen Yu didn't want to bother with the narration, but the narration kept on blabbering on and on, with no intentions of letting Chen Yu go. In the end, Chen Yu couldn't take it anymore.

"Ninth Elder!"

Chen Yu's voice was not loud, but when this quiet atmosphere rang out, it was actually very abrupt, to the point that many disciples who were researching martial skills could not help but turn their heads and look at him.

Some people were curious while some people were dissatisfied. As for Ninth Elder Chen Feng, he gloomily walked over.

"What is it?!" At this time, Chen Feng's tone of voice clearly carried a trace of impatience.

The reason why he had chosen to work in the Compendium Pavilion was because this place was so quiet that he could practice martial arts without being disturbed. Now that he was disturbed by these two little kids, it was truly strange for Patriarch Nine to be in a good mood.

"Ninth Elder, interrupting my studies like a fly has already wasted my precious time, so I hope that the Compendium Pavilion can expel this statement." Chen Yu said expressionlessly.

"A statement like this?!" Chen Feng asked.

Regardless of the reason why, Zhang Xuan would never allow others to study in the Compendium Pavilion.

After all, every minute spent here was extremely precious to the children of the family.

Therefore, when the Ninth Elder, Chen Feng, looked at the statement again, there was a faint trace of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

"No, it's not like that!"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback. He only had one chance to enter the Compendium Pavilion, and if he were to be chased out just because of a few more words, it would be a great injustice for him.

His eyes flickered as if he was thinking about something.

When his gaze landed on Chen Yu, he had an idea.

As a result, the voice that stated did not tremble anymore, and his expression was no longer panicked. He directly pushed the matter toward Chen Yu and said:

"Ninth Elder, as everyone knows, the martial skills in the Compendium Pavilion are all very profound and profound. Even if it was just for two hours, no one would be able to learn an ordinary martial skill, much less a high level martial skill and its remnants."

After that, he pointed to the secret scriptures in Chen Yu's hands: "But Ninth Elder, look at the ones in Chen Yu's hands. There are at least two high level secret scriptures, three normal ones. Also, he only took a few glances at it before putting it down. How can he remember that!? "

Finally, he proudly stated, "I suspect that he is making use of this opportunity to cause trouble and is unable to learn a high level martial skill. Others can forget about learning it!"

Once these words were said, not to mention the other spectators, even the Ninth Elder was stunned for a moment. His gaze immediately fell on Chen Yu as he said:

"Chen Yu, do you have something to say!?"

At this time, Ninth Elder Chen Feng's tone of voice to Chen Yu had already become cold, which meant that the words he had said had reached a certain point.

However, just as he revealed a complacent expression, as if he had already won, he heard Chen Yu say:

"Ninth Elder, I have remembered all the contents of these secret manuals. You can't just hold onto the book and read it again, right?!"

"You remembered it?" After hearing this, Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, then his face revealed a shocked expression.

"You're lying to a ghost. Even if you're a photographic genius, it's impossible for you to remember so much in such a short amount of time." A statement by the side said disdainfully.

Chen Feng also had a puzzled expression as he asked, "You really remembered it?"

Chen Yu nodded earnestly: "It's definitely true."

"Okay, then let me ask you, the contents of the fourth style of One Thought Dragon Fist!" Chen Feng opened the One Thought Dragon Fist and asked.

"One Thought Dragon Fist's fourth movement, Berserk Dragon Art!" This punch emphasized the word "collapse". Before the punch had arrived, its intent had already been broken. If it can be combined with a powerful body tempering cultivation technique, it can even increase the power of the fist technique to the point of shooting stars, and the effect of breaking fists to the point of raging flames. " Chen Yu replied.

"Then what's the content of the fifth style of One Thought Dragon Fist?" Chen Feng continued to ask.

"Fifth move of the One Thought Dragon Fist, Angry Dragon Spell!" The moment his fist struck out, hundreds of shadows appeared, and a fiery light blossomed. This move is stronger than when the flaming fist shadows exploded in the air. This fist wind has no pattern, it's just a casual strike. Surprisingly, it can kill without a trace! "

Not a single word was wrong!

Not a word was wrong!

The eyes of Chen Feng, who was reading the manual, had already become dazed.

At the same time, after seeing Chen Feng's expression, it was easy to guess that what Chen Yu said was absolutely correct.

How was this possible?!

The man's eyes were about to fall to the ground.

If it was him, not to mention in an hour, even if it was in half a day, he might not be able to remember it even in half a month.

But how long did Chen Yu take?!

He didn't even need the time for a cup of tea to boil, he could clearly see that Chen Yu had only seen the One Thought Dragon Fist just now.

If he was not completely sure that this was Chen Yu's first time entering the library, he would have suspected that Chen Yu had long ago learned the "One Thought Dragon Fist"!

"Alright, Chen Yu, I believe you have recorded all of the contents of the few secret manuals, but let me remind you, these manuals are strictly forbidden to be taught to outsiders, do you understand?!" Patriarch Nine said seriously.

"Disciple understands!" Chen Yu respectfully nodded.

"Hmm, then you can continue to choose your secret manuals. As for the person who disturbed you, leave it to me to handle." After he finished speaking, Chen Feng turned around with a gloomy face, stared at the narration and said in a sinister tone:

"Statement, come over here for a moment!"

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