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Invincible Heavenly God System/C3 Start from the Beginning
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C3 Start from the Beginning

"I want you to never be able to escape this torment!" Huo Tianzong roared.

Huo Tianzong's cruel methods had deeply provoked this bitch.

"Tianzong, you, you're back!" Huo Guizhi revealed an ugly smile and said.

"Who is talking?" Huo Tianzong slowly turned around. He was covered in blood.

He looked like a god of death. It was Huo Linshan's blood.

Huo Tianzong looked at Huo Guizhi with a cruel smile on his face.

He slowly walked over. Huo Guizhi kept stepping back until she could not retreat.

Huo Tianzong slammed his hand on the golden light screen.

The golden light curtain did not move at all. There were no signs of breaking.

However, Huo Guizhi was so scared that her pretty face turned pale.

"Tianzong, it was all the Duanmu family's people who forced me. It was not my fault!" Huo Guizhi said with a trembling voice.

The current Huo Tianzong was too terrifying.

"Heh, the old man said that I was going to marry him. I don't even want to see you once a year." Huo Tianzong said with a mocking tone.

"If it wasn't for his words, you wouldn't be here today." Huo Tianzong shouted through the light curtain.

According to Huo Tianzong's personality, what kind of bullshit engagement was this?

What bullshit woman! Kill them all!

A creature like a woman would only affect the speed at which he drew his sword!

That was all!

But now, this beast dared to betray him! Betraying the Huo family!

Even though he had never taken her seriously.

However, this was a huge stain on his reputation.

It deeply stimulated his self-esteem!

"I also know that you have no interest in me, so why can't I find someone who likes me!" Huo Guizhi roared angrily.

"F * ck you!" Huo Tianzong was instantly enraged and slashed down with his sword.

Crack! A crack appeared on the light screen. Huo Guizhi was instantly frightened to the point her pretty face turned pale.

"What a noisy thing. Today is the day of your death!" Huo Tianzong slashed at the light screen like crazy.

Every strike was accompanied by a loud sound.

Huo Guizhi felt her heart turn cold when she saw the cracks getting bigger.

What was more difficult to accept than death was waiting for death.

"Stop!" Suddenly, a voice was heard. Footsteps could be heard from outside.

Huo Tianzong turned around in an instant. It turned out that the city lord had brought people here.

A mocking smile appeared on his face.

"Are you willing to join City Lord Mansion?" The city lord was a middle-aged man in his forties.

His cultivation base had reached the Third Grade Spiritual Martial Stage realm!

"What if I say I don't want to!" Huo Tianzong's eyes were filled with sarcasm.

"Then I will have to kill you." The city lord thrust his palm at Huo Tianzong.

Huo Tianzong instantly dodged to the side, but he was still affected by the attack.

His right arm disappeared completely.

On the other side, Huo Guizhi was in a terrible situation. The light screen was completely destroyed by this attack.

Huo Tianzong saw hope in an instant. He rushed towards Huo Guizhi with all his might.

"Yixue, quickly leave!" Huo Tianzong turned back and roared at Huo Yixue.

Huo Yixue's eyes were blood red as tears rolled down her face.

"I'm not leaving!" Huo Yixue screamed at the top of her lungs.

The city lord appeared in front of Huo Tianzong and blocked the attack with his sword.

Huo Tianzong suddenly kicked the city lord.

Behind the city lord was the wall. This time, the city lord's figure smashed into the wall behind him.

"Get lost! Go to the Wind Devil Sect and wait for me!" Huo Tianzong roared.

Huo Yixue gritted her teeth and ran outside.

Huo Tianzong swung his sword at the city lord.

"Do you still want to go to the Wind Demon Academy? Today is the day of your death!" The City Lord roared.

A sword pierced into Huo Tianzong's heart.

Huo Tianzong spat out a mouthful of blood and used the last of his strength to bite the city lord's neck.

After that, Huo Tianzong ripped the city lord's body apart. Blood splashed everywhere. The city lord's corpse fell to the ground.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He had never thought that he would die in the hands of a Spiritual Martial Stage brat.

Huo Tianzong spat out a huge mouthful of blood. He knew that his life was coming to an end.

He leaned against the wall weakly and looked at Huo Guizhi.

He laughed maniacally. He had been unhindered for seventeen years. Today, he would die here!

"If I have a day to be reborn, I will kill you all!"

"If you don't die, my hatred will never stop!"

"Even if I kill you ten million times, I will not be able to get rid of my hatred!!"

The last hysterical roar echoed in the Huo family's mansion.

"Tianzong, you must be tired after such a long time!" Huo Guizhi smiled miserably and her eyes turned red.

She gently touched Huo Tianzong's cheek and wiped the blood off his face.

"Tianzong, I'm sorry. I love you." Huo Guizhi shed two lines of tears.

She did not have such great talent, but she had great ambition.

Living in the world, not for martial arts. Why?

Huo Guizhi slowly walked away. She would embrace a new life.

The sound of two people talking could be heard from the sky.

"World Annihilation, this little guy is not bad." Huo Ru chuckled.

At this moment, two people were standing in the sky.

It was said that only warriors of the Heaven realm could fly in the sky. Obviously, these two were super powerful warriors.

"Take your mother's love." Huo Mie looked at her coldly.

A red ball of light appeared on his palm, carrying a powerful aura of life.

He flicked his hand, and the red ball of light rushed madly towards Huo Tianzong's corpse.

Then, Huo Ru revealed a bright smile, and the two of them disappeared.

The red ball of light gently entered Huo Tianzong's forehead.

It was as if ten thousand suns had exploded in Huo Tianzong's sea of consciousness.

His figure disappeared in an instant.

At this moment, a deafening roar came from a room in the Huo family's mansion in Blood Moon City.

"I will kill you all!!!"

A terrifying roar reverberated in the Huo family's mansion.

This Huo family had nothing to do with the previous Huo family.

"Young master, what's wrong with you, young master?" A young maid pushed open the door and asked in panic.

"Mm? Who are you calling young master?" Huo Tianzong saw someone come in.

Suddenly, a bloody killing intent flowed in his eyes.

Suddenly, he felt a huge memory rush into his mind.

He felt an explosive pain.

"Get out!" Huo Tianzong shouted at the young maid.

The young maid was shocked and immediately went out to close the door.

Huo Tianzong held his head in pain.

After a long time! The pain slowly calmed down until it completely disappeared.

Huo Tianzong casually looked at these memories and immediately understood everything.

"Fuck you, don't you want me to be reborn into a genius?" Huo Tianzong said furiously.

He had been reborn into a useless young master.

Usually, he would be bullied by others, but this time, he would be bullied to death.

Huo Tianzong felt his realm and revealed a heartbroken expression.

"I've painstakingly cultivated to the Spiritual Martial Stage realm! Do I have to start all over again now?" Huo Tianzong roared.

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