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C4 Furious

"Ding Dong, congratulations on awakening the Invincible Heavenly God System! Do you wish to bind?"

A voice was heard. Huo Tianzong's voice froze. What was this thing?

"What are you?" Huo Tianzong asked in shock.

A voice that could directly appear in his mind must be a super powerful being!

"I am the system, I am the super system that can make you become a god!"

A domineering voice resounded in his mind.

Huo Tianzong was instantly enraged. Impudent!

No one had ever dared to be so overbearing in front of him!

"No need to tie me up!" Huo Tianzong roared.

The next sound almost made him fall off the bed.

"Dingdong! Forcefully binding successful."

"You!?" Huo Tianzong was at a loss for words.

"Ding Dong! Forcefully reforging the constitution!"

"Damn you! Ah! F * ck me! Stop it!" Huo Tianzong fell on the bed in pain.

His whole body seemed to have broken down. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

After a long time, Huo Tianzong opened his eyes.

Huo Tianzong propped himself up with one hand on the bed and sat up.

He felt something was wrong.

"My right hand? Where's the power?" Huo Tianzong looked at his right hand in shock.

At the moment, his right hand was only able to pick up a teacup.

His left hand was somewhat amazing.

A fist punched through the wall, and a rumbling sound rang out.

This caused the young maid to jump in fright.

"Young Master Huo, what's wrong?" The young maid asked in panic.

"I, um... let me see if this wall is sturdy!" Huo Tianzong really did not know what to say.

"Yes, is it sturdy?" The young maid took a deep breath and asked.

"It's alright. Call someone to renovate it later." Huo Tianzong wiped the sweat off his forehead.

It was harder for him to make up a lie than to kill someone.

The young maid nodded heavily and stepped back.

Huo Tianzong took a deep breath.

"Buddy, did you do this?" Huo Tianzong asked.

"Ding Dong! Yes!"

"What's the use of you?" Huo Tianzong asked curiously.

He was really curious that he had somehow been reborn.

Forcefully binding a system, he was going to die!

"Dingdong! I'm omnipotent!"

"Then just let me become a god." Huo Tianzong said with disdain.

"Dingdong! "Doing this will consume a lot of your lifespan. You might die, no! " You will definitely die. "

"Heh! Only now do I know that there is such a meaning to being omnipotent? You mean that I can't do it?" Huo Tianzong said sarcastically.

"Ding Dong! Yes! You can't!"

"F * ck you!" Huo Tianzong roared.

He kicked open the door and walked out.

"Hey, where's Huo Lia? He's that trash without cultivation base!" Huo Tianzong looked at the young maid and roared.

"He is probably in his room. Young master, what are you doing?" The young maid asked.

"Nonsense! Revenge!" Huo Tianzong smiled.

"Young Master, you were beaten by him last time." The young maid said.

"You! Just you wait and see." Huo Tianzong turned his head abruptly when he heard this.


This person before him couldn't even defeat a person with no f * cking cultivation base!

He pushed open the door and walked out, heading straight for Huo Lia's mansion.

There were many people in Huo family, but they all looked at Huo Tianzong with disdain.

Huo Tianzong took a deep breath. He would kill these people sooner or later!

He saw it from his memory.

These people's cultivations were only First Order Initial Martial Stage.

"Buddy, how's my cultivation?" Huo Tianzong asked curiously.

"Ding Dong! Peerless!"

"Very good! Buddy, I need a sword!" Huo Tianzong was happy.

He didn't care what it was.

It was good that he could become stronger. Since it's all-powerful, then I must have a lot of things to do.

"Dingdong. Consume 10 years of life to obtain the medicinal Soul Swords and Dark Stars."

"Hmm? What do you mean by consuming 10 years of life?" Huo Tianzong looked at the black sword on his left hand.

Then he asked with a confused look on his face.

"Ding Dong! Before you lose your Destiny Value, everything you do will consume your lifespan."

"You're very good!" Huo Tianzong was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He held the Soul Sword Dark Star in his left hand. This sword was extremely long.

It emitted a black cold light. It could be seen that the material was also very unique.

Moreover, such a long sword definitely required a lot of effort.

However, he didn't feel the weight.

With a thought, the medicinal Dark Star returned to his sea of consciousness.

Huo Tianzong smiled. The medicinal Soul Sword was the treasure he dreamed of.

He did not expect that medicinal Soul Swords did not have weight!

"Dingdong! The Soul Sword has weight, but it does not have weight for you."

Huo Tianzong was stunned when he heard this.

"How heavy is it?" Huo Tianzong thought for a moment and asked.

"Ding Dong! Initial Martial Stage is 100 Jin, and every realm it increases by 100 Jin. Spiritual Martial Stage is 1,000 Jin, but it doesn't increase by a realm by 1,000 Jin. So on and so forth."

Huo Tianzong was stunned for a moment, but his confidence was instantly unparalleled!

One hundred Jin! This was enough for him to directly send his opponent flying.

"Right, how do I obtain the Destiny Value?" Only now did Huo Tianzong remember the most crucial question.

"Dingdong! Upgrade realm."

Huo Tianzong cursed in his heart. Wasn't it as if he didn't say anything?

During the conversation between his soul and the system.

He had already arrived at the legendary Huo Lia's mansion.

"Get out!" Huo Tianzong roared.

He kicked the door and sent it flying. He found that his physical fitness far exceeded those of the same level.

Huo Lia walked out with a face full of anger.

Seeing that it was Huo Tianzong, his anger turned into a touch of ridicule.

"What's wrong? You want to get beaten again?" Huo Lia said sarcastically.

This time, he wanted to beat Huo Tianzong to death!

He thought to himself that he had failed to beat Huo Tianzong to death the last time.

In fact, he had really beaten Huo Tianzong to death. The current Huo Tianzong was no longer the same as before.

Huo Lia's door was pushed open again, and a few young men walked out.

Seeing that it was Huo Tianzong, this piece of trash, he was shocked.

This piece of trash dared to come to Huo Lia's mansion and provoke him?

"Trash, get lost as soon as possible, in case you die here today." Huo Sha said with a smile.

These were all people who had a good time with Huo Lia during the same period.

"It doesn't matter. Since he wants to fight, let's fight him!" Huo Bing smiled, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

"Trash, did you hear that? Do you dare to fight?" Huo Lia smiled.

Huo Tianzong smiled. He was very happy. Endless anger flashed through his heart.

"Are you guys going to attack together or are you all going to die?" Huo Tianzong looked at them indifferently.

"Impudent! I'll fight you!" Huo Sha was instantly enraged.

A punch carrying a whistling wind rushed towards Huo Tianzong.

Huo Lia and Huo Bing revealed a smile. If this punch landed on Huo Tianzong, he would either die or be crippled.

Boom! Huo Sha stopped in his tracks. His fist was grabbed by Huo Tianzong.

He clenched his fist. Crack! The sound of bones breaking could be heard. A howl resounded in the mansion.

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