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C6 Gift

"Kill!" Huo Tianzong roared and sent a man's head flying with a slash of his sword.

Another kick landed on the wall. The man spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"You dare to oppose me!" Huo Tianzong roared.

Another man was killed by Huo Tianzong's sword. Immediately, everyone fled in all directions.

However, Huo Tianzong didn't plan to let them go.

He quickly caught up to another man and killed him with a single sword strike.

He turned around and killed another person who was preparing to launch a sneak attack behind him.

The others took advantage of this opportunity to run far away.

"Second Miss. Hehe." Huo Tianzong's dark eyes revealed a bloodthirsty glint.

His figure disappeared into the night.

He had never entered the Second Miss's mansion before.

However, he roughly knew where it was.

After all, they were all from the Huo family.

Huo Tianzong quietly leaned against the wall of the Second Miss with a smile on his face.

He jumped up and grabbed the wall with both hands.

He flipped over in an instant and gently landed on the ground.

Huo Tianzong instantly squatted down. This was a must. This way, he would not be easily discovered.

Second Miss's mansion was much bigger than his.

Huo Tianzong instantly jumped onto the roof and laid quietly on it.

As long as he could hear the Second Lady's voice, he would make his move.

"Miss, your hair is still so beautiful." A woman's voice sounded, sounding like a maid.

"I have no choice. I, this beauty, am born to be like this." Another woman's figure came.

Huo Tianzong cursed in his heart. She actually said that he was a great beauty? Shameless.

Not long after, the servant girl walked out.

A smile appeared in Huo Tianzong's eyes.

Let him see how beautiful this so-called Second Miss is!

Snake Scorpion Woman!

Huo Tianzong jumped down and kicked the door open.

The Dark Star appeared in his hand.

"It's you! How can you still be alive!"

Second Miss turned around when she heard the sound and saw Huo Tianzong's shocked eyes.

"Me? Do you think I will die?" Huo Tianzong smiled and walked forward.

He slapped Second Miss on the face.

She was bleeding. Second Miss's face was filled with shock. He actually dared to hit her!

"You can continue to call for people to kill me." Huo Tianzong smiled.

"You are seeking death." Second Miss said furiously.

Huo Tianzong's powerful left hand instantly grabbed Second Miss's slender neck.

"Beauty? Say your last words!" A trace of blood flashed in Huo Tianzong's eyes!

"Save, save your life!" Second Miss said with difficulty.

"Hahahaha, I don't think anyone will come to save you." Huo Tianzong suddenly crushed the beautiful woman's neck.

The corpse was still on the side. In an instant, it climbed over the wall and walked out.

He jumped over the wall again and crossed the courtyard of the Huo family. He stood on the quiet street.

For a moment, he felt refreshed. Today's moon was very round.

Suddenly, he saw a person standing on top of the attic on the right.

That person seemed to be a young man as well. He was extremely tall.

And he was also staring at him.

Bing Tianyi stood in the attic and looked at him curiously.

Then he jumped down and disappeared from Huo Tianzong's sight.

Huo Tianzong was stunned. He thought to himself, "What a handsome young man. This guy can even be compared with me.

But why did he have to give up his life?

Huo Tianzong shook his head slightly. He had a pure feeling. The other party was not an ordinary person.

"Dingdong! Discovered old enemy! Please kill him immediately!"

A voice was heard. Huo Tianzong was stunned again.

"What old enemy?" Huo Tianzong asked in confusion.

"Ding Dong! A descendant of the Bing family has been discovered! Please kill him immediately!"

"Hmm?" Huo Tianzong smiled. Could it be that he was a descendant of the Huo family?

"What's going on?" Huo Tianzong asked with a smile. This seemed to be an interesting thing.

"Ding dong. 500 million years ago, the Nine Empyreans Continent broke out in a full scale holy war!"

"All the races participated. In the end, two of them won. They were Ice God and Fire God."

"Both of them are peerless geniuses. They have fought countless battles!"

"But until now, the winner has yet to be determined. Now, the descendant of the Bing family is born, and you have been chosen by Fire God!"

Huo Tianzong nodded. So that was the case.

"Just say that those two gods want the descendant to win." Huo Tianzong said.

"But don't be in such a hurry. We will meet again in the future." Huo Tianzong smiled.

He turned around and walked towards the Wind Demon Academy. It was on a mountain.

Huo Tianzong was going to have a hard time this time.

As the night faded, Huo Tianzong walked on the road, exhausted.

"System, is that the mountain in front?" Huo Tianzong looked at the mountain in front of him and asked.

"Dingdong! Yes! The Qi of the descendant of the Bing family is in there!"

"I'm talking about the Wind Demon Academy!" Huo Tianzong roared.

"Dingdong! Wind Demon Academy is ahead."

Huo Tianzong took a deep breath. He still wanted to climb the mountain?

Huo Tianzong slowly walked to the foot of the mountain. Wasn't this too damn steep?

Huo Tianzong gritted his teeth and took out the Dark Star.

He jumped up abruptly and stabbed his sword into the mountain range.

He found a support point for his left hand and exerted force again. His body suddenly jumped high.

Once again, he inserted the Dark Star into the mountain range. Huo Tianzong gasped for breath.

He slowly climbed up. Half a day later, Huo Tianzong laid on the mountain peak exhausted.

In front of him was a sect. The words' Wind Devil Sect 'were written in big letters.

"Buddy, do you have a soul item to recover your strength?" Huo Tianzong asked.

"Ding Dong! You have obtained the Dark Star Chain!"

Huo Tianzong felt something on his neck.

He held it in his hand and looked at it. It was pure black again.

He did not know what material these were made of.

But at this moment, he felt that his physical strength was recovering crazily.

Even his strength and mental strength were recovering at a rapid speed.

Huo Tianzong stood up and patted his body. It was all dirt!

God knows how hard it is to climb a mountain!

His clothes were in tatters now.

"Buddy, I need a piece of clothing." Huo Tianzong said.

"Ding Dong! Congratulations on obtaining the Dark Star Robe."

Huo Tianzong instantly seemed to have changed into a different person.

A black robe was worn behind him, and there was a dark star pattern on his back.

"Buddy, what other Dark Stars do you have?"

Huo Tianzong said with a smile. He discovered that this system was simply a treasure trove!

Dingdong! There's no more!!"

"Alright then." Huo Tianzong smiled and walked into the Wind Devil Sect.

He didn't know if Huo Yixue was here.

As a childhood friend, he knew this woman very well.

"She should have arrived already." Huo Tianzong smiled.

He pushed the door open and kicked the door open.

"F * ck!" Huo Tianzong instantly flew out. What was going on?

"Hello, you can go in now." The disciple guarding the mountain said.

"What did that kick mean?" Huo Tianzong's face darkened.

"That was my gift to you." The guarding disciple said with a smile. Huo Tianzong revealed a bloodthirsty smile. He also had a gift for him!

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