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C7 Kill

Huo Tianzong suddenly kicked the disciple who was guarding the mountain.

The man was instantly sent flying. He laid on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"This is my gift to you. You don't need to thank me." A bloody light flashed across Huo Tianzong's eyes.

The corner of his mouth curled into a smile.

This guy actually gave him a kick the moment he came up.

Moreover, he was only a guardian disciple, this was simply presumptuous.

Looks like he was used to bullying newcomers.

In the end, he met Huo Tianzong, this tough guy.

"How dare you hit me!" The guarding disciple spat out another mouthful of blood and roared.

He was only a First Order Initial Martial Stage warrior, how could he be a match for Huo Tianzong?

"It seems like you didn't realize your mistake." Huo Tianzong smiled.

The smile sounded like the devil's.

"No, I think I was wrong." The disciple immediately changed his words.

"Kneel down today! kowtow! Call me grandpa! " I won't let you off! " Huo Tianzong said with a smile.

He wanted to see if this disciple who dared to attack someone had any integrity.

"Get lost!" The guardian disciple roared.

This man is so gutsy!

Kowtow? Kneel? Call me grandpa? You still won't let me go?

This is intolerable!

"Haha, you better consider if you want to say something like this?" Huo Tianzong laughed.

He was seven feet tall. It was imaginable how much pressure he gave the disciple guarding the mountain.

In fact, he still felt that this disciple was alright.

Maybe he was angry because he couldn't pretend to be a disciple of the Outer Sect.

The disciple guarding the mountain stared at him fiercely. Huo Tianzong smiled and walked away.

To him, a mountain guarding disciple was just a clown.

He had been climbing the mountain for so long, but he was still very tired.

However, with the soul chain, everything would quickly recover, even if it was his body.

The mountain guarding disciple used his hands to support the ground, wanting to do it.

Just as he moved, he spat out a mouthful of blood, silently cursing the power of this person.

That kick almost killed him.

"F * ck, if laozi sees him again, I'll kill him!" The guarding disciple said indignantly.

Huo Tianzong came back at this time.

"What did you say?"

Before the guarding disciple could react, he was lifted up.

His neck was pinched by Huo Tianzong, as if he didn't show his strength. This man thought he was easy to bully.

"I'm here to ask you, where is the assessment?" Huo Tianzong said with a smile.

The disciple guarding the mountain was only 1.6 meters tall.

But now, he could look Huo Tianzong in the eye!

"Cough cough, put me down, I will tell you." The guarding disciple coughed and said.

He secretly cursed this person's strength for being inhuman!

Too abnormal!

Huo Tianzong let go of his hand, and the mountain guarding disciple fell to the ground.

"Speak." Huo Tianzong smiled and looked down at the disciple.

"It's in Martial Practice Field. You just need to go up and knock down a hundred people." The disciple guarding the mountain said.

His eyes were filled with slyness.

Huo Tianzong had instantly found out that there was a trick to this!

"You only have one last chance." Huo Tianzong said impatiently.

A black sword was placed on the neck of the Longevity Mountain disciple.

"I say, in fact, you only need to win ten matches." The guarding disciple felt the coldness on his neck and said.

"Okay." Huo Tianzong nodded.

He put away the Dark Star, but he suddenly stepped on the guardian disciple's dantian.

"If I were a disciple of the Outer Sect, you would be dead by now." Huo Tianzong said with an extremely cold look in his eyes.

Then, he walked away.

The guarding disciple clutched his stomach in pain. Huo Tianzong didn't destroy his Dantian.

He wanted to leave this person with a dream.

A dream that was beyond reach, to defeat him?

At that time, it was an illusion.

Huo Tianzong went straight to the Martial Practice Field.

The Martial Practice Field was the place with the most people. This was the eternal truth.

Huo Tianzong frowned when he saw so many people.

There were simply too many people here!

There were over ten thousand people here!

Huo Tianzong sighed and then looked at the elder at the side.

"Elder, when will it be my turn?" Huo Tianzong asked.

"Just wait." The elder smiled and said.

In front of them was a very, very long team.

Huo Tianzong stood at the back with a face full of despair.

Then, he looked at the people fighting on the fighting stage. One of the big men crushed the young man's neck with one hand.

The dead body casually fell to the ground.

Huo Tianzong thought to himself, "This place can kill people?

He then looked at the other side of the arena. The battle there was even more domineering.

He saw a man holding a large saber, instantly splitting the man in half.

The scene was extremely bloody. He suddenly thought of chopping wood!

"Elder, is this the rookie assessment?" Huo Tianzong asked.

The elder was also watching the fight seriously.

Digging and nurturing talents was their goal.

"Nonsense, otherwise you think you can kill people as you please!" The elder looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

Huo Tianzong was stunned by the scolding. He gave the elder a fierce look.

He would remember this revenge for the time being. He would take it back in the future.

A golden-white elder was only a low-level Spiritual Martial Stage.

An hour later, Huo Tianzong frowned as he watched the fight on the fighting stage.

Suddenly, he saw Bing Tianyi!

At this moment, Bing Tianyi was like a god of death.

A god stood in his way, a god stood in his way, a god stood in his way, a god stood in his way, and a Buddha stood in his way.

The fighting stages next to him were all one-on-one battles.

Only he had a pair of ten!

Bing Tianyi crushed a man's neck with one hand, turned around, and sent him flying with a kick.

He even ignored other people's attacks and punched a man's head.

The body was sent flying by a side kick.

At this time, a person's fist suddenly hit his back.

Huo Tianzong felt pain even though he was so far away.

But this guy didn't care. He turned around and bit his opponent's neck.

Immediately, the rest of them surrendered.

Huo Tianzong was stunned. What kind of battle was this?

Was this a battle between adults and children?

"Buddy, what the hell did you arrange for me?"

"Are you sure he's still human? Is he still a human?"

"Dingdong! This is what the descendants of the Bing family are like."

"You!" Huo Tianzong almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

This system meant that the descendants of the Bing family were very strong.

The key was that he didn't use any martial skills or weapons!

Huo Tianzong took a deep breath. He naturally had to be careful of such a strong enemy.

He had also used the technique of tearing others apart, the one that used the mouth directly.

Soon, the sky turned dark, but the fight had not stopped.

Huo Tianzong was furious. He could not wait any longer.

He walked forward and jumped onto the stage under the elder's shocked gaze.

He sent a man flying with a punch. Then, he sent a man flying with a side kick.

This happened in an instant and the two people were sent flying with blood spurting out of their mouths.

"Who can defeat me!" Huo Tianzong roared.

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