Invincible Supreme Emperor/C10 Chu Tian's Hatred
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Invincible Supreme Emperor/C10 Chu Tian's Hatred
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C10 Chu Tian's Hatred


Even though they were some distance away, they could still hear the sound of something piercing through their flesh.

What a ruthless move. Everyone thought that if this sword was swung, the second person in the Chu Family's younger generation would really be broken through by Luo Hao and would become a cripple that would not be able to cultivate.

To a cultivator, this was thousands of times more cruel than death.

Chu Tian's life could be considered over. Even if he was still alive, he would still be suffering a fate worse than death.

As the person in question, Chu Tian had the strength at the third level of the soul nourishing stage, but everything happened so suddenly, adding the fact that he had no experience in actual combat with others, he was unable to react quickly. Looking at the white sword in front of him, his face was filled with shock, and he could only watch helplessly as the sword in Luo Hao's hand pierced into his body, causing blood to flow out from the place where it was pierced.

"Luo Hao, I will kill you."

Chu Tian's eyes were filled with anger, he moved his hands and feet, wanting to kill Luo Hao, but his power was released, his dantian was pierced, how could he still have the strength to look for Luo Hao?

Chu Tian hated himself, hated Luo Hao even more.

He hated himself, and shouldn't have looked down on Luo Hao.

Hate Luo Hao for crippling his dantian was equivalent to destroying his future. What clan leader, what sister, they were once so close to him and could easily be obtained.

"Just a cripple, how could he kill?"

Luo Hao expressionlessly withdrew the sword back from Chu Tian's body.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, after Chu Tianxing was crippled, he also threatened me in this way. You guys are really good brothers, I don't know if you can think about it or not, but if there's something wrong with blocking it, I can confirm it now, but the way you guys speak is the same, it's really hateful."

Luo Hao ignored Chu Tian's murderous gaze and laughed out loud.

"You ?"

Chu Tian fiercely stared at Luo Hao, his mouth moved, he was unable to say a word, but it was unknown if it was because he was angry, or because he was severely injured, causing him to tilt his head and faint.

Luo Hao ignored Chu Tian, the storm was brewing, and the Chu Family had even more powerful attacks ahead.

However, he accepted all of them.

If he died, he would die. Twenty years later, he would be a good man again.

Vicious and decisive, without any hesitation or delay. Originally, the onlookers had already raised their heads to look at him. Now, with his body stained with blood, he was like a murderous demon that had escaped from hell.

Yes, he was a demon.

This person was not to be offended in the future.

The spectators thought in this way, of course this was only if Luo Hao could preserve his life.

From afar, he saw Chu Tian being stabbed and fainting, a deep sense of despair rose in his heart, as if an invisible hand had grabbed his neck, and even his breathing became ragged, his body could no longer maintain a steady footing in the air, falling to the ground.

Chu Zhiwei's expression was extremely terrifying, and he looked extremely miserable when he landed. However, at this moment, he was no longer in the mood to pay attention to all of this, he was only thinking about one thing.

That was to kill Luo Hao and leave him with his corpse intact.

Before this, Chu Tianxing was crippled, but because of the anger of the Chu Family ancestor, he had killed many people, many of whom were skilled.

And he was ordered to go out of the house to capture Luo Hao.

It was one thing to leave the Chu Palace to capture Luo Hao, but he should never have brought the arrogant Chu Tian. Now, under his protection, Chu Tian's cultivation was destroyed, and two disciples were crippled one after another. He was the best candidate for the position of the next Patriarch, and he was even the grandson of the Patriarch.

Thinking of this, Chu Zhiwei felt nothing but despair.

This was all thanks to Luo Hao!

Chu Tian had followed him here, but now that he was heavily injured, it was as if his abdomen had been pierced, making it very likely that he would end up like that Chu Tianxing.

Thinking about it, Chu Zhiwei felt nothing but despair.

Chu Zhiwei suddenly raised his head and looked at Luo Hao.

That old face had become twisted and ugly due to fear, anger, and a mix of unwillingness. Flames of sparks could be seen in his eyes as sizzling sounds rang out.

If looks could kill, Luo Hao would have been killed countless times already.

"Bastard! This old man will definitely kill you!"

At the same time, he stood up and slowly walked towards Luo Hao. He wanted to let Luo Hao die from the endless terror, only then would he be able to relieve the hatred in his heart.

Luo Hao stood at his original spot, facing Chu Zhiwei's words, he raised his sword to protect his chest.

Facing the sixth stage Chu Zhiwei, Luo Hao knew that even if he had the Heaven Swallowing Martial Spirit, in front of absolute strength, he could only look up and sigh.

If he was able to give Luo Hao a few more months, then even if it was a month, with the help of the Heaven Swallowing Martial Spirit, his strength would definitely increase again. At that time, even if he was no match for Chu Zhiwei, he would not be as powerless as he was now.

Turning his head to look at his little sister, Luo Yunlin saw that she was looking at him with fear in her eyes. There were tears in her eyes, but she gritted her teeth and did not say a word.

Luo Hao's heart ached. His sister was weak by nature, when had she ever seen such a bloody scene?

Yet, at this moment, he was showing such a strong demeanor. This made him feel a little awkward, and at the same time, he felt even more upset.

It's all because of this damned Chu Clan.

His father's disappearance must be related to the Chu Clan.

Without his father as his backing, the Chu Family were even more unscrupulous. If they were not afraid of others talking behind their backs, they would only look for people in the mountains to scheme against Luo Hao.

Luo Hao laughed, he turned and stood up straight with a determined look on his face. Even if the difference in strength is too great, if I were an ant, I would not be able to make him kneel and be killed.

He silently circulated his Qi, using the Heaven Swallowing Martial Spirit to secretly recover, and focused all of his remaining strength back into his sword-wielding arm, waiting for Chu Zhiwei's berserk revenge.

"A praying mantis blocking a chariot, you don't know what it means to die." This old man wants to tear you to pieces so that you can dispel the hatred in my heart. "

Chu Zhiwei clenched his teeth, and the fire in his eyes shot towards Luo Hao.

In the eyes of an expert with a profound strength of the second level, Luo Hao was no different from an ant trying to shake a tree. It was basically impossible, and Luo Hao's posture of resistance was just a joke in his eyes.

"Haha, old fool, I have enough power to cripple two of your Chu Family's direct disciples. On the other hand, you old ghost, if you don't protect your master well, I'm afraid that you will not have any good results and you will still be killed by the old ghost from the Chu family. "

What Luo Hao had said was precisely what Chu Zhiwei did not want to hear the most, yet when Luo Hao said it out loud, it caused Chu Zhiwei's body to freeze. The fury on his face grew even stronger, and he wished that he could swallow Luo Hao whole.

"Bastard, look at how stubborn you are. My fists are still the best."

Chu Zhiwei had originally planned to torture Luo Hao slowly in front of everyone, but now he changed his mind.

As he spoke, his aura rose endlessly. Behind him, the phantom of a ferocious bear appeared, slapping itself on the chest and roaring in the ears of the onlookers.

"Looks like the Chu Family elder was truly angered, this person is an expert from the Sixth level of Soul Nurturing Stage, does this Luo Hao think that he is long-lived, to think that he would be angered by something like that, wait, he said that he crippled two of the Chu Family's direct disciples, could it be that he even crippled Chu Tianxing?"

"It's very possible that even the Chu Family Clan has sent out their disciples, they are definitely not ordinary disciples, this Luo Hao has so much guts, even if he did not anger the Chu Family elders, there is no possibility of him escaping alive, if the Chu Family were to stomp their feet, the Holy Soul City would tremble, it is not something that an ordinary person with no family background can provoke."

"This kid is dead for sure. It's possible that his top grade martial spirit is a mutated one. I'm so envious. If it were me, how great would it be?"

Some of the spectators looked at Luo Hao gloatingly, and greed could be seen in their eyes.

If Martial Spirit could be taken away, many people would do the same thing. Naturally, the people from the Chu family would not be an exception, and of course, it would be impossible to do so.


Chu Zhiwei did not use any martial skills, and only used his pure power to punch at Luo Hao who was standing on his sword.

Chu Zhiwei of the Sixth level of Soul Nurturing Stage was not that much stronger than Chu Gang of the fourth stage.

Even though it was just a simple punch, it already made Luo Hao feel powerless, and he deeply knew that even if he was at his peak, he still wouldn't be able to block this strike.

Even though he possessed the Heaven Swallowing Martial Spirit, Luo Hao, who hadn't grown up yet, couldn't withstand a single blow when facing higher level warriors.

If he was given a bit more time, even if it was just a month, he would still have the confidence to fight against a high ranking soul nourishing stage warrior like Chu Zhiwei.

Staring at the fist that was getting bigger and bigger, the surrounding air was compressed and made hissing sounds. Luo Hao crazily channeled all the power he could muster to gather the sharp swords in his hands.

So what if they couldn't block each other?

If they wanted Luo Hao to just stand there and wait for death, forget about it, even if he died, he would die fighting.

"Not good, that kid's life is in danger."

In his opinion, if a person were to face off against a sixth stage opponent in the second stage, there was simply no chance of winning at all. Luo Hao would definitely die under Chu Zhiwei's palm.

"Wait a little longer."

The man in green said in a voice that only the two of them could hear clearly.

"Don't tell me you think that this brat is still capable of dealing with Sixth level of Soul Nurturing Stage's people? Furthermore, he had already fought with someone before, and is not at his peak state at all."

The man in gray said.

His level was higher than Yun Che's by two stages, and his Soul Condensation Realm was at the fifth stage. His knowledge and consciousness were much higher than Yun Che's, but to have a person who was at the second stage of raising his soul fight someone at the sixth stage, even if he had someone to rely on, it would only save his life. As for a draw or even defeating him, it was completely impossible.

However, the green-clothed person continued to stand idly by the side. The gray-clothed person did not appear, but the worried expression on his face became even more prominent.

Could it be that Luo Hao still had something to fight for?

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