Invincible Supreme Emperor/C15 First meeting lu tianfeng
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Invincible Supreme Emperor/C15 First meeting lu tianfeng
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C15 First meeting lu tianfeng

"We've arrived. I see a very large city."

The moment Luo Hao woke up from his meditation, he heard his sister Luo Yulin cheering excitedly. In order to get back to the Lu Manor as soon as possible, other than the necessary rest, they were all hurrying on their way with all their might.

The little Luo Yulin was naturally very puzzled. Although every time Luo Hao woke up from his cultivation, he would accompany her and talk for a while.

In the distance, on top of the tall city wall, the words Sky Fire City were written in large letters.

Passing through the city gate, they entered the inner city. Needless to say, the prosperity in the city was incomparable to a small Holy Soul City.

Luo Yulin sat in the carriage, his eyes wide open, revealing a surprised look from time to time, before showing an expression of happiness. This might be the place where she would live in the future, when he had time, he would definitely call his brother to bring her out for a stroll.

Luo Hao's mood was also unsettled, and he was extremely shocked.

What gave him such an emotion was not the unparalleled prosperity of the Sky Fire City, but the amount of warriors walking all over the streets.

If placed in Holy Soul City, perhaps he could be like a rock thrown into a lake, or perhaps it could cause a splash of water. But in this Sky Fire City, he was simply just a piece of trash, if he were to stand there and say that he was someone at the fourth level of soul nourishing stage, he would definitely attract countless looks of contempt and disdain.

Because when he was walking on the street, people his age were all of the fifth stage and above soul nourishing stage, and there were very few of the fifth stage and above. This made him very speechless, and he suspected that there were some talented people around the Sky Fire City who were gathered here, which was why they gave him such a strong feeling.

The subtle expression on Luo Hao's face was naturally unable to escape from the eyes of the green clothed man in the old martial arts world.

"You're sad for yourself, but you should be careful. With that little bit of strength you have in the Sky Fire City, you're just trash. Don't be self-righteous."

The green-clothed man could think of ways to attack Luo Hao at any time. The goal was to make Luo Hao not relax, to make him be full of energy, to make him strict with Luo Hao, so as to not disappoint the aptitude of having a mutated martial spirit.

Luo Hao was speechless towards the green-gowned person's words. He rolled his eyes at him and lamented his words, whoever's heart was unable to endure it, if someone was stronger, they would only become stronger.

Along the road paved with limestone, along the way, countless of handsome men and beautiful women appeared. Luo Hao saw that the big city was not normal, but he only saw all of this as a scenery, and upon seeing it for himself, he forgot that there was nothing on his mind, that raising his strength, breaking through once again, was the only thing on his mind.

After travelling for two hours, the carriage finally stopped in front of a house.

"We're here."

The grey-clothed man was the first to jump down, and turned to speak to Luo Hao.

"Little girl, come here. Uncle will carry you down."

The man in green seemed to have transformed into a different person. His face was covered with a mask, giving him the appearance of a father.

This made Luo Hao speechless. The change in him before and after was too fast, why was there such a difference in treatment between him and his sister?

Luo Hao stood on the ground and looked up.

Then, it was time for the white jade stone to lift the sun up. After that, they went up the stairs and arrived at the platform. On the manor gate that was over a hundred meters tall, there were two vigorous and vigorous large words written in a flamboyant manner: Lu Manor.

Luo Hao followed them up the stairs and saw that there was a row of people standing on opposite sides. All of them were tall and sturdy, and were in high spirits.

What a great skill. Even the guards at the door were this strong.

Luo Hao sighed.

"The two Elders are back."

The leader bowed and said with a smile.

The green-clothed man did not say anything, just like before.

The gray-robed man revealed a smile and said, "Thank you everyone for your hard work."

It could be seen that the people who designed it had gone through the hardships of their journey, and from time to time, people would pass by and greet the two of them. It could be seen that the two of them had quite a high status in Lu Manor, or that they had quite a good relationship with other people. Naturally, it was all because of the gray-clothed person.

The man in green was still wearing the same straight face as before. He could only make people keep away from him and let him have a good relationship with others.

Passing by an empty area, Luo Hao saw a large group of people standing there. There were males and females, all of them were dressed beautifully, with an extraordinary presence and green-clothed men, most likely from the younger generation of the Lu Family, Luo Hao guessed.

"Uncle Hu is back."

Someone greeted in a loud voice. Uncle Hu was probably referring to the grey-clothed man.


The man nodded his head.

Luo Hao was startled, with his personality, it was rather fitting for him to have the word tiger in his name. Tigers were unique animals that only existed in groups, it was understandable that they did not have any feelings for each other.

Following someone's greetings, the people on the field all walked over, and naturally saw the siblings, Luo Hao and Luo Hao.

Wearing old-fashioned clothes, they were not that handsome, and their strength was still so low. If any one of them were at the fourth level of the Nascent Soul Stage, they would be able to defeat Luo Hao in one move with just one of them.

"Who is this person?"

Among the crowd, a sexy, slim, and gorgeous young girl inadvertently asked another young girl who was also dressed in a similar manner and with a slightly better appearance.

"How would I know?"

However, she secretly compared Luo Hao with the other handsome male geniuses by her side, and discovered that regardless of whether it was appearance or strength, even if it was height, Luo Hao did not have any slight advantage.

He looked a little boorish. He sounded a little rude and didn't have a good upbringing. In addition, he was a bit more masculine. He didn't have anything else.

This made Lu Tianfeng feel discouraged. Secretly, he was a little annoyed that his father had arranged a baby marriage for her, a little bumpkin who had obviously come from a small city. This was really infuriating.

"You really want to know? This person's identity is very interesting."

The person who spoke stared at Liu Fei's unmoved and charming face as if it was deliberately carved by the heavens, and said while choking her teeth.

"Interesting? "Hurry up and tell me."

Liu Fei's interest was piqued, she forced herself to resist the nausea and asked the other party to quickly reveal Luo Hao's identity.

The one who had spoken was the grandson of the Great Elder of the Lu Family, called Lu Wei. Her talent was not bad, and she had the strength of an early sixth stage Soul Nurturing Mirror. Ever since Liu Fei had come out, her line of sight had never shifted away from them.

Liu Fei naturally noticed, and it was not only by herself.

"You're not allowed to say it."

Lu Tianfeng glared at Lu Wei, warning him not to speak carelessly. In reality, the crowd was only guessing. As for whether or not it was really her fiance that she had never met, that still remained to be determined.

"Feng Er, just tell me. I'm so worried."

Liu Fei's personality was straightforward and acute. The more she did not tell her, the more Liu Fei wanted to know in her heart, it was as if someone was dusting and picking him up with a hand. It was very uncomfortable.

"You'll know soon enough."

When Lu Tianfeng said this, he made Liu Fei grind her teeth in hatred.

"Could it be yours?"

Liu Fei's eyeballs rolled around, thinking of the interesting thing that Lu Wei had said, her best friend's evasion and silence, had actually been guessed to be close to ten times over.

Seeing Liu Fei's strange expression, Lu Tian Feng's face turned slightly red, looking a little uncomfortable. In order to divert Liu Yang Fei's attention, she stretched out her hand and scratched Liu Fei's slender waist.

Liu Fei's body was very sensitive, and she was afraid of people scratching her the most.

"Hehe, what I said was the truth. You must be feeling guilty, right?"

Liu Fei giggled when she heard this, but she noticed that Lu Tian Feng's expression was a little off. She immediately shut her mouth and whispered: "Don't be afraid, I'll help you. That brat was foolish enough to ask me to love Feng'er.

Liu Fei and Lu Tianfeng were like sisters. Since they had never heard of their best friend having a fianc?, they guessed that it was that child's marriage.

Lu Tianfeng remained silent, his heart filled with bitterness.

As her daughter, she knew her father's personality the best. She would never change what she had decided.

Although the young generation of the Lu Family didn't know Luo Hao's identity very well, after their general guesses, coupled with Liu Fei's gongs and drums like voice, it was clear what was going on.

The Liu Family youths that followed along stared at Lu Tian Feng with heated eyes, especially Liu Cheng Yu who was the most handsome and powerful one. He was determined to get Lu Tian Feng, but today, Luo Hao suddenly appeared, and he might even be Lu Tian Feng's fianc?.

What could his fiance do? With such a weak strength, he believed that the Uncle Lu would not marry the Heavenly Phoenix off to such a mediocre person. Liu Chengyu thought like this, and his mood began to get better.

What he thought was very reasonable. Between large clans, in order to stabilize their position, they would often join forces to form a marriage alliance. They would marry their children to deepen their relationship, and at a crucial moment, they would work together to fight against unpredictable factors.

"Those are the younger generation of my Lu Family. You should get to know them and get closer to them. In the future, you will have to cultivate together with them."

The man in cyan said expressionlessly.

"This, isn't good right?"

the man in gray said hesitantly.

The Lu and Liu Families youths who were standing where Luo Hao was should already know that among them, there were people who secretly admired Lu Tian Feng. Luo Hao was undoubtedly like a lamb in a tiger's den, throwing himself into a trap.

"Then let's do it, kid. We won't be going if we go now."

The man in green interrupted the man in gray with an commanding tone.

So what if he went over? Could it be that Luo Hao was afraid?

Luo Hao, who had experienced the battle of life and death, was a little indifferent to it, even though he had already sensed the unfriendly gazes from far away.

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