Invincible Supreme Emperor/C16 teasing the young people of the Lu family
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Invincible Supreme Emperor/C16 teasing the young people of the Lu family
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C16 teasing the young people of the Lu family

Luo Hao leisurely walked towards the arena as countless gazes landed on his body.

There was disdain, contempt, and hatred for almost all human emotions except, of course, kinship and love.

The one who was most unwilling to let Luo Hao come over, was naturally Lu Tianfeng.

Seeing Luo Hao's fearless look, Lu Tianfeng's sexy red lips unconsciously moved. He pouted slightly, trying to make sense of the situation, but no one knew what he was mumbling about.

, who was beside her, caught it and was even more sure of the guess in his heart. Naturally, he started to fight for Lu Tianfeng, hoping to make him lose face and gain strength.

Lu Tianfeng did not wish for Luo Hao to come over, but naturally, there were people who did. Taking advantage of Luo Hao's arrival, they gave him a good show of strength and taught him a lesson, letting him know exactly how strong he was and how far away he was from Lu Tianfeng.

When they were not far from the group of handsome men and women, Luo Hao stood still and cupped his fists calmly to introduce himself: "Good morning, everyone. I will introduce myself as Luo Hao and this is my little sister, Luo Yulin."

Luo Hao purposely switched the handsome one to the crickets, and even raised the word "handsome" by a level. The people who thought that they were stronger than him did not notice that they had become the crickets' younger brother.

Didn't everyone only want to carve me as a genius onto their faces? Why can't they tell? I'm really sad for you.

Of course, it was originally the afternoon, but he had the intention of teasing everyone by saying that it was in the morning.

As expected, many people raised their heads to look at the horizon, the sun was clearly slightly to the west but it was said to be in the middle of the morning. Seems like Luo Hao's talent was mediocre, he might not even have any brains, yet he had actually become the fiance of Lu Manor's daughter, causing everyone's faces to become even more unsightly.


Liu Fei suddenly burst out laughing, her chest, which was wrapped tightly in her clothes, shaking even more violently. She immediately attracted a lot of attention, and the sounds of people surreptitiously swallowing the water could be heard.

"This kid is bad!"

Liu Fei seemed to have told Lu Tianfeng in a whisper, allowing everyone present to hear him clearly.

Liu Fei also subconsciously wanted to raise her head to look at the sky, but she suddenly realized something. Even if it was a fool, as long as she was not completely stupid, she would still be able to discern the time period, not to mention a person at the fourth stage of soul nourishing stage. Putting aside the fact that her talent was at the moment, there was only one possibility for a fool to not be like that.

Thinking about how her voice was obviously louder than the other handsome brothers, Liu Fei finally understood that it was not the handsome guys, but the big brother of the crickets.

This was the reason why Liu Fei laughed.

This kid looked simple and honest, but he had a belly full of evil tricks. With just one sentence, he had trapped two of them.

Although Feng Er was naturally intelligent, she was incredibly innocent. If she fought with her Mind's Eye, she would definitely not be a match for this bad guy. With just a slight mistake, she would fall into his trap.

Such a thing must not be allowed to happen.

Liu Fei had imperceptibly given him an additional identity, which meant that she was the Flower Protector.

As for why Luo Hao looked so wrong, Liu Fei did not think too much into it, and did not want to think too much into it. To her, this was a very simple matter.

He purposely spoke softly so that everyone would hear him. This was the second time he provoked everyone into coming forward to teach this bad guy with a good conscience, Luo Jie, a lesson.

Sure enough, when everyone heard Liu Fei's words, they only needed to think about it once, and then they would immediately understand, they were actually struck by Luo Hao, that was simply intolerable, a son cannot be tolerated at all. Everyone's faces instantly revealed looks of anger, and stared at Luo Hao, wishing that no one would give him a punch, knock him down, and then kick him a few times.

pretended to be displeased as he looked at Liu Fei, causing the latter to roll her eyes.

"So cute."

"None of your business."

Liu Fei stuck her tongue out and gave Luo Hao a funny face. In the eyes of some people, it looked like the fearless and ignorant couple were flirting with each other, causing them to feel extremely displeased in their hearts.

Lu Wei was one of them.

As the grandson of the Lu Family's Great Elder, what he had awakened was a martial spirit at the early stage of the Profound Rank. He had trained hard and had the support of his family's resources behind him, so he had the strength of the sixth level of the soul nourishing stage. Amongst this group of young people, although he could not be considered top, he was still above average.

Lu Wei rushed past the crowd and did not look straight at Luo Hao: "Kid, where did you jump out from? Don't disgrace yourself here, scram from where you came from."

So what if Lu Tianfeng's fianc? didn't reveal himself? Even if it was publicized, so what if it was, how could that old man Lu Chenglong not do anything to him, a junior. Moreover, he was the grandson of the Great Clan Elder.

Many members of the Lu family already knew that the Patriarch of the Lu family, who was also known as the "old man" Lu Chenglong, was at odds with the Great Clan Elder, but they had not openly challenged him yet.

"You look like a human or a dog. I thought you were someone with quality, but it seems that I have overestimated you."

Luo Hao looked as though he had suddenly realized something, and said: "Forget it, looks like if you don't have ears problems, or do not understand other people's words, I am Luo Hao, a guest invited by your Lu family, what, do you want to make a move on your guest?"

On the way here, Luo Hao had consecutively broken through into the fourth level of soul nourishing stage, and even then, violently swallowed Soul Nurturing Pill, which had already reached the fourth stage sixth stage. Luo Hao was very confident that if he met the Chu Family elder once again, he would definitely be able to kill him.

As a member of the Lu family, he definitely had cultivated a very small martial skill, but even so, he might be able to injure Luo Hao, and killing him would be a joke. Furthermore, Lu Manor would not just watch him get killed like that.

After thinking a few times, Luo Hao naturally had nothing to fear.

Actually, he did not plan to fall out with the Chu family's young generation the first time he entered the residence. It was not because he was afraid, but he thought that if he flipped one, there would definitely be another.

Luo Hao was not arrogant enough to think that with his current combat power, he could defeat all the members of the Lu Family's younger generation. That way, Lu Manor would no longer have the qualifications to stand out among the many families.

"You're courting death."

Being said by Luo Hao in front of everyone saying that he was not afraid of fear, wouldn't he be a beast? This time, Lu Wei's handsome face was flushed red, not knowing whether he was angry or humiliated by Luo Hao.

Six versus four was simply too easy a move. After being beaten up to the point where they were rolling on the ground, they couldn't even be bothered to watch the show.

Liu Fei also had the same thought, but when she turned around, he discovered that Lu Tianfeng was silently looking at him, who casually stood on the field.

It was different from the rest. It was just that the situation showed that Lu Tianfeng had developed an interest in Luo Hao, and between interest and goodwill, it was hard to tell what kind of expression it was, but after having a good impression of him, it was very likely that he would not be able to save her. Naturally, he would like her, and he wouldn't be too far away from loving her to the point of losing his life.

Oh my god. Liu Fei hurriedly used it as she planned to pull Lu Tianfeng back to reality.

"Fei, why did you stop me?"

Lu Tianfeng asked.

She, Liu Fei, was trying very hard to think of a way to keep Luo Hao from getting close to Lu Tianfeng. However, as the person in question, Lu Tianfeng was thinking about Luo Hao, whether or not he still needed to live.

"Don't tell me you're interested in that kid."

Liu Fei stared at Lu Tianfeng and asked.

"Of course."

Lu Tianfeng felt guilty after being questioned. His body tensed up so tightly that his beautiful face was not flushed red.

"Why do I feel like you're just speaking the truth?"

Liu Fei spun around Lu Tianfeng's body, trying to find any flaws.

"You're the one that's worrying too much. They're going to start fighting soon."

Lu Tianfeng changed the topic.

Liu Fei was a martial arts madman, other than hanging out with Lu Tianfeng and chatting about topics that belonged to girls, she cultivated behind closed doors. With the addition of her Superior Grade Profound Ranked Martial Spirit, her strength was not bad, and she had the ability to increase her cultivation to the seventh and fourth level of the Soul Nurturing stage.

Sure enough, upon hearing Lu Tianfeng's words, they immediately turned their attention to the impending battle.


Seeing that Lu Wei was aggressively about to beat him up, Luo Hao waved his hands, signalling him to stop.

That's right, it was to beat him up. It was very obvious, one of them was at the fourth and the other was at the sixth. To use the word 'fight' was extremely disrespectful to that sixth level cultivator.

If you don't want to be beaten to a pulp, immediately kneel down and kowtow to beg for mercy. This young master will forgive you this once, but in the future, don't let me see you, otherwise I'll beat you up every time I see you.

Sometimes, one would be humiliated without fighting, and it was even more humiliating than beating someone up. Naturally, this reflected the strength of the victor.

"Scared? Did I say that I won't fight anymore? You are really too sentimental, you are the wrong person. The journey was a long one, and I was sore all over, so I had to get some exercise before hitting him. Seeing your handsome and elegant demeanor, it's not like you don't have such magnanimity. "

After Luo Hao finished speaking, he really swung his arms and legs in front of everyone, starting the warm-ups before the tournament.

F * ck, how could he come up with such a reason? If he couldn't beat him in a fight, he would just have to stall for time. This person's skin is thick, he's treacherous, and he's so young, he has the potential to advance to a higher realm.

Lu Wei was even more furious, he really wanted to throw Luo Hao down without caring about anything, and then press him down onto the ground as if he didn't know who his father was, in order to quell the hatred in his heart. However, Luo Hao had spoken first, although the words that he seemed to praise him sounded extremely ear-piercing, but with the beauty by his side, he couldn't help but act like she was a beauty.

Seeing that Lu Wei looked like he was about to eat a turtle, Luo Hao laughed to himself. If he had to wait this long, Luo Hao would definitely be infuriated and not be able to catch him in one go, causing him to fall to the ground.

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