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C3 Who was a genius

The sounds of discussions that came from the crowd made Chu Hu exude a domineering aura, the berserk Qi pushed right at Luo Hao, "Kid, you still have the chance to kowtow to me and beg for forgiveness, if not I will teach you a lesson on behalf of my Young Master today!"

Everyone mocked, felt pity, and remained indifferent. Qiao Qingyun, on the other hand, indifferently looked down on them and maintained the same attitude.

He thought that Luo Hao would leave while enduring the humiliation like usual, but in the next moment, he heard a faint voice coming from his mouth, "I said, you're in my way."

Hearing that, everyone was startled, the person who was originally feeling regret instantly turned into ridicule, but did not notice that the current Luo Hao, had an even more confident look in his eyes than before.

"You want to die?" I'll help you! "

In the silence, a crisp sound exploded. Behind Chu Hu, the Dark Mysterious Cow roared as it charged forward.

Everyone closed their eyes, they could not bear to see the miserable ending that Luo Hao had ended up with.



As if confirming everyone's expectations, the entire arena exploded with noise, followed by miserable cries.

However, the sound was a bit strange and it seemed to be Chu Hu's sharp voice.

Focusing his attention, he saw that Chu Hu's throat was tightly held by a hand, both of his legs were stomping in the air and his face was filled with pain.

"I originally wanted to keep a low profile, but since you are pestering me, I will take it as interest from Chu Tianxing."

Luo Hao's expression was ice-cold. Lifting his left hand, pa pa pa!

Three slaps ruthlessly landed on Chu Hu's face, with a flip of his hand, he threw him out a hundred meters like he was throwing trash.

"You? "How is this possible ?"

Chu Hu covered his red and swollen face and raised his head, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he choked and fainted from anger.

Everyone looked at Luo Hao, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Was this still a cripple that he could not afford to take responsibility for?

Qiao Qingyun was originally as calm as water, but at this moment, she also changed her mind as a look of confusion appeared on her face.

However, Luo Hao ignored everyone and walked forward.


Stopping at the bottom of the tablet, he channeled his basic martial art and a flash of fiery light appeared in his hand. Then, a fist came crashing down.

In the blink of an eye, the Illustrious Soul Monument dimmed. Then, a stream of light shot out from the tablet, scattering light in all directions.

A 20 foot tall phantom was looking down upon the crowd of Martial Spirit Palace disciples. It was actually a life-like flaming python!

"What?" He awakened his martial spirit? "

"This fire python's aura is astonishing. It is probably a high-grade yellow-rank beast!" "She's on par with Miss Qiao!"

Everyone's breathing suddenly quickened and their eyes turned bloodshot.

"How is this possible?"

Even though his heart was as clear as ice, when he saw that Luo Hao's talent was actually at the same level as his, waves couldn't help but arise within Qiao Qingyun's heart.

However, before she could finish her sentence, the atmosphere changed again.

"There is still power in my body!"

Luo Hao's mind stirred, and his other fist also smashed towards the Illustrious Soul Tablet.


The fist descended.

The huge flame python suddenly jumped up a bit, its body was extremely refined, causing the entire hall to become hot.

The dizzy Chu Hu woke up at this moment, seeing the fire python roaring in the sky, his body trembled, his face was pale, his crotch was wet.

He actually peed his pants because of Luo Hao's Martial Spirit's pressure.

"No, we're still missing a line."

Luo Hao shook his head. Although he had been a mortal for eighteen years, his understanding of warriors was rather deep.

According to the testing results, his martial soul should be a top-grade Yellow Rank. The faint shadow on the tablet only looked like it was real and not a materialized martial soul.

But even so, it still far surpassed the level of the original owner of the Martial Spirit, Chu Long.

"Exquisite!" It's the legendary top-grade Yellow Rank martial spirit! "

"This kid's future is limitless!"

"I'm going to report this to the Patriarch. This kind of talent is not to be missed!"

In that moment, the entire Holy Soul City started to boil, many people quickly returned to their own forces to report, wanting to pull Luo Hao under their banner.

"Top-grade Yellow Rank martial spirit?" How is that possible? "

At this moment, Qiao Qingyun was unable to remain calm, with a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Martial Spirit, she was already the shining star in everyone's eyes, but Luo Hao had been quiet for 18 years, and after awakening, he had won over her. Compared to her, who was the true Heaven's Pride?

"Humph!" So what if your martial spirit is a high grade one? between you and me, who wants to break through the soul nourishing stage realm first? "

With a cold snort, Qiao Qingyun's figure gradually disappeared into the distance.

Luo Hao did not know that his awakening had actually created sparks with Qiao Qingyun. At the moment, he was only trying to uphold his honor and protect his sister from being expelled.

"It's a pity that the Illustrious Soul Tablet is unable to test for a Heaven-Devouring grade. This is good as well, in order to avoid exposing this peerless martial soul."

From start to finish, Luo Hao had never thought of exposing his Heaven-Devouring Fist.

At this moment, he had already understood two miraculous uses of the Heaven Swallowing Martial Spirit. One was for his own use, and the other was to raise the grade of the Martial Spirit.

A gentleman was innocent, it was sinful to have treasures, Luo Hao naturally understood this simple principle, it was necessary to attract attention, but if it was too dazzling, it would instead fall.

Receiving the approval of the Martial Spirit Palace, Luo Hao did not linger. Instead, he went straight to the Internal Affairs Office and registered his identity as a warrior, becoming the Protector of his sister.

After that, probably because it was still some time before dinner, Luo Hao decided to rush to the Scripture Pavilion that was not far from the internal affairs office.

The Scripture Pavilion was more like a pagoda than a pagoda. It had a total of nine floors, and all of them stored the ancient scriptures that martial artists required. Each floor was more precious than the last.

Due to the fact that he had just levelled up to become a warrior, Luo Hao could only enter the first floor of the Scripture Pavilion.

However, even so, the Ancient Scripture scrolls in the Scripture Pavilion had caused Luo Hao to be dazzled, and it was difficult for him to decide which book to borrow.

Only after a full two hours did he crawl out of the pile of books with two books in his hands.

These two books were copies. One of them was a martial art for cultivating martial spirits called the Barbarian Cow Body Tempering Art. It was different from most martial art books that focused on body tempering.

In other words, it was a waste of time and energy to refine both the body and martial soul at the same time.

But Luo Hao grew weaker with each passing year, and knowing the weakness of his body, for the purpose of improving his body, he resolutely chose this technique.

The other one was a sword skill called the Nine Yang Imperial Sword Technique. It was extremely Yang and was perfect for Luo Hao's current fire type martial soul.

One cultivation method and one martial skill, these were already the limits of what Luo Hao, who was at the first level of soul nourishing stage, could borrow. Although he still had many other martial skills he coveted, he could only bitterly leave.

At the same time, in the west wing of the Chu Clan!


Chu Tianxing, who had just received the news, smashed the stone table in the courtyard into pieces with a palm strike.

"Rice buckets, a bunch of rice buckets!" What is Chu Long doing, he can't even kill a cripple, and he's even awakened! "

The top-grade Yellow Rank martial spirit was a head higher than Chu Tianxing's Superior Grade Martial Spirit. How could he not be angry when it was on top of his head when he was once a trash?

"Young Master, don't be angry!"

The butler, who was serving at the side, bowed and said.

"Calm down? The Old Ancestor had given the order that the trash's younger sister's physique was mysterious, and could help him break through the peak of soul recovery and reach the Qi Manipulation Realm. As long as he could catch her and give her to the Old Ancestor, the Chu Clan's next head would be him! But now, since you can't even kill a cripple, how can you calm me down?! "

Chu Tianxing bellowed, saliva splattering, as though he wished that he could drown his useless subordinates to death with his spit.

"Young master, so what if that trash has awakened? Didn't his father's Sixth level of Soul Nurturing Stage also die in the mouth of the soul beast? "Even the Law Enforcement Hall can't find any problems without us doing anything!"

The butler laughed sinisterly, and moved close to Chu Tianxing's ear and muttered.


Chu Tianxing rolled his eyes, and said: "How wonderful! It's going to be that day soon. Let this kid accompany the old bastard! "Hahahaha ?"

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