Invincible Supreme Emperor/C4 Conspiracy Assassination
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Invincible Supreme Emperor/C4 Conspiracy Assassination
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C4 Conspiracy Assassination

Early in the morning, the morning light shone into the yard of the Luo family.


He drew his silver sword out of its sheath. The tip of the sword had a bit of a flame on it. It danced in the morning light like a dragon out of the water. It was agile, but it also contained a strong explosive force.

Luo Hao was in the middle of dancing his sword, he was the controller of this beautiful performance.

In just half a month, Luo Hao had completely mastered the basic sword techniques of the Nine Yang Imperial Sword Technique, and he was not able to practice the second half of the Imperial Sword Technique.

"Phew ?"

After finishing one set of sword technique, Luo Hao leaned on his sword and stood upright. Compared to his frail and weak appearance from before, in half a month, he had grown much taller.

"Now that I have touched the threshold of the second stage of the soul nourishing stage and have demonstrated a set of sword technique, I still have to expend a lot of energy. If I were to strike with full strength, I probably can only use three moves."

However, Luo Hao was still not satisfied with the current situation. He did not know when the Chu Clan would come looking for trouble again, he had to make himself stronger and obtain more life saving methods.

"Luo Hao, it's time, time to go!"

Suddenly, a shout came from outside the door, Luo Hao quickly replied and returned back to his room to take out the package he prepared earlier.

Today was the Holy Soul City's monthly hunting day. As a warrior who had not contributed anything, he had to participate.

All of the harvest from Hunting Day was owned by the Holy Soul City, but the warriors who participated in it could use their own achievements in exchange for contributions, thus obtaining a better quality of life and cultivation resources, such as the martial skills of the Scripture Pavilion.

"I must kill a few more soul beasts and go to the Scripture Pavilion to obtain some martial skills to take a look!"

Luo Hao made up his mind. His current martial skills were too weak, it was not enough to deal with an experienced warrior. He needed to learn more skills.

"Yu Lin, be careful at home. Don't go to a place with fewer people. Be careful."

Before they left, Luo Hao had warned his sister repeatedly that he was not afraid of the Chu Family stealing from him. He was afraid that the Chu Family would take advantage of the situation and secretly kidnap his sister.

"Don't worry, I'll wait for my brother at home."

After receiving his sister's consent, Luo Hao left his house and ran towards the city gate.

At the city gate, all kinds of transport carriages and family members had long been prepared. Their scale was not ordinary, and Luo Hao was somewhat excited.

But when Luo Hao found out about the final arrangement, he was somewhat disappointed.

It turned out that they, the martial artists without a family, could only randomly form teams. With three people in a group, they couldn't move around in a chaotic battle.

There were a total of more than 50 free people like Luo Hao.

After the troops of the various families had set off, the fifty people slowly left the city. They searched the surrounding forest and could only kill the prey that the big families did not want, or those that had escaped the net.

Fortunately, the two people that were on the same team as Luo Hao not only had formidable strength, but were also experts at the third level of soul nourishing stage. Furthermore, they were also experienced in hunting as well, and their sense of smell towards prey far exceeded that of ordinary people.

This kind of distribution of squads undoubtedly made others envious of Luo Hao.

But, as Luo Hao followed behind the two of them, he had a kind of uneasy feeling.

This was especially true for the middle-aged man who led the group. He would occasionally turn his head to glance at Su Ming, but there was not a hint of concern in his eyes. Instead, it was as if he was monitoring Su Ming!

Luo Hao and the other two gradually left the field of vision of the large group, and walked towards the forest that was getting more and more remote.

"We seem to have left the hunting route?"

Luo Hao became even more uneasy. The two people leading the group, had no intention to search for prey. Instead, they headed towards a certain direction with a huge goal in mind.

"What do you know? Following a large group of people is just the life of picking up leftovers. No one is more familiar with the hunting grounds outside of Holy Soul City than us brothers, you just have to follow along. "

The leading middle-aged man looked at Luo Hao disdainfully, and said confidently.

After that, he gave a meaningful glance at his comrade, who immediately understood and deliberately slowed down, and went around to's back, placing Luo Hao in the middle of the group.

The unsettled feeling in Luo Hao's heart grew stronger, but there was nothing he could do about it. If his guess was wrong and he angered two experts of the third level of soul nourishing stage, he would only be in even greater danger.

His only choice now was to take things one step at a time. He would find an opportunity to escape and fight the two of them head-on. It was truly not a wise decision.

However, the two hunters didn't give him even the slightest opportunity along the way.

Even if they met with a Soul Beast, the two of them would protect Luo Hao using their names, but in reality, they were monitoring him.

In next to no time, the three of them had completely entered the depths of the forest.


The leader suddenly raised his hand, indicating that he should not act rashly.

Roar ? In the next moment, a strong and berserk beast roar suddenly came over, as if a powerful soul beast sensed the threat from an outsider.

The grass rustled.

Luo Hao's heart tensed up, he immediately assumed a defensive position, wanting to determine the source of the sound.

However, the sound was ethereal, as if coming from the front. However, it was clear that there was no movement from the shrubbery in front of them.

Luo Hao could only take a probing step forward, but when he took that step, he actually missed, and almost fell down.

Only now did Luo Hao realise that before them was actually a small col that was covered by shrubs. That beast roar came from within the col.

Luo Hao was shocked, and was about to retract his right leg.

However, at this moment, he felt pain in his waist. A huge force pushed him forward, leaving him no room to turn around. His entire body plummeted towards the mountain valley.

"Little brother, I'm sorry!"

Luo Hao turned his head and looked up. He saw the leader looking at him coldly and greeted him with a cupped fist.

Luo Hao instantly became furious and shouted madly: "We have never met, why are you harming me!"

He had even thought that these two veterans would use him as a bait, but never thought that they would actually do something that would not benefit them.

"We are not the ones who want to harm you. We are bounty hunters who only follow the orders of their employers."

"If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for acting foolishly and provoking someone you shouldn't have."


The moment the two people's words fell, Luo Hao's mind suddenly felt dizzy and he fell into a field of weeds. His entire body was aching as if he was about to fall apart.

"It's the Chu Clan again!"

However, this pain was immediately suppressed by hatred and fury.

Other than the Chu Clan, he could not think of anyone else who would scheme and kill him like that.

"If I, Luo Hao, ever rises up in the future, I will definitely exterminate your entire Chu Family!"

Luo Hao clenched his fists so tightly that his nails almost embedded into his flesh, and fiercely swore.

The Chu family did not even need to use their own people to play around with him. It made him understand more clearly what kind of mountain was in front of him.

The strong sense of oppression made him more determined to become stronger. He needed to work even harder and faster, otherwise, he would not be able to move against the Chu Clan!

However ? Roar!

The hot air came through the grass.

Luo Hao's pupils suddenly contracted, he finally realised that he was facing a great enemy, how could he have the time to make him lose his consciousness?


He tilted his head and saw a black claw was about to land on his head. He only had enough time to roll to the side and dodge the attack. However, his arm was still wounded.


Before Luo Hao even had the chance to catch his breath, a black figure had jumped out from the grass and pounced towards him.

At this moment, Luo Hao could clearly see the appearance of the soul attacking beast. It looked like a wolf, but had black and white pupils, and its skin was as smooth and misty as the night sky.

There was no hair on its body, only a layer of black fog that seemed to come from the netherworld. With just a glance, one would feel as if they had fallen into an icehouse.

"Rank two soul beast ?" The Shadow Wolf! "

Luo Hao swallowed a mouthful of saliva forcefully, and his heart rose to his throat.

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