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C6 masochism

"Yu Lin, wait for me!"

Luo Hao ran quickly in the forest, he had to return home and protect his sister before the Chu Family makes a move.

However, he didn't know how long he had been unconscious for. He was extremely anxious, afraid that his sister would fall into their hands.

Finally, after flying at full speed, the walls of Holy Soul City finally appeared before Luo Hao.

In order to avoid a search, Luo Hao immediately concealed himself and went through the city gate, rushing back home.

However, just as he stood in front of the gate, he suddenly stopped.

The originally clean and tidy courtyard had already been trampled into a complete mess. The reinforced gate to the courtyard had already been shattered into pieces.

In the courtyard, Chu Tianxing, along with his butler and a few servants, were currently blocking the door of their house, coaxing Luo Yulin: "Little sister, quickly open the door, before your brother died, he entrusted you to me. Don't worry, in my Chu Family, you will live a thousand, no, ten thousand times better!"

"I'm not coming with you! My brother will not die. He said that he would protect me! "

Luo Yulin's firm voice came from inside the room, and decisively refused Chu Tianxing's bewitchment.

"Young master, stop playing around. If you drag this on any longer and alert the patrol squad, it's not good. We'll just directly take it!"

When the old butler behind Chu Tianxing heard this, he suggested.

But before he could even hear Chu Tianxing's response, he first heard a voice that caused him to shiver: "Who are you snatching?"

"Who is it?"

The steward turned his head in panic. There was not even a shadow of him to be seen. The servants who had been on guard had all died and collapsed on the ground.

"Less... "Young master ?"

The shocking scene caused the butler to tremble uncontrollably. He was so scared that he was half dead as he timidly turned his head around, and wanted to warn Chu Tianxing.


However, he no longer had the chance to speak. His ghost-like figure appeared in front of him out of thin air, and with a stab of his sword, his heart went completely cold. He had died in the end.

All this took a long time to describe, but only a few breaths had passed.

At this time, Chu Tianxing had just heard the voice of the butler. When he turned his head, he suddenly saw the butler's face that was filled with despair.

"Luo Hao, you're not dead?"

Behind the butler, Chu Tianxing was surprised to see someone wiping the edge of their sword. Who else could it be other than Luo Hao?

"I haven't exterminated your Chu family yet, so Yama can't bear to take me in."

Luo Hao dragged his sword and slowly walked toward Chu Tianxing. Compared to it, his killing intent was as cold as ice.


"Hahaha ?"

Chu Tianxing was startled, he pointed at Luo Hao, but did not feel any fear, and instead laughed out arrogantly: "This is really the most interesting joke I have ever heard. Luo Hao, you didn't think that you were just lucky enough to awaken and that you could live without doing anything, did you? This father will tell you, trash will always be trash! "

"My ancestor possesses a Profound Ranked Martial Spirit, and his Peak of ninth level of Soul Nurturing allows him to kill you a thousand times over with just a single gaze. "What a foolish dream!"

Luo Hao's figure paused.

"Haha, scared? "If you're scared, then hurry up and f * ck off. Obediently let me take your sister away. Maybe I'll let you live if I'm in a good mood!"

Chu Tianxing became more confident and proud, and his smile became even wider.

The name of the Chu Family was what Chu Tianxing relied on the most to rule over the Holy Soul City.

The name of the Chu Clan's ancestor was known throughout the world.

Chu Tianxing believed that these two shields being brought out was enough to shock Luo Hao, who was kneeling down and giving up his sister.

However, Luo Hao responded with an ice-cold look in his eyes.

"You're done with your last words?"

The corners of Luo Hao's mouth twitched, and his indifferent words seemed to come from a soul reaper, causing others to shudder in fear.

"You ? What are you doing? You dare to kill me? "

The ultimate move of pulling the tiger's skin as the flag had lost its effect, causing Chu Tianxing to unconsciously panic, he retreated a few steps and then crashed into the door.

"Kill you?"

Luo Hao thought for a moment, but shook his head: "You did remind me, to kill a coward who can only rely on my family, and was scared to the point of forgetting his identity as a warrior, I feel that my hands are dirty."

"I want you to continue living, to live in fear! "But before that ?"

Luo Hao said, and pierced forward.

The sun rose in the east!

The scorching sword aura, from bottom to top, swept towards Chu Tianxing like the rising sun.

"Do you really think I'm afraid of you?"

Chu Tianxing was indeed shocked by Luo Hao's previous killing methods, but now he no longer had any leeway, and in a rush, he was pushed to the edge.

"I am a middle Huang grade, a martial artist with the third level of soul nourishing stage, a genius that the Chu Family is proud of, you think you can kill me with just trash?"

But, just as Chu Tianxing said that, a sword light flashed, and he was directly sent flying, falling onto the ground in the courtyard.

"No ?" "How is this possible? It's only been half a month, how can he be at the Second Layer already, and yet his martial soul surpasses me?"

Chu Tianxing could not believe the truth. Even though he had been defeated in one move and had no fighting power anymore, he was unwilling to admit that a cripple could defeat him.

"You trash, if you have the guts, fight me one on one! What is the use of sneak attacks with weapons! "

Chu Tianxing weakly laid on the ground as he gritted his teeth in hatred. He had deceived himself into thinking that Luo Hao's victory was still just a fluke.

"So noisy!"

However, Luo Hao didn't feel like he wanted to waste her breath on him. He danced out a sword flower and accurately pierced towards Chu Tianxing's abdomen.

"Wait, if you dare to even touch a single hair on my head, my Chu family will not let this go!"

Chu Tianxing finally started to panic. To his horror, he realized that Luo Hao was actually going to cripple him!

You won't let it go?

Luo Hao laughed coldly, his wrist moved and fiercely twisted, completely destroying Chu Tianxing's Dantian.

The grudge between the Luo and Chu Families had already been settled. It was a situation where one would not rest until one side was killed. A threat like this was only a joke that they thought they were capable of.

"You ? "You ?"

Chu Tianxing was shocked speechless for a moment. He despairingly sensed that his martial spirit had been broken, and that the power of his martial spirit was quickly flowing out of his body. It was as if his entire body had been pulled out, and he was so weak that he could not even raise his hand.

"Scram!" "Trash!"

Luo Hao kicked Chu Tianxing out of the courtyard door, especially using "trash".

The word was heavy, very heavy.

The terrifying words struck directly at Chu Tianxing's heart. He was already on the verge of collapse!

With his dantian destroyed, even the Chu family's old ancestor could not restore it. From now on, he would not be able to cultivate and he would truly become a cripple.

"Luo Hao, just you wait! If I don't take revenge for this, then I, Chu Tianxing, will become a useless person!"

Grief and indignation filled Chu Tianxing's mind, becoming a cripple. To him, it was even more terrifying than death.

Hatred had already become the only motivation for him to continue living.

Luo Hao looked at Chu Tianxing with sympathy for one last time, before opening the door and entering the house.

Crippling Chu Tianxing was only the first step to his revenge.

"Big brother, I'm afraid ?"

Just as Luo Hao entered the house, Luo Yulin immediately rushed out and hugged him, his body still trembling slightly.

Luo Hao's icy face melted and revealed a warm smile. "Yu Lin, don't be afraid. The bad guys have all been knocked down by big brother.

Luo Yulin nodded his head, he subconsciously wanted to look out the door, but Luo Hao blocked his eyes.

"Yu Lin, don't look. Big Brother will bring you somewhere."

"Where to?"

"A safe place!"

Luo Hao gazed into the distance and earnestly replied.

After he finished speaking, he carried Luo Yulin and broke out of the window, rushing towards the center of the Holy Soul City.

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