Invincible Supreme Emperor/C7 Qiao Qingyun's worry
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Invincible Supreme Emperor/C7 Qiao Qingyun's worry
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C7 Qiao Qingyun's worry

"Brother, we are leaving the Holy Soul City, right?"

Lou Yun asked, looking back over his shoulder. His small face was filled with unwillingness, sadness, and uneasiness.

Although she was still young, the intelligent woman still managed to guess Luo Hao's intentions.

Hearing that, Luo Hao's eyes turned red, he forcefully suppressed his emotions, and patted Luo Yunlin lightly with his hand, "We are only leaving for now, wait until we find Father, then we can return together."

To leave a place that one had grown up in, no one was willing to. To leave one's hometown, unless one was forced to, or had some other good development, Luo Hao's departure, was naturally the former.

Half of what she said to comfort her was true and the other half was false.

His father's life was in limbo, so it was very likely that he had passed away.

However, Luo Hao would never give up on searching for his father's whereabouts in the future, even if it was just finding his father's remains in the end.

As for his future return, it was naturally to settle the score with the Chu Clan.

As long as I, Luo Hao, do not die this time, I will definitely destroy your Chu Family. Luo Hao's expression turned cold, and he swore on the inside.

His father was missing, and was being plotted against, surrounding and capturing his younger sister, all of this was because of the Chu Family. With Chu Tianxing crippled, the two sides were already at a stalemate, and as long as they met, it meant that they were fighting to the death.

As he thought this, he ran towards the city gate without sparing any effort.

He had to leave the Holy Soul City before the Chu Family realized it, if not, the brother and sister pair would not be able to live a peaceful life today. Luo Hao's life would not be preserved, and if his sister was captured, she would be killed by the Chu Family sooner or later.

Thinking about it this way, Luo Hao started to feel uneasy. After all, the Chu Family had been in the Holy Soul City for many years, and they were considered one of the best in the Holy Soul City.

Luo Hao thought about how he could reach the city gate early, but there was someone who didn't allow him to.

While he was running, a person suddenly jumped out from the front and blocked his way.

Just what are you afraid of, what are you coming for? Luo Hao was shocked, he did not even see what was coming, what was coming for him. Luo Hao was startled, his reaction was extremely quick, he immediately operated his martial arts around his body, his feet did not slow down at all, and continued to charge forward.

Luo Hao's idea was to separate opponents and charge forth.

His idea was not bad, but he did not care whether the person was male or female. What was their appearance? Whether they were Chu family members or not?

The one who blocked Luo Hao's path was not the Chu Family, but the daughter of the Holy Soul City's City Lord, Qiao Qingyun.

Ever since he saw Luo Hao injure Chu Hu with his martial spirit testing method that day, and noticed that the final test was actually a top-grade yellow rank martial spirit that was even higher than her. Qiao Qiao went to think about how to pull Luo Hao into their group and secretly send people to investigate Luo Hao's background and the powers behind him, knowing that Luo Hao was a very ordinary existence.

In this situation, Qiao Qingyun was even more amenable to Luo Hao.

She just so happened to see Luo Hao carrying his sister and walking in a hurry, so she jumped out to stand.

Being also a practitioner, Qiao Qingyun could naturally feel the strong killing intent that surged from Luo Hao's body. Even though she was puzzled, she had never interacted with Luo Hao before, and there were no friendships nor grudges between them.

However, he did not take it to heart. Firstly, he had to maintain his identity, and secondly, he had no enmity with Luo Hao.

"Luo Hao, stand still. If you see what I am saying clearly, I will tell you."

Although she did not care about Luo Hao's actions, Qiao Qingyun was still secretly on alert. If Luo Hao did not clarify anything and suddenly struck her down, if he did not die, then he would still be injured.

After being shouted at by Qiao Qingyun, Luo Hao finally started to truly size up the other party.

So it was this girl, only now did Luo Hao's tense body finally relax.

Even though the Mayor's Palace and the Chu Family were both top powers in Holy Soul City, and there were always conflicts of interest between them, it was said that the two families did not get along at all. The only difference was that the two families did not openly offend each other.

Therefore, Qiao Qingyun was not here for the Chu Family.

The two of them were not friends, and there was nothing to talk about, the city gates were just a few hundred metres ahead. As long as they could escape Holy Soul City and hide in the forest of Soul Beasts, the chances of them escaping would increase exponentially.

Although the forest of soul beasts was similarly dangerous, the Luo Hao of today was no longer the Luo Hao of the past. As long as one was careful, one could still ensure their safety.

"Get out of the way."

Luo Hao did not waste any more words, and his tone was indifferent.

"You ?"

As the young miss of the Mayor's mansion, coupled with her good looks and talents, she had been adored by countless young talents of the Holy Soul City. She had often taken it as an honor to talk to her, and had even flaunted herself in front of others.

But this damned Luo Hao, actually did not understand his feelings at all. Not only did he not reveal any gratitude, he had even showed her a face of death.

Hmph, I'll do whatever I want.

Thinking of this, Qiao Yifeng puffed out his chest with an expression that said "I won't allow you to do anything to me".

In this life or death situation, Luo Hao was still able to stay awake. He had already offended the Chu Family, and if he were to offend Qiao Qingyun and the City Lord Palace behind her, he would have to surrender today.

"Miss Qiao, I don't know why you are blocking my path of retreat, but I think it will only be beneficial to me. Right now, I have urgent matters to attend to, so if there's anything, we can talk about it in the future."


Qiao Qingyun rejected him flatly.

Regarding Luo Hao, it could be said that Qiao Qingyun knew all about him, and it was only natural that she thought that Luo Hao didn't want to talk to him too much.

If he was unwilling to speak with her, that meant he looked down on her. But if he looked down on her, Qiao Qingyun, the consequences would be dire.

Moreover, there is a great benefit to being able to stop you.

Luo Hao was an ordinary person to begin with, so there were simply no cultivation resources available to him. However, the City Lord's Mansion was naturally not something Luo Hao could compare to, and if Zhang Luo Hao himself agreed to join the City Lord's Mansion, the cultivation resources that he would receive would be completely different.

From the time they had killed Chu Tianxing's followers and crippled Chu Tianxing, it had been almost two hours. The Chu Family members might have already appeared at Luo Hao's residence, and a net of death had already quietly been pulled open.

"Miss Qiao, I do have something important on my mind today, please step aside."

Stopping for another minute, the danger that he and his little sister were in increased by one point. Why didn't it make Luo Hao burn with anxiety?

"Luo Hao, I want to challenge you. Don't think that your martial spirit is higher than mine, I'm just afraid of you."

I've given you some colors, but you've always bullied people along the way. Since young, there has never been anyone who spoke to her in such a strict tone, causing Miss Qiao Qingyun's temper to flood into her heart. Naturally she was unhappy, and grinded her teeth as she wanted to compete with Luo Hao.


Luo Hao knew that he couldn't speak anymore nonsense. He gathered all the scattered energy and took a few steps forward before he struck a palm towards Qiao Qingyun's head.

Qiao Qingyun's aptitude was not bad. Although she was a few years younger than Chu Tianxing, she already had the strength of the third stage of the soul nourishing stage.

Luo Hao knew that he could not reason with the other party and decided to use force to resolve the matter.

If you don't move aside, don't blame me for not showing mercy. If I offend anyone, I will thank you again in the future.


Although Qiao Qingyun was shouting that she wanted to fight with Luo Hao, she was not prepared to fight.

Luo Hao's extremely quick attack was about to land on his head. Only a few inches away did Qiao Qingyun finally react, retreat or attack to fend it off, it was already impossible, so she simply stopped thinking about the competition. She raised his head, opened her eyes wide, and looked at Luo Hao.

Ai, after all, he did not have any grudges with the other party. Furthermore, the other party was a peerlessly beautiful young lady who was currently looking at him with an innocent gaze.

Moreover, although his attacks looked fierce, his original intention was to scare Qiao Qingyun and let her retreat in the face of danger.

"Miss Qiao, I crippled Chu Tianxing, the people from the Chu Clan are chasing after us, please do not block them."

Luo Hao helplessly told the truth.

"Cripple Chu Tianxing?"

Qiao Qingyun was shocked when she heard it, and her face changed. She wanted to recruit Luo Hao into the city but her heart started to sway left and right.

It had to be known that Chu Tianxing had decent talent, and was one of the leading characters in the Chu Family, it was very possible that he was the next Patriarch of the Chu Family, and was given high hopes by the Chu Family, who knew how many resources he had spent on him, but was crippled by Luo Hao just like that, if the Chu Family did not kill Luo Hao, that would be strange.

Although Luo Hao's aptitude was high, his future achievements were bound to be extraordinary.

If the one Luo Hao crippled was not Chu Tianxing but some other disciple, Qiao Qingyun would have been able to protect Luo Hao by herself. At worst, it would just be a worse relationship with the Chu Family, not to mention that the City Lord's strength was higher than the Chu Family.

If they decided to protect Luo Hao, then when the Chu Family's Peak Patriarch was furious, they might not hesitate to kill Luo Hao at all costs. At that time, the two families would fight to the death with all their might, and although the City Lord Palace was slightly stronger, but the Chu Family had been in power for hundreds of years, and might not have any strength that no one knew of, the City Lord Palace would definitely have some strength, and they would only have to point it out that they did not have to, and they did not want to fight against each other.

If the City Lord's Mansion fought Chu Jingzhen and even if they destroyed the Chu Family, the City Lord's Mansion's losses would not be small. They would injure 1,000 enemies and harm 800 people.

Between his clan members and Luo Hao, Qiao Qingyun was still unable to abandon his clan members.

This was human nature.

Qiao Qingyun only had the heart to admire Luo Hao, but wasn't about to take the lives of her clansmen to protect Luo Hao's retreat.

Thinking up to here, Qiao Qingyun retreated to the side with a look of shame on her face, "I'm sorry."

Luo Hao was startled, and thought that the other party did not do anything to let him down, why would they need to apologize.

He did not stop to think as he ran towards the city gate.

"You still want to leave after offending Miss Qiao? Don't even think about it."

Suddenly, the sound of a body breaking through the air came from behind him. It was obvious that someone was attacking from behind.

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