Invincible Supreme Emperor/C8 First Battle Chu Gang
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Invincible Supreme Emperor/C8 First Battle Chu Gang
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C8 First Battle Chu Gang

"Chu Gang, you don't need to bother about my matters."

"Peng! Peng!" Another loud shout was heard from behind him.

The sound of fists and feet colliding.

Luo Hao turned around, only to see Qiao Qingyun's figure in a sorry state, glaring at a middle-aged man.

The man called Chu Gang forced Qiao Qingyun to retreat, then bowed and said, "Regarding Miss Qiao, this lowly one naturally does not dare to interfere, but this Luo Hao actually dared to harm Young Master Chu Tianxing, then that is the matter of the Chu Family, I hope that Miss Qiao will not interfere, so as to avoid hurting the relationship between the two families, to both sides, it will be detrimental."

With that said, he soared into the sky and pounced towards Luo Hao who was standing not far away, like an eagle.

Chu Gang thought that Luo Hao, who was at the Second Stage of Soul Nurturing, was like a chicken in front of him, a chicken that was obediently waiting to be slaughtered, and he, Chu Gang, was like a hawk. With such a huge disparity in strength, it was destined that before the game had even started, he would not have any suspense about the outcome.

Just a moment ago, Chu Gang was mixed into the crowd. He finally understood that Chu Tianxing had brought some people to surround and capture Luo Hao's little sister, Luo Zuilin.

Although Luo Hao had lowered his voice when he said that he would cripple Chu Tianxing, he still only heard the word Chu Tianxing from time to time.

On the contrary, Chu Tianxing might have met with misfortune. Although Luo Hao had heard that Luo Hao had a top-grade Martial Spirit, after all, his cultivation day was short, and he did not have any resources to support him, so his strength would definitely be limited. If he injured Chu Tianxing, he could only use other powers or schemes.

As for whether Chu Tianxing was crippled or killed, Chu Gang did not even think about it, and reckoned that Luo Hao did not have the guts to do so.

But they had to take down Luo Hao. He knew Chu Tianxing's character, if anyone dared to offend him, they would get their revenge, and there would not be a good result.

On the surface, he looked two levels above Luo Hao, but the reason why he could still do sneak attacks was because he had the instinct of a spy. He had to be careful in all matters, as long as he could injure Luo Hao and capture him, it would be a great merit to win the favor of the future Patriarch's successor, Chu Tianxing.

If Chu Gang knew that Chu Tianxing had been crippled, he would not be able to inherit the position of Patriarch.

It was because Qiao Qingyun seemed to be intentionally pulling Luo Hao into the City Lord's Palace, so she guessed that it was the City Lord's original intention, and could only endure and not make a move.

Immediately after, Qiao Qingyun shouted out that she wanted to compete with Luo Hao, and Luo Hao's ruthless attacks seemed to have injured Qiao Qingyun, but in the end, the usually arrogant Qiao Qingyun gave in and allowed Luo Hao to leave.

Since the two parties could not discuss well, and it was a good opportunity for him to make a move, Qiao Qingyun probably did not want to blame him.

After this incident, there were many people gathered around to watch the scene. Some of them recognized Chu Gang, and some of them coincidentally saw the spectacular scene when Luo Hao Awakened his Martial Spirit, but when they thought back to it, they could clearly remember it and sigh.

Offending the Chu Family was tantamount to sentencing them to death. Seeing that the young man, who had the chance to become an even stronger existence in the history of Holy Soul City, had fallen, countless people cried out in regret.

"What a shame. Such a talented young man, why offend the Chu family? Isn't that looking to die?"

"With this young man's talent, when he grows up, he will definitely become a person even more formidable than Holy Soul City's City Lord Qiao and even be a top-notch existence."

"What bullsh * t genius, what dogshit talent, they're almost like a dead man. Pah!"

There were those who felt sorry, those who sighed, and naturally, there were also those who were jealous of the fact that others were better than them, and there were also quite a few of them.

How many times in the world it was like this!

From the moment Chu Gang had forced Qiao Qingyun back, Luo Hao already knew that it was not his wish. If he wanted to escape from the city, he could only force Chu Gang to retreat first, and Chu Gang's aura was even more powerful than Chu Tianxing's.

If we compare strength, Luo Hao originally had no hope of winning.

But now, the arrow was in the bow, and he had no choice but to make his move.

Moreover, he still had the unknown Heaven Swallowing Martial Spirit and Chu Gang's careless underestimation of his opponent. The final result was not something that could be predicted.

As for the Martial Spirit that could be used stealthily, Luo Hao wanted to use it in a life or death situation, to catch him off guard.

Although Chu Gang was at the fourth stage of Soul Nurturing, Luo Hao wanted to use his evolved fire python to fight him.

Luo Hao placed his sister to the side and comforted her with a few sentences. Then, he circulated all the energy in his body and waited for Chu Gang's attack in his best condition.

Seeing Luo Hao's calm expression, Chu Gang laughed in the air, acting as if he knew what the difference in seats was.

In Chu Gang's eyes, Luo Hao was not even able to withstand a single blow.

To be able to injure Luo Hao and hold him in place, there was no need for such a battle formation. Chu Gang had been showing off quite a bit, and looking at the scene, his strength was the strongest, reaching the fourth level of soul nourishing stage, and it was even at the middle stage.

"Brat, hand your life over."

Chu Gang's body fell down and he had an imposing manner, like a lightning leopard that was provoked and wanted to hurt someone.

Everyone only saw a white light appear on Chu Gang's palm. It was like lightning and it made sizzling sounds that dazzled everyone's eyes.

If a person was hit, they would definitely lose all their skin and flesh in an instant. Even their bones would be burnt to ashes.

"The Martial Spirit is actually a Lightning Leopard."

The onlookers were all shocked.

Seeing this, Chu Gang couldn't help feeling pleased in his heart and was a bit proud. He thought to himself, since this battle, I, Chu Gang can be considered to have a bit of fame.

Lightning was originally used to describe a leopard's unparalleled speed, but Chu Gang's martial spirit had a true effect. Its speed was incomparably fast and it had the power of lightning as well.

"Not necessarily."

Luo Hao roared, he gathered all the power in his arms and fiercely struck the air towards Chu Gang.

It was one thing to not make a move, but to strike with full force as soon as he did.

He had to finish this battle quickly, and now that the people from the Chu Clan had become apparent, there would be a steady stream of people coming for him. In other words, the Chu Clan had more people than him, and there were even more who had more people of the same level.

Knowing that he had to end this battle quickly, he was now at the 4th Layer. Even if he were to take turns fighting, he would be slowly grinded to death by the 5th and 6th Layer.

Its shape was much clearer than before, and obviously, as Luo Hao stepped into the second level of soul nourishing stage, it had evolved along with him, and was countless times stronger than before.

He was like a dragon, vowing to swallow Chu Gang whole.

This was what Luo Hao was waiting for.

Mysterious Fire Drake?

Seeing that, Chu Gang's expression turned cold, and could not help but let out a cry of surprise. Luo Hao's call was extremely similar to Chu Long's Spirit Soul, only that his Spirit Qi seemed to be much stronger.

Speaking of which, Chu Long had not seen his for a while, and was pretending to be mysterious.

"He's merely strong from the outside, but weak from the inside. Wanting to fight against me head on is simply courting death."

Although Chu Gang was surprised at the power of his opponent's Heaven Fire Wyrm, he only believed that it had its uses. Even Chu Long was not his opponent, not to mention Luo Hao, who was only at the second level of cultivation, was unable to endure it.

Chu Gang wanted to go, but he didn't stop.

But when the fire dragon approached him, the power it gave off made Chu Gang feel that he couldn't defend against it. After experiencing countless life and death battles, he had a bad feeling about it. His intuition told him that the fire dragon was just like how it appeared and had extraordinary power.

Chu Gang could also be considered a character. In this moment of life and death, he knew how to choose. Compared to his face and life, the latter was more important.

He wanted to retreat, but he was still in the air. He was too old to dodge, and if he was in a higher position, he might be able to use more force in the air.

But Chu Gang could not do it, his strength was not enough.


Since he could not avoid it, the only thing he could do was to use more strength.

He, Chu Gang, did not believe that just with his 2nd layer cultivation, he would be able to defeat him.

When the two fire dragons infinitely neared each other, many people could not bear to watch them anymore. Covering their eyes with their hands, the terrifying scene of charred flesh and black flesh was something that people who did not experience the life and death scene truly did not dare to look straight at.

Of course, there was no lack of people who were rolling on the edge of their blades to earn a living. Their expressions were different, either regretful or gloating.

But everyone's thoughts were the same, that was, if Luo Hao did not die, he would be injured.

In one move, he defeated Chu Tianxing who had a cultivation base at the third level, giving him the courage and confidence to defeat an even stronger enemy.

This Chu Gang just happened to crash into it and it could be considered a test subject.


Like two erupting volcanoes clashing against each other, sparks flew in all directions. It was extremely spectacular and magnificent, blinding everyone's eyes.


Someone let out a miserable scream from within the light. The sound was strange, but it didn't seem to be made by Luo Hao.

This feeling caused the surrounding spectators to be extremely shocked.

Impossible, impossible, how was it possible for Luo Hao to defeat someone at the fourth level of the soul nourishing stage, and even more so at the middle level of the soul nourishing stage, Chu Gang.

When the blinding white light faded, there was indeed a person standing there. Everyone looked, it was not Chu Gang, but Luo Hao who was weaker.

This is?

Everyone was immediately dumbstruck. No words could describe their feelings.

It can only be described as the world changing too quickly, not because I can't keep up with it.

After a long while, they finally came back to their senses. They looked towards another direction. There was a person lying on the ground. He was the person who was so proud just now. It was hard to describe his misery right now.

Although he wanted to use his full strength at the last moment, he couldn't do it when he was in a hurry. Thus, if he used his full strength when his Martial Spirit mutated, the latter would suffer a crushing defeat when he used his full strength.

Injured spitting out blood was unavoidable, and there was a large pool of blood on the ground that had yet to cool down. It was Chu Gang's work, and his clothes were tattered, as if they were specially cut by someone. It looked very similar to the clothes of a young person in the future.

Everyone wanted to laugh, but no one dared to.

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