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C1 Ares Return

Northwest border region.

On the iron bridge that led to the only path of the Heaven's Danger Pass, a military vehicle was speeding across the wilderness.

At the exit of the iron bridge, several armoured vehicles suddenly appeared and blocked the exit.

The military cruiser braked urgently. The hulk driving the car quickly turned his head and said to the youth sitting in the back row: "Dragon Head! The front has been blocked! "

The young man in the back row looked at the muscular man and said, "Heita, you called the wrong person. I'm not Dragon Head, you know my name."

"Yes, Mr. Chu Yun!" Heita quickly changed his words.

The corners of Chu Yun's mouth curled up into a smile.

It had been six years since he joined the army. From a nameless nobody to the present, Dragon Head, who wielded the Northwest Army and guarded the entire northwestern part of the Divine State, had not heard anyone call his real name in six years.

Chu Yun opened the car door and got out of the SUV.

A few people in military uniforms got off the armored vehicles that were speeding over. They had different expressions, but there was a sense of urgency in their eyes. They walked up to Chu Yun and spoke in unison.

"Greetings, Dragon Head!"

The six of them acted like they were in an uproar as they spoke to each other.

"Dragon Head!" Are you really going? "

"In the entire Northwest Region, you were the one who beat them down. How can you leave just like that?!"

"If you leave, Dragon Head, I'll go with you!"

"That's right, I'll go with you, Dragon Head!"

They were all robust men. Each of their voices was louder and louder than the previous one. Their quarrels were so loud that it hurt one's head.

Chu Yun couldn't help but frown and said loudly, "Shut up!"

Everyone immediately went silent.

Looking at his brothers who were risking their lives together, Chu Yun said, "Nowadays, no one dares to challenge my Northwest Region. Shouldn't you protect the territory I've taken down for me well?"

"Besides, I said that I would return to pay my debt in the end. The things I owe must be paid back …"

As he said that, Chu Yun took out a pocket watch.

Inside the pocket watch was a photo of a marriage certificate.

The man in the photo was Chu Yun, but compared to now, he looked much younger.

The woman in the photo looked to be about twenty years of age. She had long hair, fair skin, and beautiful features. She was much more attractive than most female celebrities, but her eyes were filled with deep loathing and hatred.

This woman was called Qin Ruoxi.

It was his wife, and she was also the woman he owed the most in his life.

Just by looking at the photo, Chu Yun became more and more confident in his decision to leave Northwest China.

"You all understand me, but I have already made up my mind. So, move aside!" Chu Yun said.

The six generals from the northwest, who were standing in front of Chu Yun, clenched their teeth helplessly as they moved to the sides of the road.

Chu Yun returned to the SUV.

"Drive, Heita."

Heita nodded and started the SUV, passing by the six generals of Northwest Army group who were in control of the situation.

"Respectfully sending off Dragon Head!"

The six generals spoke in unison once again.

The SUV got off the iron bridge. Only then did Chu Yun realize that the two sides of the road were filled with soldiers wearing green military uniforms.


Swish swish!

All the soldiers saluted the jeep in unison.

The simultaneous cheers were like a tsunami.

"Respectfully sending off Dragon Head!"

"Respectfully sending off Dragon Head!"

Chu Yun, who was sitting in the car, slightly curled his lips. There was gratification in his eyes, but most of it was reluctance.

It turned out that the six brothers who risked their lives were not here to stop him, but to send him off.

… ….

Two days later.

Yuezhou City, west railway station.

Chu Yun walked out of the high-speed rail station and looked at the familiar scenery in front of him. He couldn't help but reveal a smile on his face.

It had been six years, six full years, and he had finally returned.

Just as he was feeling emotional, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Dragon …" "Brother Chu!"

The person who walked over with the luggage was Chu Yun's secretary, Heita.

Chu Yun's face was a little gloomy, and said: "Heita, do you really have to retire to a small city like Yuezhou City?"

Heita laughed in embarrassment. He rubbed his nose and said: "Yes, I just happened to have a relative at Yuezhou City, so I came to look for him. Hehe, I also happened to live in the district that you're going to, Brother Chu."

"That's right, what a coincidence, wasn't it arranged by second brother?"

"This... Second Dragon Head won't say anything. "

Chu Yun shook his head helplessly and said, "Let's go and call a taxi!"


Just as the two were about to leave, they saw a little girl running out from the crowd.

The little girl was about five or six years old. She had short hair and was wearing a white pleated shirt and a dress. Her facial features were exquisite.

But now, the little girl curled her lips and her eyes reddened. It was as though she wanted to cry, but she forced herself not to.

Seeing Chu Yun, the little girl's eyes suddenly lit up and she quickly ran forward.

Heita went up and tried to stop the little girl, but Chu Yun stopped Heita and signaled him not to act rashly.

The moment Chu Yun saw the girl, he felt a strange sense of familiarity in his heart.

At this moment, the little girl had already ran in front of Chu Yun and grabbed his clothes.

Chu Yun squatted down and tried to be gentle as he said to the girl: "Little girl, what's wrong, did you lose your family?"

The little girl hesitated and nodded, but then suddenly shook her head, sniffled, and pouted, "Yes … Can you help me find my aunt? I... I'm worried about her, and she was taken away with a lollipop. "

Chu Yun was amused by her.

Heita was surprised. After following Dragon Head for three years, this was the first time seeing him show such a gentle smile.

"Alright, I'll help you find aunt. What's your name? What's your aunt's name?" Chu Yun asked.

The little girl tilted her head. After thinking for a while, she stretched out her hand and said in a childish voice, "My aunt's name is a lot of things. I called her Auntie, my mother called her Ya Er, my grandparents called her unfilial daughter …"

"Then why don't we talk about your aunt? What's your name, little sister?"

"My name is Qin..."

At that moment, a beautiful woman with wavy chestnut hair, who wore a black suit and skirt, rushed over in a hurry.

"Xiao Yu!"

"Aunt." the girl shouted.

The woman ran over and picked up the little girl.

"I'm really sorry, but the child disappeared in the blink of an eye. I've caused you all trouble!" The woman apologized.

"It's no trouble, a very cute child." Chu Yun said.

The woman carried the child and quickly left. However, the little girl's gaze was always on Chu Yun and she even waved at him.

Until they were completely separated by the crowd, Chu Yun's gaze …

He watched the little girl leave.

If he hadn't left back then, perhaps his daughter would have been the same age as this little girl.

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