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C11 I'll Guard It

Chu Yun walked at the front and Heita followed closely behind. Lau Rusi and Director Zhang could only respectfully walk behind Heita. The group of people walked out from the elevator and attracted countless gazes from the hall.

Because Chu Yun didn't let Lau Rusi reveal her identity, many people who didn't know the truth guessed Chu Yun's identity.

Who was this young man? Why did he have to respectfully follow behind him with such a noble status like Director Zhang and Liu Dong?

At this moment, Liu Jing happened to be accompanying Qin Ruoxin down from the elevator on the other side of the lobby. From afar, they could see that the person walking at the front looked a little like Chu Yun.

"Ruoxin, do you see that person as your brother-in-law?"

Qin Ruoxin looked up, but due to the distance, Chu Yun was at the door again. It was impossible to tell him from the back.

"Impossible, how could Director Zhang and Liu Dong follow behind trash? You must be seeing things."

"It should be!"

Liu Jing nodded, agreeing with Qin Ruoxin's words.

… ….

Inside the Qin Group Conference Room, all of the management staff were sitting around the huge conference table, waiting for the old man's arrival.

"Have you heard? The new chairman of Feathered Group of Helian Family Branch of Helian Family under Helian Family Clan took up his position today."

"That's right, the new governor is willing to take the blame. I heard that both the Sales Department's Director Luo and the Security Captain have been crippled, and their methods are quite sharp!"

Everyone chatted and talked, talking very happily. However, Qin Yang, who was sitting in the first seat of the chairman, couldn't be happy.

He had finally managed to get through to Director Luo, but before the cooperation had even begun, he had already dismounted. It was equivalent to saying that all the money he had spent on him had gone to waste.

However, in the end, it was still quite profitable. Boss Luo had at least recommended him to meet Director Zhang. In the future, their cooperation would be just around the corner.

At that moment, Qin Ruoxi pushed open the door and walked into the meeting room. Everyone's gaze instantly landed on her.

Qin Yang frowned and stood up, "Who let you in?"

Qin Ruoxi had never had a good impression of this harsh cousin of hers. She said nonchalantly, "Ask the chairman's secretary. She informed me."

With that said, Qin Yang immediately lost his temper. Naturally, his secretary would not inform him, it seemed like this was the old man's intention.

"Yo, you are so cocky. Has the good-for-nothing husband come back to celebrate your victory?"

Everyone in the meeting room burst into laughter. They did not bother to hide their mockery of Qin Ruoxi.

Qin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and ignored Qin Yang, looking for an empty seat to sit on.

If it wasn't for the secretary repeatedly telling her that she must come today, she wouldn't have come to this kind of place to take her anger.

In these past few years, these relatives who had lived like princes had not only completely erased all of her previous contributions to the company, but even placed the blame for the fact that her Qin Family had not been able to enter into one of the first-rate Yuezhou families on her head.

How could a weak girl like her stop the unhurried crowd?

"I heard that you're not even willing to divorce your trash, you really do not know shame!" If I were you, I wouldn't have had the face to live when I was tainted by that trash back then. But you, not only are you alive and well, you even gave birth to a vile child! You have completely defeated the face of my Qin Family … "

"Shut your stinky mouth!"

Qin Ruoxi could have stood up and insulted her no matter what, but she could never humiliate her daughter!

"Aiyo, you're f * cking giving me a boost, do you believe me …"

"All of you, shut up!"

An angered shout came from the door, and the Qin Family Old Man walked in through the main entrance with the help of his secretary.

Everyone present immediately stood up to welcome him with respectful expressions. They didn't dare to be negligent in the slightest.

Qin Yang immediately shut his mouth and smiled mischievously as he walked forward to support the old man, "Grandpa, you're here. We're all waiting for you!"

Qin Wenhan nodded, and waved his hand, signalling for everyone to sit down, and then went straight to the point: "I believe you all should be clear about the reason why I called you here, Feathered Company is a company under the Helian Family Clan, and has an unspeakable position in our Yuezhou. This time, we have changed our chairman, it's a great time to start working together!"

"But our Qin Family has been in disarray for the past few years, and we have not been able to produce any decent results. Even if we change to a new director, they might not even look at us.

With that, Qin Wenhan intentionally glanced at Qin Ruoxi, who was sitting the furthest away, as if he had other intentions.

Qin Yang was always smart and immediately understood Qin Wenhan's meaning. He stood up and faced the crowd as he spoke.

Although our Qin Family has yet to rise and we don't have enough strength, if we can work together with other families of the same level, we would have the strength to fight with a first-rate family. At that time, we can go and discuss a partnership with the Feathered Corporation and we will definitely achieve twice the results with half the work.

Qin Wenhan nodded in satisfaction. The reason why he valued Qin Yang was because of his sharp mind, always being able to see through his intentions.

"Then in your opinion, which family can we ally with?"

"Lee Family is a good choice!" "Everyone knows that Lee Family's eldest son, Lee Ming, has always been chasing after Qin Ruoxi. As long as she can marry into Lee Family, us and Lee Family will become relatives. Isn't teaming up a matter like this natural?"

"Makes sense!"

"Qin Yang's analysis is correct, why didn't I think of that!"

All the relatives immediately exploded in agreement with Qin Yang's suggestion.

Qin Ruoxi frowned slightly as she gritted her teeth. If she had known earlier, it would have been bad news to call her over, but now it seemed to be the case.

"All of you, just give up. I'm a married man, and I have a husband and children. I can't marry anyone else!"

Qin Yang immediately became angry when he heard what she said. He kicked off his chair and walked towards Qin Ruoxi, pointing at her nose with one hand as he scolded, "You really have the face to say that if it wasn't for the scandal that happened to you six years ago, would our Qin Family still be among the second-rate families today? What's the use of having that good-for-nothing husband of yours? "

"That's right, he is truly shameless!"

"It's as if marrying a piece of trash is something glorious, I'm speechless!"

Qin Ruoxi was so angry that her breathing gradually quickened. She stood up abruptly and said, "Since I'm married to him, I'll be his for the rest of my life. You don't need to worry about me!"

These words instantly caused a huge uproar. Everyone present cursed Qin Ruoxi for not knowing what was good for her, not to mention that she valued benefits more.

"Grandfather," Qin Yang turned to Qin Wenhan and said, "I have a relationship with Feathered company. I'll communicate with them first, and we'll send someone over to Lee Family to propose marriage. With both of our efforts, we'll be able to cooperate soon!"

Qin Wenhan nodded his head in praise, turned around and said to his secretary: "Give Yang'er whatever funding he needs, and also inform Kai Cheng and Huiqin to pay a visit to Lee Family in the next few days, and bring up the marriage schedule as soon as possible!"

"Grandfather!" Qin Ruoxi's eyes were bloodshot as she shouted. Just as she was about to slam the table and get up, she heard the door to the meeting room being kicked open.

"Wait a minute!"

At the door, Chu Yun shouted and stood there with his head held high, like a soldier from the heavens.

"Old man, you are too unreasonable. How can my Chu Family's wife be your bargaining chip!"

"She said she was mine, that she would be mine for the rest of her life. If I don't die, no one can force her to do anything!"

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Chu Yun walked into the meeting room with large strides. He went straight to Qin Ruoxi's side and sat down next to her, holding her hands and said gently,

"It's been six years. This time, let me protect you!"

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