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C12 Accept Task

"Let me protect you!"

These words lingered in Qin Ruoxi's ears for a long time, making her feel warm for the first time in six years. The warmth made her feel at ease.

However, the warmth was fleeting and she still had to face the cold reality.

"What are you doing here? Do you find me embarrassing enough?"

Chu Yun didn't take Qin Ruoxi's accusation seriously at all. He took out an iron box from his pocket and put it in her hand.

"This is the medicine I asked my friend to bring. It has a miraculous effect of removing scars. Take good care of your hands when you get back."

Qin Ruoxi was a little mad. It was a good place to send ointment. Was this the place to send ointment?

She was about to throw the ointment on the ground, but seeing Chu Yun's sincere expression, she hesitated for a moment and then stuffed it into her pocket.

"The ointment is under my command, hurry up and leave!"

Just then, Qin Wenhan finally reacted and shouted loudly: "Who are you? "Where's the security guards? What are the security guards doing?"

The door to the meeting room was pushed open and a security guard crawled in. He wailed, "Reporting to the chairman, we can't stop him!"

Outside the door, Heita stood proudly, knocking down all the security guards that rushed over.

Six years ago, Chu Yun had not met with anyone from Qin Family before, so no one there could recognize him. Only Qin Yang could vaguely recognize him.

"Grandfather, he's the trash that tainted Qin Ruoxi six years ago!"


Qin Wenhan slapped the table and stood up, and pointed at Chu Yun as he scolded loudly: "You reckless fool, six years ago you caused my Qin Family to be ruined. Now you actually still dare to break into my Qin Group, you really don't want to live!"

At the same time, Chu Yun also stood up. He locked onto Qin Yang with his cold eyes and said, "Old man, you should ask your grandson what the truth was six years ago. He knows it better than anyone else!"

The two things he asked Heita to do before he came was to get his comrade to send him an ointment to remove the scars and have a miraculous effect. The other was to thoroughly investigate the truth of what happened six years ago.

Qin Yang immediately broke out in cold sweat and retorted loudly, "What nonsense are you talking about? I don't understand it at all!"

Qin Wenhan was so angry that his entire body was trembling. Even if Qin Family were to be used on a second-rate family, they would not allow anyone to barge in recklessly.

"Qin Ruoxi, if you still have a grandpa in your eyes, then get this trash out of here as soon as possible!"

Before Qin Ruoxi could say anything, Chu Yun directly spoke up, "Old man, I see that you are really old and dizzy. The only reason Qin Group has your current status is because of Ruoxi's great efforts six years ago to reform them. Not only are you not grateful, you have also been making things difficult for her for the past six years.

"You …"

Qin Wenhan was so angry that he nearly fainted when he sat down on the chair.


Qin Ruoxi shouted and rushed forward, but Qin Yang seized the initiative. He pushed her away and scolded loudly, "Qin Ruoxi, what is the meaning of this, are you trying to make this trash angry with his grandfather? You want Grandfather to fall so that you can seize the chairman's position, right? "

"Qin Yang, stop slandering us!"

These words were truly rebellious, so how could she have such thoughts?

But all of the people here today were all Qin Yang's supporters, and they immediately echoed his words.

"Seriously, I think she just wants to take back everything from six years ago. Isn't she intentionally making the old man angry?"

"To be so vicious at such a young age, what a chill!"

"Someone who eats Qin Family and holds it in place, is actually an ungrateful bastard!"

The conference room was filled with a cacophony of voices. Qin Ruoxi was speechless. She stood there dumbly, trembling all over.

After a long while, Qin Wenhan finally caught his breath. He waved his hand to signal for everyone to quiet down, looked at Qin Ruoxi and said weakly:

Ruoxi, the reason I called you here today is to give you a way out. After marrying into Lee Family, not only will your family's days be much easier to live in, but you will also have the chance to work together with Feathered company.

Six years ago, she wholeheartedly wanted to reform the enterprise, and it could be said that she was the one who pushed all the way through to improve her Qin Group to such an extent. If it wasn't for that incident that caused her to be abandoned by the clan, then after six years, it would be possible for her to become a first-rate enterprise with profound strength.

In her heart, Qin Group was her painstaking work. There was no day when she didn't want to return to management and lead the company to prosperity.

But to marry her into the Lee Family, she could not accept it no matter what!

"I'll say it again, I won't marry Lee Ming, I have a husband and children!"


Qin Wenhan coughed violently a few times, and berated loudly: "Good, very good. If you don't want to marry into Lee Family, then it's fine too.

The house that Qin Ruoxi's family lived in was the Qin Family Real Estate. If Qin Wenhan wanted to take it back, Qin Ruoxi's family could only look for another place to stay.

"Grandfather, you …"

"Good, isn't that just taking down the cooperation with Feathered Corporation? Ruoxi will accept this mission!"

Without waiting for Ruoxi's request, Chu Yun stepped forward and confidently accepted the mission.

"What?" Qin Yang thought he misheard, "You trash know the Feathered company right? That's a business under the Yanbei, you think you can take it down just like that?"

Qin Ruoxi looked flustered and exasperatedly whispered to Chu Yun, "Don't cause any more trouble, I can't possibly complete this task!"


Qin Wenhan immediately clapped on the table, stood up and said: "I'll give you and Qin Yang three days. Within these three days, either one of you two parties can get your hands on the cooperation with Feathered company, and that person will be the vice chairman of Qin Group company!"

"Grandfather …"

Qin Ruoxi wanted to take back what Chu Yun had just said, but Qin Wenhan didn't give her the chance. He waved his hand and dismissed the meeting, leaving the meeting room with the support of his secretary.

"Qin Yang, don't forget about us after you become the Vice Chairman!"

"Yeah, yeah, it's all up to you. With your relationship with Feathered and Director Zhang, getting the cooperation definitely won't be a problem!"

The moment the old man left, the direct disciples of Qin Family surrounded Qin Yang and started flattering him. In their eyes, Qin Ruoxi had no way of winning the cooperation, so Qin Yang still had some hope!

Not long after, everyone left the meeting room, leaving only Chu Yun and Qin Ruoxi.

"Bang!" Boom! * "Bam!"

She punched Chu Yun in the chest repeatedly with her delicate fist. Qin Ruoxi resentfully said, "Why? Why do you always come and harm me? You were the victim six years ago, and I wasn't? You don't find me miserable enough, do you? Do you really have to force me to a dead end before I give up? "

Her wronged look made Chu Yun's heart ache, but he did not dodge and just let his fist hit his chest.

"Ruoxi, I didn't mean to harm you, really."

"You took on an impossible mission, and you still say it wasn't to harm me? Fine, I see that you want to force me to marry Lee Ming, as you wish, I will go and find Lee Family to propose marriage right now! "

Qin Ruoxi gave Chu Yun a hard shove, but Chu Yun didn't move at all. Instead, he backed off a few steps, stomped his feet in anger, turned around and left the meeting room.

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