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Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C13 The Godly Milkman Father
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C13 The Godly Milkman Father

She married Lee Ming on purpose for Chu Yun to hear, otherwise Qin Ruoxi really couldn't quell the anger in her heart.

Talking about cooperation with the Feathered company, even if we bet the entire amount of Qin Group, the chances of success are close to zero. Furthermore, she had been a lowly employee for the past six years, how could we talk about cooperation?

She walked into the house. Before she even changed her shoes, Qin Ruoxi heard Xie Huiqin shouting as she walked out of the kitchen.

"Oh god, Qin Ruoxi, what did you do?" You actually let that trash, Chu Yun, barge into the company randomly and even let him accept the quest of cooperating with Feathered company.

This matter had already spread throughout the Qin Family, so Xie Huiqin and Qin Kaicheng naturally heard the whole story.

"Mom, can you let me calm down? I'm already very annoyed!"

Qin Ruoxi changed her shoes and wanted to go upstairs, but Xie Huiqin grabbed her by the arm and refused to let her go upstairs.

"Aren't you annoying me? "If you don't succeed, my family will be sleeping on the street in three days. You can go and find Lee Ming and tell him that you want to marry him!"


After shaking off Xie Huiqin, Qin Ruoxi headed straight for the stairs.


Xie Huiqin sat down on the ground and started crying loudly.

"What crime have I done!?" How can there be such an unfilial daughter, looking at this old bones of mine who is about to sleep on the streets and isn't even willing to propose to Lee Family, just let me die, since my daughter doesn't care if I live or die! "

"Mom, what happened?"

At this moment, Qin Ruoxin had just entered the room. Her face was originally brimming with joy, but when she saw the scene before her, she immediately became confused.

"Ruoxin, it's good that you're here. Hurry up and persuade your sister, let her go find Lee Ming. Only by marrying someone in Lee Family can we get the chance to cooperate with the Feathered company. Otherwise, our family will have to sleep on the streets!"

Qin Ruoxin, who was initially in a good mood, immediately became unhappy when she heard this. She supported Xie Huiqin and released her hand.

"Mom, why are you always forcing your sister to marry to someone else? Are you the only one in your heart? My sister is also a human, have you ever considered her happiness?"

"What?" Xie Huiqin's eyes widened. She didn't expect her second daughter to actually dare to criticize her.

"What do you know? She's happy just by herself with her child? Lee Family is a second-rate family after all, why are you not happy after marrying it? "

Qin Ruoxin snorted coldly and said, "Even if it's for Xiaoyu, elder sister can't marry her!"

After saying that, she walked up the stairs and hooked her arm around her sister's arm, revealing a confident smile on her face, and said: "Sis, don't worry, I'm already a employee of Feathered Company.

"Really?" Qin Ruoxi saw a glimmer of hope, but when she thought about it, her expression dimmed again. "You're just a new employee, how can you help me?"

"Don't worry!" Qin Ruoxin patted her chest confidently, "My best friend is an old man, she's pretty good in the company. Several managers are chasing her. As long as she shows up for a walk, the chances are very high!"

"That's great! Ruoxin, you're the best!"

The two sisters embraced each other, and all their worries seemed to vanish.

"Sis, I will protect you. I'll go get Xiaoyu first. You go back to your room and rest!"

Qin Ruoxin had always felt that she owed her elder sister. Back then, she had risked her life to send him to study abroad, but when she needed him the most, he hadn't been able to stay by her side.

Now that she's back, no one can bully her sister anymore!

… ….

Rainbow kindergarten door.

A brand-new Bentley slowly stopped and a fairy-like woman alighted from the Bentley. She instantly attracted the gazes of all the surrounding men. However, when they thought about the fact that they were here to pick up their children from school, the gazes of the men dimmed quite a bit.

Who else could possibly benefit from such a beautiful girl?

"Qin Xiaoyu, let me go, or I'll beat you up!"

Among the children lined up at the door, Qin Xiaoyu tightly held onto the collar of a little boy.

"Stupid Lei Lei, I'll say it again, my dad is already back, I'm not a bastard without a dad!"

Lei Lei, the little boy, did not give up and shouted, "You're lying! Everyone says you're a bastard! You're a bastard! You're a bastard without a father!

"I'll beat you up!"

Qin Xiaoyu raised her delicate fist and punched towards Lei Lei's head. Before she could hit him, her fist was grabbed by a woman.

"Heh, which child of yours is so savage and dares to hit my son?!"

The woman abruptly shook off Xiao Yu's hand and she plopped down on the ground.

This scene was witnessed by Qin Ruoxin all along. She hurried forward to hold Little Yu up, and then raised her hand to push Lei Lei's head, pushing him down onto the ground.

Qin Ruoxin was not as good-natured as her elder sister.


Lei Lei fell to the ground and started crying loudly.

When the woman saw her son getting beaten up, she immediately raised her sleeves and was about to go over to Qin Ruoxin to tear him apart. Qin Ruoxin scratched her head and pulled her hair, but Qin Ruoxin acted out of the ordinary and kicked the woman in the stomach.


The woman's eyes were red as she turned around and shouted to the man waiting by the roadside, "Zhou Bo, are you still going to watch a show? Your wife and son have already been beaten up, why haven't you come over yet!"

Leaning against the Mercedes-Benz, Zhou Bo hurriedly put out his cigarette and ran over.

In fact, he had noticed Qin Ruoxin earlier. She was too beautiful. He had wanted to cajole her into bed privately, but it had all gone down the drain now.

If she dared to hit his wife and son, even the gods themselves wouldn't be able to save her.

"Bastard, you're courting death!"

Without saying a word, Zhou Bo sent a slap towards Qin Ruoxin's face.

No matter how spicy Qin Ruoxi was, she couldn't be a match for a grown man. Moreover, Zhou Bo had a tonnage of 200 pounds. She had to fly away from that slap.

In this kind of crisis, she didn't forget to protect Little Yu behind her. She wanted to raise her hand to block, but it was already too late. The fist descended with a whistling wind!


Qin Ruoxin instinctively closed her eyes, but she could only hear the sound and didn't feel any pain.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw a tall figure standing in front of her. Zhou Bo's fist was tightly clenched in his hand.

"This is my daughter!"

Each word was like a clap of thunder. A strong killing intent burst out from Chu Yun's body as he stared at Zhou Bo with his red eyes.

"Whoever offends my daughter, die!"


With a twist of Chu Yun's hand, Zhou Bo's wrist immediately broke!

"Ah!" "Damn you, Old Mu, do you know who I am?

In front of Dragon Head from the northwest, even the gods would have to shed layers of skin!

They saw Chu Yun suddenly raise his foot. That kick was like a mirage and they could not see it clearly. After that, Zhou Bo let out a miserable cry and flew out dozens of meters.

Qin Ruoxin was so shocked that an egg could fit in her mouth. She turned around and glanced at Qin Xiaoyu. Luckily, she didn't see her, otherwise, it might have left a shadow in her heart.

However, Zhou Bo's son, Zhou Lei, had witnessed the entire process. At this moment, his entire body was trembling. He would probably never be able to forget this scene for the rest of his life.

Zhou Bo spat out a mouthful of blood and cursed loudly. He endured the pain in his chest and took out his phone to make a call. Don't. Don't go, I'll kill you! "

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