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C14 Reunion Night

With such a loud commotion, the two security guards at the entrance of the kindergarten were alarmed. They recognized Zhou Bo and hurriedly went forward to support him.

Zhou Bo got up and brushed off the dust on his body. He spat out a mouthful of blood and said to the two security guards, "F * ck, what are you guys doing? Hurry up and arrest those who are causing trouble!"

"This …"

The security guards hesitated. At this moment, three Wuling Light cars sped over. Seven or eight hulks with steel pipes in their hands stepped out of each of the vehicles.

"Brother Bo, who is the one looking for misfortune? We will avenge you right now!"

Just as Zhou Bo was about to say Chu Yun did it, he heard a voice from outside the kindergarten door.


Manager Li jogged over to Zhou Bo, licked his lips and bent his waist as he said, "Brother Bo, don't be hasty. So many students and parents are here, it's too bloody. Let me tell him. I guarantee it will satisfy you."

Zhou Bo gave a cold snort and said: "Unless that brat kneels down and kowtows three times to this father, this father will not care about causing a scene before this matter is over!"

"Of course, don't worry, I'll definitely let him kowtow and apologize to you!"

If there were any incidents of violence in front of the kindergarten, he, the director, would be expected to continue his visit.

Mr. Li walked towards Chu Yun. His back was straightening. Obviously, in his eyes, Chu Yun was just a commoner with a flat head.

If he had seen Chu Yun's kick send Zhou Bo flying more than ten meters away, he probably wouldn't think this way.

"Hey, Little Yu's dad, right? Do you know who that person is? You can't afford to offend him. Hurry up and kowtow and apologize, otherwise, no one will be able to protect you!"

Chu Yun was too lazy to respond to him. However, when he heard Zhou Bo's identity, he became interested.

"Oh, tell me what his identity is!"

Department Head Li had a look of realization on his face. No wonder he dared to fight with Zhou Bo. He didn't even know his identity. From the looks of it, it was even more impossible for Chu Yun to be that big of a figure.

"He is the CEO of Zhou Hei Yu Group, his Zhou Family is a second-rate family in the Yuezhou, we cannot afford to offend a small fry like him!"

Chu Yun sneered. He was just a second-rate family, how could he have the nerve to show off his status?

Seeing that Chu Yun was still motionless, he immediately got angry and pointed at his nose while swearing loudly, "Hurry up and kneel down and apologize to Director Zhou. Otherwise, not only will you suffer from physical pain, even your daughter won't be able to attend school here."


Without waiting for Chu Yun to speak, a towering mountain figure flashed by and directly punched Manager Li's nose.

"Kneeling to you? I, I'm a dragon …" Brother Chu would not kneel down to ants like you! "

Heita, who was watching the fight from afar, could no longer hold it in. Making Dragon Head kneel down was simply courting death!

"F * ck!"

Zhou Bo bellowed and waved his hand at the twenty odd men. "F * ck them!"

Qin Ruoxin panicked. She forgot her disgust for Chu Yun as she quickly tugged on his arm and whispered, "Run!"

However, Chu Yun and Heita were not afraid at all. The word "escape" was never in Northwest Army's dictionary.

"Brother Chu, take Sister-in-law and leave first, I'll cover the back!"

Qin Ruoxin's face turned red when she heard this. Chu Yun was also extremely embarrassed, but he couldn't blame Heita for this. He could only blame the two siblings for looking too similar.

"Make a move and be careful not to kill anyone. After all, this is not northwest!"

"Brother Chu, don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Heita replied. He opened up his two meter long arms and charged into the encirclement of 20 strong men.

Qin Ruoxin was stunned. Chu Yun told her not to kill him just now? Northwest? What kind of place was Northwest?

This Chu Yun seemed to have really changed. He was no longer the trash that people said he was. Could he be some underground force's Big Boss Black?

"Don't just stand there. Let's go, we can't let Xiaoyu see the bloody scene."

Chu Yun took his daughter from Qin Ruoxin's arms and walked towards the Bentley first.

At this moment, Qin Xiaoyu's face was brimming with happiness. Her small head was pressed tightly against Chu Yun's shoulder. With a childish voice, she said, "Dad, I have a dad. I'm so happy to have a dad!"

Chu Yun's eyes reddened. His daughter was so happy just because of having a father, but he, a father, was really out of duty!

On the way, Qin Ruoxin was in a trance. She kept recalling what he said to Heita just now. The more she thought about it, the more determined she became that he was Big Boss Black.

Furthermore, that Heita seemed to have seen him when the Chiang Family was giving gifts. In that case, he must be a lackey who was following beside Chu Yun to protect him!

Chu Yun didn't know about Qin Ruoxin's thoughts along the way. He was too preoccupied with sitting in the back row and playing games with his daughter. Like a child, he would laugh with Xiao Yu from time to time. The scene was harmonious and beautiful.

"Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, my dad is picking me up from school today!"

The little girl was anxious to share her happiness with everyone as soon as she entered the house. However, other than her, no one else would be happy about this.

Xie Huiqin walked to the door with a straight face and grabbed onto Chu Yun's arm, shouting hysterically, "Alright, you still dare to come. Our family will be chased out in three days. Are you happy now? I knew that you came back to take revenge on my family, and I won't let you succeed. Tomorrow, I will go to Lee Family to propose a marriage! "


Qin Ruoxin quickly pulled Xie Huiqin away. In her eyes, Chu Yun was the boss with a life on him, she definitely couldn't let Xie Huiqin offend him. Otherwise, if he got angry from embarrassment, it was very possible …

"Mom, he just sent Xiao Yu back. Don't be so excited!"

"How can I not be excited? Even if he caused us to be chased out of the Qin Family, why are you still speaking up for him?"

It was noisy downstairs, so how could Qin Ruoxi, who was upstairs, still fall asleep? She put on her clothes and walked downstairs. When she saw Chu Yun was also there, she immediately pulled her face down.

Today's anger had not yet subsided. Just thinking about it made him feel that he was annoying!

"What are you doing here?"

Seeing her haggard expression, Chu Yun felt his heart ache, but he still forced out a smile and said: "I'm just sending Little Yu home. I'll leave immediately!"

The moment she said she was going, Xiaoyu immediately got angry and ran over while crying to save Chu Yun's leg, not willing to let go no matter what.

"I don't want dad to leave, Xiaoyu wants dad to tell her bedtime stories, otherwise Xiaoyu won't sleep!"

"Ugh …" "Xiao Yu …"

Chu Yun felt sad. Yes, as a father, he had never coaxed his daughter to sleep. This was too pathetic!

Seeing her daughter crying pitifully, Qin Ruoxi couldn't bear it anymore. She thought for a moment and said to Chu Yun, "Then you can stay here and coax your daughter to sleep. But you have to sleep on the floor! "

"Seriously... Really … "Can I?"

This was a very normal thing, but to Chu Yun, it was an extravagant request.

"Impossible!" Xie Huiqin denied it with a wave of her hand. "I won't let this kind of trash into my house!"

Qin Ruoxin saw that her sister really wanted Chu Yun to stay, so she said, "Mom, this is a family matter, so don't blindly meddle in it. Besides, do you want to see Xiao Yu crying like this all the time?"

Qin Kaicheng, who was pretending to read the newspaper, took off his reading glasses and nodded, "Ruoxin is right. I can't let my good granddaughter continue crying. I don't know where I can go after three days."

"You all..."

Xie Huiqin was so angry that she stomped her feet when everyone in the room started to speak up for Chu Yun.

"Let's go upstairs!"

Qin Ruoxi immediately pulled Chu Yun and her daughter into her room. She really didn't want to hear Xie Huiqin curse again.

As night fell, Chu Yun felt the warmth of home for the first time since his daughter, who insisted on sleeping on the floor with him, had already fallen asleep.

Qin Ruoxi, who was on the bed, wanted to sleep in the moonlight when the light from outside the window shone in. Her graceful posture made Chu Yun's heart surge.

The reunion night of a family of three was destined to be a sleepless night.

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