Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C15 Merciless Humiliation
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Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C15 Merciless Humiliation
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C15 Merciless Humiliation

When she woke up early in the morning, Qin Xiaoyu immediately went into Chu Yun's arms, unwilling to get up no matter what.

Qin Ruoxi was so angry that she kept slapping her little butt. She scolded him resentfully, "You little traitor, you don't need your mother anymore. You're disobedient aren't you?"

Chu Yun protected his daughter with his hands and kept dodging. He said with a smile: "Mom hit me. Xiao Yu, if you don't get up, Dad will get beaten too!"

The father and daughter pair giggled, angering Qin Ruoxi as she kicked Chu Yun's thigh.

"Stop kicking your nose and showing your face. If you bring your daughter along with you, don't even think about staying here!"

Hearing her words, Qin Xiaoyu hurriedly got up and said in all seriousness, "Xiao Yu, go wash up right now. Mommy, don't be angry. Don't chase daddy away!"

He ran out of the room and into the bathroom.

Qin Ruoxi sat on the edge of the bed, feeling slightly gratified. If it weren't for her sensible daughter supporting her, she wouldn't have known how she would have survived the past six years.

Chu Yun stood up and looked at the stunned Qin Ruoxi. He whispered, "Are you going to Feathered Corporation today?"

Glaring at him resentfully, Qin Ruoxi grumpily said, "Isn't it all thanks to you? If I don't go to Feathered company, do I have to wait for my whole family to sleep on the streets? "

She picked up her coat and stormed out of the house.

After breakfast, Qin Ruoxin and Chu Yun sent Xiao Yu to school.

Qin Ruoxin was worried along the way. Yesterday, the director said that Chu Yun wouldn't let Xiao Yu go to school without apologizing. However, when they arrived at the entrance, the two security guards ran all the way to open the door.

However, she also had to work, so she didn't have time to ask about it. After Chu Yun and Xiao Yu got off the car, she just turned around and left.

"Where's your director?"

Chu Yun thought that no matter what, he had to give a few more words to the garden head. Xiao Yu couldn't be bullied again.

One of the security guards immediately bowed and said, "Master Chu, don't worry. Department Head Li has instructed me that Xiao Yu will not be bullied in the future at school!"

"What? You're not willing to come out and see me?"

"No, no, no. How could he dare? He … The old man who came with you yesterday seriously injured him and is still in the hospital!

"Err …"

Chu Yun smiled awkwardly and stopped talking. He squatted down to help Xiao Yu pack her schoolbag and sent her to the school gate. Only after seeing her into class did he turn around and leave.

… ….

Feathered Corporation, Office of the Chairman.

Chu Yun sat in front of his desk while Zhang Cheng stood respectfully at the side.

"These are all companies that want to cooperate?"

Zhang Cheng immediately nodded and said, "Yes, after you take office, we will approve a lot of new projects and need a lot of partners."

There was no sign of Qin Family on the name list, so there was no doubt about it. To be able to cooperate with Feathered companies, they had to be large enterprises with top-notch Yuezhou.

"I took too many Chiang Family s, cut out two and trade them for my Qin Family's name."

"I'll listen to you!"

Zhang Cheng immediately nodded his head, but he could not help but ask: "Chairman Chu, this humble one does not understand, Qin Family is only a second-rate family, to cooperate with them … Furthermore, if anyone knew about the Chiang Family, they would probably be unhappy too! "

Chu Yun closed the folder and threw it on the table. He stood up and said, "Are you unhappy with it or is it because of Chiang Family?"

"I don't dare!"

Zhang Cheng was so scared that he was covered in sweat and almost kneeled down.

Chu Yun patted his back, gave a strange smile, and said: "If Chiang Family has any objections, ask them to come find me!"

"Yes sir!"

He turned around and walked towards the door. Before going out, Chu Yun suddenly turned around and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, my wife's surname is Qin and her name is Qin Ruoxi!"

Hearing that, Zhang Cheng acted as if he had committed a grave mistake and exclaimed: "Director Chu, please forgive me, the Madam has been waiting at the door for the whole morning, I …" I didn't ask her to come up. I really didn't know that she's your wife.

"Those who don't know are innocent. You just need to know what to do next. Oh right, don't reveal my identity!"

"I understand!"

… ….

Evening, Qin Group Conference Room.

Qin Group did not have the tradition of meeting in the evening, but today was a special day, so even if it was late at night, there would still be meetings.

"Have you guys heard? Qin Ruoxi waited in front of the Feathered company's entrance for an entire day today, and she didn't even manage to enter the gate of the Feathered company. I'm going to die from laughter!"

"Isn't that so? Otherwise, she doesn't know her limits and accepts the mission. If she doesn't offer herself up, I don't think she will even see Zhang Cheng and Director Zhang's face."

"Haha …"

Qin Yang also heard about Qin Ruoxi's incident and finally let out his anger in his heart.

"This silly woman, she's really shameless enough to go to Feathered company. What's the use of it, she's as retarded as her good-for-nothing husband!"

Cursing in his heart, Qin Yang immediately said to the surrounding people: "Have you informed Qin Ruoxi to come to the meeting? This kind of glorious moment cannot lose her! "

"That's a must, I've already informed you!"

"As expected of Qin Yang, to unite the cooperation line with Zhou Family so quickly, when our two families join hands, he could at least take down a project called Feathered!"

"That's right. We have to let Qin Ruoxi come to this kind of scene and slap her in the face!"

At this moment, Qin Wenhan walked into the meeting room with his secretary accompanying him. Everyone immediately quietened down.

"Is everyone here?"

Qin Yang immediately walked forward and said, "All but Qin Ruoxi."

Nodding, Qin Wenhan waved his hand and said: "Director Zhou will be here soon. We won't be waiting for her, everyone must perform well in a while. As long as we sign the contract, our joint competitiveness will greatly increase.

At this moment, the door to the meeting room was pushed open. Everyone thought that Director Zhou had arrived, but just as they were about to stand up to welcome him, they saw Qin Ruoxi walking in through the door.

The entire audience was disappointed, but when they thought of the good show, their interest was immediately piqued.

Qin Yang naturally wouldn't let go of the chance to humiliate her, but old man Qin Family was there after all, so he couldn't be too arrogant.

"Oh, Ruoxi came. Why didn't she continue blocking Director Zhang at the Feathered company's entrance?"

These words immediately caused a wave of laughter, causing Qin Ruoxi to want to find a hole to hide in.

Qin Wenhan's face was also filled with disgust. He used to be able to make a granddaughter, but now he was completely out of his mind and went to block someone at the entrance of the company. Was this something a second-rate family did?

"Qin Ruoxi, you're too shameless now, my Qin Family and face have been completely lost by you. Look at your cousin Qin Yang, he only found a strategic ally in a single day, don't you think that you have a brain like him?"

The words of the old man made Qin Ruoxi unhappy. She was just a supervisor at the assembly line, without any resources. Without resources, it would be impossible to find a strategic ally. Other than blocking the door, she had no other choice!

"Grandfather, I …"

"You still want to quibble? Grandfather said that you should listen carefully. If you had listened to him agree to the Lee Family marriage yesterday, you wouldn't need to do such a shameful thing right now! "

Also, I feel that you shouldn't come now. You should continue to stay at the door of Feathered company and watch over them. If you go one hundred thousand to Director Zhang, then we'll have a room with him and conquer him on the bed.

Qin Yang's humiliation not only didn't make the crowd feel like it was excessive, but also made them agree with him.

"Haha, that's right, what Qin Yang said makes sense!"

"Ruoxi is the number one beauty in Yuezhou, no one can resist her enticement!"

This kind of humiliation was the most deadly for a woman.

"You … "You all..."

Facing such merciless humiliation, Qin Ruoxi's eyes were bloodshot, but as strong as she was, she would never shed tears in front of them!

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