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C16 Miss Qin

Just as everyone was ruthlessly humiliating Qin Ruoxi, the meeting room's door was pushed open once again. Five or six men in suits walked in. The one in the lead was the star of today's show, Zhou Bo of Zhou Hei Yu Group.

Everyone in the meeting room stood up. Qin Yang led the applause and shouted,

"We warmly welcome Director Zhou's arrival for your guidance!"

"Sure, sure. We'll be one family from now on. There's no need to be polite!"

Zhou Bo tried his best to force out a smile, but the dark green color on his face made it difficult for him to smile.

"Director Zhou, you …"

Zhou Bo immediately waved his hand and said embarrassedly, "It's alright, I fell. Let's just sign the contract!"

Since the other party didn't want to mention it, Qin Yang naturally wouldn't pursue the matter further. He immediately got his secretary to bring over the contract documents, preparing to sign the cooperation agreement.

Holding a pen in his hand, Zhou Bo was just about to start writing when he caught a glimpse of Qin Ruoxi standing in the corner from the corner of his eye.

It was too similar!

Isn't this the beauty I saw at the entrance of the kindergarten yesterday?

But looking at it carefully, it seemed a little different. This woman in front of him was even more charming, more mature than the previous day.

"This is?"

Zhou Bo put down his pen and walked straight to Qin Ruoxi, turned around and asked Qin Yang.

Qin Yang felt that something was wrong and hurriedly went up to explain: "This is one of our lowest level employees, does Director Zhou know him?"

"A lowly employee?"

Zhou Bo was no fool. How could a lowly employee participate in today's signing ceremony?

He carefully sized Qin Ruoxi up, and the more he looked at her, the more she resembled the woman who had a conflict with him yesterday.

"Did you pick up your daughter at Rainbow kindergarten yesterday?"

Qin Ruoxi was already feeling uncomfortable under Zhou Bo's gaze. She hurriedly shook her head and said, "No."


Zhou Bo couldn't believe it. Did he really recognize the wrong person?

"My sister and husband picked it up yesterday."

Seeing that the other party didn't seem to believe her, Qin Ruoxi immediately explained.

Just this sentence alone was enough to make Zhou Bo explode!

"F * ck!" Is your husband surnamed Chu? "

Yesterday, Heita had called Chu Yun Brother Chu. This was the only information that Zhou Bo knew.

Qin Ruoxi was stunned for a moment. She wondered when did Chu Yun get to know a member of the second-rate families.

"Yes, my husband's name is Chu Yun."

"Your daughter's name is Xiao Yu, right?"

"Yes, Qin Xiaoyu!"

Qin Ruoxi asked and answered. From her point of view, Zhou Bo was probably Chu Yun's friend, the type that she hadn't seen for many years. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so excited.

The older, the wiser. Qin Wenhan felt something was wrong, so he immediately said to Zhou Bo, "Director Zhou, Chu Yun is trash. You must have mistaken him. Let's sign the contract first, there's nothing to say."

"Signing a contract?"

Zhou Bo rushed to the side of the contract and directly cut the pen into two. He then picked up the contract and ripped it into pieces.

"I'll sign his' big watermelon '!"

He pointed at his face and bellowed, "Look at my face! I was hit by that bastard Chu Yun's men, and I'm even f * cking cooperating with you guys? "Wishful thinking!"

Qin Ruoxi was slightly stunned and finally understood the whole situation. Yesterday, her sister secretly told her everything that happened in front of the kindergarten. She didn't expect that the person Chu Yun hit was Zhou Bo!

Qin Yang immediately went up and comforted him, "Director Zhou, calm down first. How could that good-for-nothing Chu Yun make a move against you? You must have recognized the wrong person!"

"Wrong person? Your father will recognize him if he turns to dust! Did her sister drive a Bentley? "

Qin Yang let out a sigh of relief and smiled, "I already told you that you got the wrong person. How could her family afford Bentley? It's so hard for them to even start a tractor, don't …"

"Yes, my sister has a Bentley."

This time, not only Qin Yang was shocked, but everyone present, including Qin Wenhan, was stunned.

Qin Ruoxi's family only had her own job, relying on her salary to barely live. Since when did she have the money to buy a Bentley?

Zhou Bo let out a cold snort, grabbed Qin Yang's collar and shouted: "Did you hear that? I did not recognize the wrong person! Let me tell you, if you don't give me an explanation today, not only will it be impossible for us to cooperate, from today onwards, our Zhou Group will seal off all interactions with Qin Group! "

No one had expected that, at this point, not only did they not cooperate well, they had even offended Zhou Family, which made the situation with Qin Family even more difficult.

"Qin Ruoxi!"

Qin Yang was burning with anger. He grabbed onto Qin Ruoxi's wrist viciously and questioned: "Give me an explanation, give an explanation to everyone in Qin Family!"

"I …"

An intense pain came from Qin Ruoxi's wrist, but she knew that it was the Zhou family's child who first bullied Xiao Yu. It was absolutely impossible for her to lower her head to Zhou Bo!


Qin Wenhan suddenly roared, raised the crutch in his hand and struck towards Qin Ruoxi's knee.

Since things had progressed to this point, Qin Ruoxi had to kneel down and apologize to Zhou Bo. Only by doing so could she form a strategic alliance with Zhou Family and fight for the cooperation with them.


Before the cane could fall, the secretary rushed into the conference room.

"Chairman! Fly … Feathered Corporation's Director Zhang … We'll be there soon! "


Discussions instantly broke out in the conference room. No one expected Director Zhang of the grand Feathered company would personally come to Qin Group.

Was he here to talk about cooperation?

Impossible, they clearly haven't done anything yet!

Qin Wenhan was so excited that his entire body was trembling. He immediately called out to Qin Yang: "Quick, come out with me to receive them!"

Before the two of them could move, they heard Zhang Cheng's voice from the door.

"No need, I'm already here."

Zhang Cheng walked into the meeting room alone with a briefcase in his hand.

Qin Yang immediately went up to welcome him. Zhou Bo was also not to be outdone, as this was an opportunity to pull some strings with Feathered company. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

"Hello, Director Zhang. It's Zhou Bo."

Zhang Cheng glanced at him and said impatiently, "Who are you?"

"I …" Zhou Bo gritted his teeth in anger, but he still explained, "I am the general manager of Zhou Hei Yu Group."

Zhang Cheng did not answer and just as he was outside the door, he heard him and a bunch of people insulting Qin Ruoxi. If it wasn't for Chu Yun repeatedly telling him not to reveal his identity, he would have found someone to fix him right now.

"Get out!"

Zhou Bo was instantly enraged, but he had no choice but to swallow his anger. Feathered company was such a huge existence, in front of Zhang Cheng, his Zhou Family was basically like dung.

"I... "I'll get lost now!"

After Zhou Bo left the meeting room with his face covered in dust, Zhang Cheng opened his briefcase and took out a folder. He cleared his throat and said,

"Is Miss Qin in the meeting?"

Zhang Cheng naturally saw Qin Ruoxi long ago, this sentence was meant for everyone to hear.

"Miss Qin?"

Including Qin Wenhan, everyone was stunned. When did Qin Group have someone like Young Miss Qin?

"I wonder who Director Zhang is talking about, do you mind telling me?"

Qin Wenhan's old face was full of smiles as he asked carefully.

Zhang Cheng took out a contract from his document bag and placed it on the table, then casually said: "The Miss Qin I was talking about was naturally the Miss Qin Ruoxi who led Qin Group onto the road of rise six years ago. What, did I go to the wrong place?"

Looking at the contract letter on the table, Qin Wenhan felt as if he had seen countless treasures. He walked up to Qin Ruoxi and quickly said: "That's right, that's right, this is Miss Qin!"

Qin Ruoxi was secretly shocked. She had not heard of this term for six years. Now that it came out from Qin Wenhan's mouth, how could she not be shocked!

However, she was still confused. Director Zhang, who she hasn't seen for a whole day, actually came to the company to find her and even sent her the contract letter?

"Very good, Miss Qin, today you have to wait outside the company for a day, this kind of patience and determination is very touching for me, so I decided to give you guys a chance to learn Qin Group, this is the contract for this cooperation, I have already signed it, once you all have signed it, it will take effect immediately."

Zhang Cheng was a man of his words. He put away his briefcase, turned around and left the meeting room, leaving a room full of people looking at each other.

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