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At this moment, everyone present was dumbfounded. Blocking people at the door could actually block a contract?

At this moment, the ones who were the most embarrassed were Qin Wenhan and Qin Yang. The two of them had humiliated Qin Ruoxi severely, but reality had slapped their faces.

Qin Yang's mind was in a mess. According to what Director Zhang said just now, this contract was mentioned by Qin Ruoxi. Doesn't that mean that the vice chairman position would fall into her hands?

"Grandfather, this … What should we do now? "

Qin Wenhan gave everyone a look of panic. Then, he clapped his hands and said to everyone:

"Although Director Zhang said that he was moved by Qin Ruoxi's sincerity, that good-for-nothing husband of hers had offended Zhou Family, and could very likely cause us to lose a partner. To make such a mistake, she naturally cannot become the vice chairman!"

"Of course, offending partners is a huge taboo."

"Her contributions are equal to her not doing anything at all!"


Qin Ruoxi smiled bitterly helplessly. How could a mere Zhou Family be compared to the Feathered company? It was simply because she didn't want to give the position of vice chairman to Qin Ruoxi, and wanted to find an excuse!

"Therefore, I will now announce that Yang'er will become the vice chairman of Qin Group, and will take effect immediately!"

From the very beginning, Qin Wenhan had his own selfish thoughts, the position of Qin Group Vice Chairman was completely prepared for Qin Yang.


Qin Ruoxi naturally could not agree with this and immediately raised an objection.

"Even if you don't give me the position, Qin Yang didn't do anything, so why did you let him be the deputy director?"

Qin Yang immediately shouted, "Qin Ruoxi, when did grandpa's decision come to you? Who says I didn't do anything? Wasn't Director Zhou invited by me? Furthermore, I have been online with Director Zhang of Feathered Corporation for a long time. Do you really think that it's because of this contract? "

While the discussion was going on, Zhou Bo, who had been waiting at the door, suddenly rushed in with a loud voice.

"Qin Yang!" You still say that Chu Yun is not one of your Qin Family? "

Everyone looked towards the door and saw Zhou Bo and Chu Yun standing at the door of the meeting room. At this moment, all of the hair on Zhou Bo's body was standing on end.

After Zhang Cheng left, he immediately reported all of the information in the meeting room to Chu Yun. Originally, everything was within his control, but he did not expect Zhou Bo to come to Qin Group, and after hearing from Zhang Cheng, this guy teamed up with Qin Family to bully Qin Ruoxi, he naturally could not stand idly by the side and watch.

"Who are you?"

Zhou Bo's face was now dark green, so Chu Yun pretended not to recognize him.

"You want to renege on the debt, right?" Yesterday in front of the kindergarten... "


"So noisy!"

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Chu Yun smashed the bridge of Zhou Bo's nose with a punch.

Qin Wenhan was fuming with anxiety. Although he had obtained the cooperation of Feathered Corporation, if he could become a strategic partner with Zhou Family, it would be a great fortune for him. Chu Yun's rudeness was truly bad news!

"Qin Yang!" You must give me an explanation! "

Zhou Bo was screaming hysterically, blood flowing from his nose.

After all, his Qin Family strength was limited, and he had only just taken down the cooperation project with Feathered Corporation. It was the right time to need allies, so he couldn't let Zhou Bo's heart become cold!

"Chu Yun, hurry up and kneel down and apologize to Director Zhou!"

"On what basis?"

Qin Ruoxi immediately rushed to Chu Yun's side and hid him behind her as she explained, "Yesterday, his son bullied my daughter first. Chu Yun just did what a father should have done. He doesn't need to apologize!"


Qin Wenhan suddenly knocked the cane in his hand on the ground and said sternly: "Your daughter can be compared with Director Zhou's son? There is a difference between noble and lowly people from birth. It is only natural and right for trash's daughter to be bullied. Kneel down! "

"Grandfather …"

Qin Ruoxi had never felt such despair before. Did he not have any feelings for her?

"Apologize?" Chu Yun sneered, "I don't have that word in my dictionary! There's actually a word of death that can be gifted to him! "

Feeling an invisible killing intent erupt from Chu Yun's body, Zhou Bo was so scared that his limbs became weak. He laid on the ground and continuously retreated.

"You … Don't come near me! "

If it weren't for Qin Ruoxi holding him back in time, Zhou Bo would probably have lost half his life.

Chu Yun's powerful Zhou Bo knew that it was not wise to stay any longer after seeing that no one could subdue him with Qin Family. Thus, he stumbled to the door, turned around, and said to Qin Wenhan.

"Qin, from today onwards, our two families will be irreconcilable!"

Qin Wenhan still wanted to persuade him, but Zhou Bo had already left as if he was running for his life.

"Qin Ruoxi!" "Look at what you've done!"

Qin Yang reprimanded sternly, and the direct line of Qin Family immediately began to collectively suppress them again.

"What a jinx, the two of them messed up the contract they obtained!"

"Although Zhou Family is only a second-rate enterprise, to actually deal with our Qin Family, it is still something to be endured!"

"Six years ago, because of her, our Qin Family nearly fell apart. Now that we have also offended the Zhou Family, leaving them alive would simply be a disaster!"

Chu Yun lightly pulled Qin Ruoxi behind him, turned a deaf ear to the criticism around them, and said to Qin Wenhan:

"Ruoxi has already won the contract. According to the agreement, you should announce her to be the vice chairman!"

Qin Wenhan sneered in anger. He raised his crutch to point at Chu Yun and scolded, "It's not that we don't want to be in the same family, but each other's skin is thicker than the last. Let me announce it. Fine, I will announce it now."

He turned around and took a folder from his secretary. He showed the contents of the document to everyone and then said:

"I declare that from now on, Qin Yang will be the vice chairman and will have full responsibility for the cooperation project with Feathered Corporation!"

All of a sudden, warm applause sounded out in the meeting room, as everyone congratulated Qin Yang.

Qin Yang immediately took the document and bowed to show his appreciation for his trust.

Qin Wenhan patted his shoulder to show his encouragement, and then looked at Chu Yun, saying with a dark expression: "Are you satisfied now? Even if she moved Director Zhang with sincerity to get this contract, you guys have offended the Zhou Family, and harmed the cooperation between our two families for a long time, and even have the face to ask for the position of vice chairman? "

Chu Yun Wan did not expect this outcome. He knew that returning to Qin Group management was Qin Ruoxi's wish all along, and no matter what, he would fight for her.

"If we take down the cooperation with Zhou Family, would you be able to make Ruoxi as the vice chairman?"

"Stop talking nonsense!" Qin Wenhan shouted angrily, "From today onwards, all of you will officially be expelled from the Qin Family!"


"Don't call me grandpa, I don't have such an 'outstanding' granddaughter like you!"

With that, Qin Wenhan immediately announced the end of the meeting and left the meeting room.

Qin Yang waved his letter of appointment in front of Chu Yun and said shamelessly, "A woman who has ruined her family's reputation wants to be the deputy director? Grandpa is right, each one is thicker than the other!"

Chu Yun reached out and grabbed his collar. Qin Yang pretended to be frightened and laughed, "Oh wow, you still want to hit me?"

Chu Yun naturally didn't plan to let him go when he took the initiative to insult Qin Ruoxi. However, just as he was about to act, he was stopped by Qin Ruoxi, who had a face full of despair.

"Let's go!"

Qin Ruoxi said in a choked voice as she pulled Chu Yun out of the meeting room.

When they reached the front of the house, Chu Yun asked: "Why did you stop me?"

Qin Ruoxi, who had been walking in front, suddenly stopped. She stood where she was for a few seconds in silence. The grievance she had suppressed in her heart suddenly burst out.

"Why? You're asking me why? Every time it was all because of you, I was going to succeed, but every time it was all because of you that offended the Zhou Family, so everything was wasted.

With that, Qin Ruoxi collapsed completely and knelt on the ground, wailing in pain.

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