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Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C18 Forced into a Dead End
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C18 Forced into a Dead End

"Ruoxi …"

Chu Yun's heart felt like it was being stabbed by knives. Her eyes just now were clearly filled with hatred.

After a long while, Qin Ruoxi wiped her tears, stood up and said to Chu Yun, "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done this to you, you did it to protect Xiao Yu, you didn't do anything wrong. "


Chu Yun suddenly grabbed her hand, and said with a firm tone: "I will help you get back the vice chairman position, not only that, I will also help you get back what Qin Group is for you!"

Qin Ruoxi resolutely shook off his hand and said without turning her head, "Take care of yourself first!"

After pushing the door and walking into the Qin Family residence, Qin Ruoxi suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Chu Yun quietly: "You can be incompetent, but please don't say words that are unrealistic. That will only make people even more annoyed!"

Chu Yun's eyes gradually turned cold as he watched her back gradually grow further away.

As expected, Qin Family was as he had predicted, he would not easily fulfill the promise he had made earlier.

"Hey, Zhang Cheng, do as I say."

"Ok, Chairman Chu, I'll do it right away."

… ….

Patriarch of the Qin Family Palace.

"Yang'er, grandpa is getting old. In the future, I will hand over this position to you sooner or later. Now, it's time to try to take over the company's affairs."

"Grandpa, please give me some pointers!"

The grandfather and grandson duo were beaming with happiness. They took down Feathered Corporation's cooperation project, and Qin Family becoming a first-rate clan was only a matter of time.

"Grandfather, over at the Zhou Family …"

"Don't worry, I will immediately send out the documents and expel Qin Ruoxi's family from the Qin Family, removing their relationship with us. Of course Zhou Bo will not account for our Qin Family anymore."

Qin Yang immediately beamed when he heard this. He did not forget to flatter, "Grandpa is wise."

In this way, no one in the third generation of Qin Family could threaten his position anymore. Sooner or later, the property of Qin Family would belong to him.

At this moment, the secretary pushed open the door and walked in without asking for permission. It seemed like there was something urgent.

"Old Chairman, Feathered company's Director Zhang has called."

"Feathered? Quick, bring him in! "

Because he didn't want to disturb his grandfather-grandson conversation, Qin Wenhan specifically set the phone in the study to be undisturbed.

After turning off the No Disturbance mode, Qin Wenhan signaled Qin Yang to pick up the phone.

"Yang'er, since you're the person in charge of this collaboration, it's up to you to answer the phone."

Qin Yang was overwhelmed by the favor. Letting him answer such an important phone call did mean that the old man was going to give him the authority to do so.

"Hello, Director Zhang. I am Qin Yang, the person in charge of this collaboration. If you have any orders, just say them."

Qin Yang picked up the phone respectfully. Even though he already signed the contract, he didn't dare to be slow.

"Where's that old guy Qin Wenhan?"

"You're looking for my grandpa, wait a moment …"

"Forget it, it's the same for everyone. Listen up, your Qin Group is in serious breach of contract, our Feathered company will officially launch a lawsuit within five days. We'll meet in court!" We will have our company's legal department contact you regarding the details. "

Qin Yang was stunned. Breach of contract?

How is that possible? The contract was just signed last night, and they haven't done anything yet. How could they have broken the contract?

"Director Zhang, you must have gotten it wrong, we …"

Before he finished, Zhang Cheng directly hung up the phone.

Qin Wenhan saw Qin Yang's nervous expression and felt something was wrong. He asked hastily, "What is it?"

Qin Yang swallowed his saliva, threw down the phone and said, "Grandpa, Director Zhang said that we have committed a serious breach of contract and will initiate an official prosecution within five days."

"Breach of contract?!"

Qin Wenhan fell onto the chair with a dazed look on his face.

Then, he suddenly thought of something and immediately took out the contract from the drawer. He looked through the first few pages' main terms and said doubtfully, "Strange, there's clearly no problem!"

Qin Yang took it and looked it over carefully. Indeed, there was no violation of the rules.

"Could it be..."

Qin Yang rolled his eyes and hesitated to speak.

"Yang'er, if you have something to say, just say it. This is a critical moment. No matter what method it is, tell me first."

With the old man's words, Qin Yang was assured and boldly told his speculations.

"Grandfather, think about it. Yesterday, when Director Zhang came, he personally called her Qin Ruoxi, and he even called her Miss Qin. Don't you think there's a deeper meaning behind that?"

"You mean …"

"If I guessed right, Director Zhang might have taken a fancy to Qin Ruoxi. After all, she is the number one beauty in Yuezhou. Director Zhang had hinted that we should send Qin Ruoxi over to him. What do you think?"

Qin Wenhan fell into deep thought after hearing Qin Yang's words. What Qin Yang said seemed to make sense, otherwise Director Zhang wouldn't have mentioned Qin Ruoxi who had no status in Qin Group.

After thinking for a while, Qin Wenhan suddenly slammed the table and said, "Gather everyone for a meeting now and notify Qin Ruoxi. Tell her to meet me in the office in an hour."

… ….

In the office of the chairman of Qin Group.

Qin Ruoxi stood at the door and called out to her grandfather a few times. Qin Wenhan acted as if he didn't hear her and sat on the sofa with Qin Yang, discussing the meeting.

After standing there awkwardly for a few minutes, Qin Ruoxiliu felt that it was unbearable to be ignored. She was neither able to stay nor to leave.


After gathering up her courage, she raised her voice and shouted. Only then did Qin Wenhan slowly turn around.

"I heard it, don't block the door. Come in first."

When she walked closer, Qin Wenhan continued to ask: "There's such a big problem with your cooperation with Feathered Corporation. Why are you only here now?"

Qin Ruoxi was stunned by his words. She was at a loss of what to do. "The secretary told me to come see you. I rushed over immediately."

Qin Yang suddenly slapped the sofa and sneered: "Nonsense, I think you know that there's a problem with the cooperation and you don't have the face to come to the meeting, right?"

"You're responsible for the cooperation. What does it have to do with me? Why am I too ashamed to come to this meeting?"

Qin Ruoxi had already heard the news before she came here. However, she had never participated in this matter from the beginning. If they were to pursue the responsibility, they would not be able to catch up with her.

Qin Yang's expression turned ugly, but he immediately revealed a sinister smile. He walked in front of Qin Ruoxi and circled around her, teasing her:

"Tsk tsk tsk, the number one beauty of Yuezhou does not lose in demeanor at all! "No wonder Director Zhang fell for you."

"Qin Yang, what do you mean?" Qin Ruoxi couldn't understand what he was saying at all.

"What do you mean?" Qin Yang walked back to the sofa and sat down, then crossed his legs and said: "Stop pretending, you definitely promised to give your life to Director Zhang, that's why he sent the contract, and then Grandpa gave me the position of the deputy director, and gave me the full authority to be responsible for this collaboration, that's why you released Director Zhang with hatred in your heart, that's why Feathered said we broke the contract, right?"

"Qin Yang!" Qin Ruoxi reprimanded him angrily, "If you keep spouting nonsense, I'll tear your mouth to shreds!"


He stood up and said to Qin Ruoxi: "Qin Ruoxi, no matter what the truth is, since you were able to rely on barging doors to exchange Feathered for cooperation previously, then this time, you should beg Director Zhang to give us another chance!"

Qin Ruoxi looked at Qin Wenhan in disbelief. Her heart, which had long been broken, had now completely turned into dust.

Feathered agreeing to cooperate didn't give her even one point of credit, and now that something had happened, he actually pushed her out to block the spear. This was too shameless!

"Why should I go?"

"On what basis?"

Qin Wenhan bent down to pick up a document and threw it at Qin Ruoxi's feet, then he turned his back and said: "I will give you three days, if Feathered still needs to be prosecuted, at that time, I will personally chase your family away from Qin Family!"

"Grandfather, you can't do this!"

Qin Ruoxi rushed forward to plead, but she was stopped by Qin Yang. He pointed at the document on the floor and said, "Cut the crap. Go find Director Zhang quickly when you have time. This document has already been stamped by the family. It's impossible to withdraw it!"

The grandfather and grandson pair from Qin Family had completely forced Qin Ruoxi to her death.

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