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C19 Endless Despair

When a person was forced into a corner, he would often erupt with unimaginable power.

Since there was nothing left to lose, Qin Ruoxi had nothing to be afraid of.

"It's fine if you want me to go. If I can get Director Zhang to agree to continue cooperating with Qin Family, I want you to return what belongs to me!"

Six years ago, Qin Ruoxi had obtained several patents in the field of product development. The rapid rise of her Qin Group was due to these patents.

Later on, Qin Wenhan demoted Qin Ruoxi to a assembly line supervisor due to her improper working style. However, his ability to operate was limited and his Qin Group failed to improve.

Strictly speaking, these patents belonged to Qin Ruoxi, but under the pressure of her family, she had no choice but to share them with the entire Qin Group.

The reason why Qin Group could barely become a second rate Yuezhou enterprise was because of the exclusive patented technology. Qin Ruoxi had put forward such a condition at this time, so how could they agree to it?

"Ruoxi, I never thought that you would actually say such words at this time. Could it be that you want to watch Qin Group fall before your eyes?"

Qin Wenhan was a cunning old fox, and he was very clear that Qin Ruoxi had invested a lot of feelings into Qin Group.

However, it was already too late to play the emotional card game. Qin Ruoxi's broken heart could not be brought back to life.

"Those patents were originally mine, and I let my Qin Group use them for free for six years. Are you not satisfied?"


Qin Yang was so anxious that his eyes turned red. If he gave the patent back to Qin Ruoxi, the Qin Group would become empty and his great future would be ruined.

"Qin Ruoxi, the one who should be satisfied is you, right? You lived in a house with Qin Family for the past six years, taking the salary that Qin Family gave you, and now you want to destroy the bridge after crossing the river? If it were not for the matter of you causing such a disgrace six years ago, how could the Qin Family have stagnated for six years? "

"What's more, you forced Zhou Bo away yesterday. Who will bear the loss?"

Qin Yang kept talking and arguing, but Qin Ruoxi could not refute him.

"That's right!"

Suddenly, Qin Wenhan's attitude became firm again, and slapped the table, and said sternly: "This matter has already been settled. Three days later, if Feathered Corporation still wants to investigate this matter, not only will you all get out of the Qin Family, I will also remove all of you from the list of Qin Family, you can handle it!"

After saying that, he coldly snorted and directly slammed the door.

"Grandfather …"

Qin Ruoxi wanted to give chase, but Qin Yang immediately flashed in front of her and blocked her. He gloated, "Stop chasing, hurry and find Director Zhang to offer your life, haha …"

… ….

In the office of the chairman of Feathered company.

"Chairman Chu, let Madam come up, or let me go down and persuade her to go back. We've been waiting for an entire day already, how can my body take this!"

He really could not understand Chu Yun's thoughts. Notifying the Qin Family that it had breached the rules required that the Qin Family be punished, but now that the Qin Family had pushed Qin Ruoxi out to be their scapegoat, why did he not seem worried at all?

Chu Yun stood up and walked to the French window. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the familiar figure downstairs.

"Let her wait. Without my order, no one is allowed to talk to her!"

He had to make Qin Ruoxi completely despair. Only then would she be able to clearly see the ugly face of Qin Family!

"This... "Yes, I will pass down the orders."

For three days in a row, from seven in the morning until ten in the evening, Qin Ruoxi guarded the Feathered company's entrance without moving an inch away from it. However, she did not see any management staff from the Feathered company at all.

"Ruoxin, please let sister go back. It's no use. It's been three days, there's no turning back!"

"If she was willing to go back, she would have gone back long ago."

Qin Ruoxin looked at her sister's haggard face and felt her heart ache. She didn't understand, if the management of Feathered company was completely dead, even if they didn't cooperate, why couldn't someone else explain it clearly?

"Jingjing, help me keep an eye on big sister. I'll look for chairman to seek justice!"

Liu Jing hurriedly stopped Qin Ruoxin and tried to persuade her loudly, "Be more rational! What's the use of you going to the chairman? "

Strangely, Liu Jing contacted the department heads that were chasing her two days ago. She wanted them to help her pass the message to the chairman, but they all refused.

If even the head of department could not speak, what use could ordinary employees like them have? Furthermore, even if they forced their way in, nothing would change.

"Bastard turtle bastard!" "Is it really that hard to come out of hiding to see someone?"

Qin Ruoxin was so angry that she shouted loudly in the lobby. This frightened Liu Jing so much that she hurriedly covered her mouth.

"Ruoxin, you're crazy! Shut up! "

Just as the two of them were chatting in the lobby, Zhang Cheng suddenly walked out from the elevator.

Liu Jing was so scared that her face turned white. If he had heard what they had said just now, their jobs would not have remained the same!

In fact, Zhang Cheng did not dare to have the slightest dissatisfaction with Qin Ruoxin. Others might not know about it, but he was very clear that she was the sister-in-law of his boss, so he could only admit defeat after getting scolded by her.

Zhang Cheng pretended not to hear anything and walked past the two of them. It seemed like he was going to find Qin Ruoxi.

"Ruoxin, look, Director Zhang seems to have gone to find his sister!"

At this moment, Qin Ruoxin's emotions had finally calmed down. She and Liu Jing quietly approached the door and looked outside.

At this moment, Qin Ruoxi was already exhausted. Seeing Zhang Cheng walk over, she went up to him and greeted him with a sigh.

"Miss Qin, I'm really sorry for making you wait so long, but the Qin Group has been severely violated, so we won't continue to cooperate with them. Please leave."

"Director Zhang, we can change the place where we defaulted immediately. Please give us another chance!"

After waiting for three days to see the person, Qin Ruoxi naturally refused to give up. She had to work hard no matter what.

Zhang Cheng didn't say anything. He just smiled and made a "please" gesture. Then, he turned around and got on the Audi A8 parked by the roadside.

"Director Zhang …"

Seeing the car getting further and further away, Qin Ruoxi finally gave up all hope. Weariness rushed up her forehead, making her stagger and almost fall down.

Fortunately, there was a flower bed nearby, Qin Ruoxi laid on her lap, holding onto the flower bed as she sat down. Her tears couldn't help but flow down.


Qin Ruoxin and Liu Jing ran over together. They surrounded her, wanting to comfort her, but before they could say anything, Qin Ruoxi abruptly stood up.

Perhaps she didn't want to worry them, Qin Ruoxi lowered her head and rubbed her eyes. She said directly, "Sis is fine. Go back to work. I'll be going now."

With a wave of her hand, Qin Ruoxi left without giving the two of them a chance to speak.

… ….

In the Qin Family Courtyard, Xie Huiqin was anxiously walking back and forth at the door. When she saw Qin Ruoxi return, she immediately rushed up.

"How is it? Did Director Zhang see you? "

Qin Ruoxi didn't even have the strength to utter a single word, but she still managed to squeeze out a word. "I'm not willing to cooperate."

Xie Huiqin exploded into a rage the moment she heard this. She grabbed Qin Ruoxi's arm and started crying.

"I knew it would be like this. If I told you to divorce Chu Yun, that piece of trash, you wouldn't have listened. If you had married into the Wang family, would you have fallen to this stage?"

Qin Ruoxi felt dizzy and her ears buzzed. The anger in her heart surged.

"Mom, can you let me go back and rest? I've been standing here for the whole day!"

How could Xie Huiqin be willing to let go? She gripped her arm tightly and continued to curse, "You still want to go back and rest? Our family is going to sleep on the streets tomorrow, and you're still going back to rest? Immediately go to the Lee Family and accept Lee Ming's proposal! "

"Do you want me to die? Even you are forcing me?! "

Qin Ruoxi had fallen into endless despair, and she felt as if the entire sky had caved in.

Why, why does everyone want to force me?

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