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C2 Helian Family

After getting off the high-speed rail, if they wanted to return to the city, they would have to take the bus or wait in line for a taxi. It was almost time for Chu Yun and Heita.

At this moment, the lengthened black Lincoln led the way, and a line of carriages sped towards the exit of the waiting area.

The caravan blocked off the entire road. A middle-aged man with a goatee and a black suit got out of the Lincoln with six eights on his car.

At the moment when they saw that man, many of the surrounding people were all stupefied with shock.

Yuezhou's wealthiest man, Chiang Zhengyi, had started the Yuezhou Student Assistance Foundation with the mayor a few days ago and even made it onto the front page of the news. In the entire Yuezhou City, with a single sneeze from Chiang Zhengyi, the financial industry would shake three times.

However, what was even more surprising was that after getting off the car, this person humbly walked around to the back row and opened the car door.

An old man wearing a grey woolen coat came down from the back.

The old man wore a pair of unilateral glasses. His face was full of the scars of time, but he was tall and muscular. He stood as straight as a pine tree, taller than Chiang Zhengyi by a head.

A youth wearing a deacon's tailcoat followed behind the old man.

No matter if it was to the old man or the young man, the words and actions of the head of Yuezhou City were all filled with respect. The bystanders were all puzzled. Just what kind of background did these two have?

As for Chu Yun, when he saw the old man get off the car, his expression immediately darkened. He said to Heita, "Humph, sorry for the trouble."

Before Heita could understand what was going on, he saw the old man walking straight towards him.

"Young Master!" Young Master! "

The old man stood in front of Chu Yun, bowed and said: "Helian Family Clan, butler Helian Kui, on the orders of the Patriarch, welcome the young master home, and take charge of Helian Family Clan!"

Seeing the old man like that, Chiang Zhengyi quickly led his men and ran behind the old man. He bowed to Chu Yun.

Chu Yun didn't even lower his head to look at these people as he turned around and walked to the side.

"Young Master!" When the old master heard that the young master had returned home, he was filled with longing. The first thing he did was to send this old one to welcome the young master! " The old man once again stood in front of Chu Yun and said, "Young master, please follow me home and acknowledge me as your ancestor!"

At this moment, Chu Yun's expression finally changed.

He laughed contemptuously, "My surname is Chu, what does it have to do with your Helian Family?"

"Young master, blood is thicker than water. You are a member of Helian Family, how could it have nothing to do with Helian Family?"

"Blood is thicker than water?" The smile on Chu Yun's face became even wider, "Twenty years ago, my mother and I were kicked out of the clan by your Helian Family. We were pregnant, so we knelt in front of the Helian Family gate for one day and one night, almost causing my mother to miscarry! Why not say that blood is thicker than water? "

"Fifteen years ago, my brother was kidnapped and sold. When I asked for your help, why didn't I say that blood is thicker than water?"

"Six years ago, my mother was gravely ill, and only lacked the medical expenses of six hundred thousand dollars. Why not say that blood is thicker than water!? "

After saying that, Chu Yun chuckled again and said: "Yeah, when my mother was very sick, what does it have to do with you? She, is not someone from your Helian Family. "

Then, Chu Yun suddenly raised his voice and said coldly, "Scram!"

"Young master!" Please return to the Helian Family with this old one! "

Chu Yun's eyes became even colder.

"I have more important things to do today, so I don't want to waste time with you."

"If you still want to continue to stand in front of me and confront Northwest Army, what will become of Helian Family!"

The old man's body abruptly trembled when he heard this. He seemed to have thought of something terrifying, and helplessly stepped to the side to make way. The other people behind him, upon seeing this, all opened up a path.

Chu Yun and Heita walked straight to the exit, hailed a taxi and left.

"Sigh …" The old man let out a long sigh. His wise eyes seemed to have seen through everything and he knew that this would happen. He turned his head and said: "I want to return to Yanbei as soon as possible and inform the old master of this matter. "Little Liu!"

Chiang Zhengyi and the young man wearing the deacon uniform quickly walked up.

"Xiao Liu, from today onwards, you will stay in the Yuezhou City and do your best to help young master. Jiang, Liu is my adopted daughter, and her words are my own. Are you in charge of assisting her? "

"Yes, Mr. Kui!"

"Yes, father!"

Helian Kui suddenly said: "Oh right, Little Liu, Young Master is currently married. This time, I should be returning to my father-in-law's home, you know what to do, don't lose your manners at Helian Family."

"Please rest assured Father!"

… ….

The taxi headed east.

Chu Yun is silent, Heita as a secretary will not ask more.

The appearance of Helian Family was not unexpected to Chu Yun, but he would definitely not forgive Helian Family so easily. Six years ago, his mother was severely ill, and her Helian Family was insufficient to save him. If it wasn't for the fact that he had coincidentally saved Qin Ruoxi at that time, he probably wouldn't even have been able to pay the medical fees of six hundred thousand.

Unfortunately, even with the operating expenses, he was still unable to save his mother.

The operation. It was risky!

As he recalled, the taxi had already arrived at the Rich Gentleman District.

Chu Yun got off the car and walked into the district. This road hasn't changed much in the past six years.

After walking for more than 500 meters, Chu Yun stopped in front of a villa that looked like it belonged to the era. There were a few luxury cars parked in front of the villa.

Chu Yun looked at the cars and couldn't help but to smile, and said: "Could it be that today is some good day for Qin Family? Quite a few guests have come. "

Standing in front of the Qin Family's door, Chu Yun's mood became complicated.

In the confusion, Qin Ruoxi also lost her body to him. In order to preserve her Qin Family, in order to save her mother's face, Chu Yun married her.

However, after his mother was critically ill, Chu Yun chose to join the army. Other than fulfilling his mother's final wish, it was also to get a good family background that would help Qin Ruoxi avoid feeling like she had put her trust on someone else.

It was the Great War of the Northwest, and it was a good time for good men to build their career.

If she won, she would return home with honor. Even if she died, she would be able to give Qin Ruoxi the status of a martyr's widow. At least no one would dare to bully her, otherwise, she would become the enemy of a million strong army.

Who would have thought that this trip would take six years!

Even though he had become Dragon Head of the Northwest Territories, Chu Yun still felt guilty at the thought of facing Qin Ruoxi soon.

In less than two months of marriage, her husband had left without a word for six years. For a woman, how much gossip would she suffer?

He had been too impulsive at the time and had only thought about what he should do. He had never considered his wife's decision.

Chu Yun had already made up his mind. This time, he would definitely compensate Qin Ruoxi and make up for all the guilt for the past six years.

He took a deep breath and prepared to knock on the gate.

At this moment, an ear-piercing conversation was heard from the courtyard.

"Little Li, Auntie knows you're sincere towards Ruoxi. Auntie will urge Ruoxi about the divorce. That piece of trash hasn't been heard from for six years, he can even declare his death certificate, let alone sue for divorce after separating for two years. "

"However, the process still needs to go, don't be in such a hurry. "At that time, when Ruoxi is back to being single, your Uncle Qin and I will arrange for a marriage!"

"Then I'll have to trouble aunt and uncle then."

"What trouble? Little Li, you are the son-in-law that your aunt and I think you are. You are a family now."

"Haha, that's true! "Oh right, uncle, this is the wine I brought back from Raphael Manor in England. I've heard that you have it. Also, aunt, this is the wine I brought from …"

"You're being considerate."

"Ruoxi was lucky to be able to marry you."

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