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Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C4 When I Say Goodbye
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C4 When I Say Goodbye

In the midst of the audience, many relatives of Qin Family were looking at the cheque with eyes that were shining.

If that cheque was for them, how good would it be!

And in Lee Ming's eyes, a trace of extremely deep disdain flashed past his eyes for these people with Qin Family.

Under the envious gaze of all the Qin Family relatives.

Chu Yun reached out his hand and picked up the cheque from Lee Ming's hands.

When everyone had already achieved Chu Yun's goal of asking for money, he took the cheque and left. Chu Yun suddenly tore the cheque in his hand into pieces and held it in his palm.

He said in a cold voice, "Divorce.

It's a matter between Ruoxi and me. Ruoxi is going to divorce me, so I won't hesitate to divorce her. If she doesn't want to, none of you have the right to interfere in this matter. "

"I'll return the check to you."

Chu Yun blew as the pieces of paper flew towards Lee Ming.

Lee Ming waved his hand to prevent the fine paper from falling onto his face.

"You … "Okay, you're fine." Lee Ming's eyebrows twitched. Chu Yun's skillful attitude made him feel a trace of oppression, which made him very unhappy. "From the looks of it, you don't want to drink at all, do you?"

"There aren't many people who can present me with a toast. "Are you qualified?" Chu Yun said coldly.

For Qin Ruoxi's sake, Chu Yun could tolerate her parents and relatives. However, Chu Yun was not kind to an outsider like her!

In six years of time, Dragon Head who became a Northwest Army did not rely on kindness.

The other relatives of the Qin Family were all pretending to be watching a good show.

This trash, to think that he actually didn't know his place. Offending Lee Ming, in Yuezhou City, don't even think about having a good day.

They just wanted to see how Lee Ming would teach Chu Yun a lesson and humiliate him in front of everyone.

Right at this moment, when the atmosphere was tense.

From outside the courtyard, the sound of crisp footsteps could be heard.

Soon afterwards, the big and small figures entered the restaurant.

Those two people were none other than Qin Ruoxi and … A little girl.

Qin Ruoxi had already spotted Lee Ming, who was facing the door. On her beautiful face, a hint of displeasure immediately flashed, then she looked at her mother and said: "Mom, didn't I say, today is Xiaoyu's birthday, our family will have it, there's no need to invite outsiders!"

"Hey, Ruoxi. How can you say that Young Master Li is an outsider?" Xie Huiqin hurried forward and said, "After today, we'll be family then."

"What family!" Qin Ruoxi turned to Lee Ming and said with a frown, "Lee Ming, I've already told you clearly that it's impossible for you and I to be together. This is my house, and I don't welcome you. Please leave!"

"Ruoxi, you little girl, why don't you know how to talk!"

… ….

Hearing this familiar voice, Chu Yun's body suddenly trembled.

Six years!

Her voice was still clear and melodious. Her personality was still swift and decisive.

Chu Yun had imagined countless times how it would be when he saw Qin Ruoxi again. He had also rehearsed it many times in his heart.

But now, all he needed was a turn of his head and he would be able to see her again.

However, the War God who dominated the killing fields, Dragon Head, who was in charge of the Northwest Army area, was starting to feel a little scared.

However, at this moment, the little girl that followed Qin Ruoxi into the restaurant walked up to Chu Yun.

The little girl pulled Chu Yun's sleeves, looked up at her, and revealed a smile. "Uncle, it's you. Thank you for helping me find my little aunt!"

Chu Yun turned around and was shocked when he saw the girl.

It was actually the little girl he met when he was at the high-speed rail station. Why was this little girl here?

At this time, Qin Ruoxi and her mother had already started an argument. He looked in the direction of the little girl and said, "Xiao Yu! Come here, let's go upstairs! "

"Mom called me." Jing waved at Chu Yun and said, "I'm going to mom's place."


This little girl was called Qin Ruoxi... Mom?

Chu Yun was shocked!

The first time they met, Chu Yun felt that this little girl had a strange sense of familiarity.

Looking at it now, it was the same face he had seen in his childhood, almost in the same mold as his own.

Chu Yun instantly understood something.

Six years ago, when they saved Qin Ruoxi, they had a night of spring and supper. Chu Yun had already been born in her stomach, and when Chu Yun left Qin Ruoxi, the child in her stomach was only two months old.

That's right, that's right!

This little girl was the daughter between him and Qin Ruoxi!

In a split-second, Chu Yun, who hadn't shed a tear for six years, could not help but have his eyes turn red.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Chu Yun's body trembled as he hugged the little girl.

The little girl found the situation hard to understand.

"Eh? Why are you crying? " The little girl was confused. She looked up from Chu Yun's shoulder and waved at Qin Ruoxi, "Mom, there's an uncle here. He's crying!"

At this moment, Qin Ruoxi no longer wanted to stay in the restaurant anymore.

She quickly walked towards her daughter, wanting nothing more than to carry her away.

But as she gradually approached and saw the back of the kneeling figure holding her daughter, her footsteps gradually slowed down.

With the distance less than two meters, Qin Ruoxi stopped walking completely.

Chu Yun slowly let go of his daughter. He stood up and turned around to look at Qin Ruoxi.

Their gazes met, and at this moment, it was as if time had stopped.

At this moment, six years of yearning and guilt only became a sentence from Chu Yun.

"Ruoxi, long time no see."

This long time no see caused Qin Ruoxi to recover from her astonishment. The expression on her top-secret face gradually turned ice-cold. Slowly, it turned into a real hatred!

Six years ago, Qin Ruoxi was framed. Although she was saved by Chu Yun, she lost her dignity to him. In order to preserve his family's reputation, Chu Yun had joined Qin Family.

Although she didn't have much contact with Chu Yun before, but after two months of interaction, it could be seen that Chu Yun truly loved her. Qin Ruoxi's heart also gradually began to have some expectations.

But who would have thought that Chu Yun would suddenly disappear less than two months after their marriage!

At that time, she was already pregnant. While dragging her pregnant body, she searched for a few months until her father told her that Chu Yun had taken 600,000 yuan and promised never to appear in front of Qin Ruoxi again.

All his anticipation had failed at that moment.

During that period of time, Qin Ruoxi's heart was exhausted, and she was pregnant with no time to spare. The Qin Family Master had personally established her company, and her hard work had also forcefully been incorporated into the clan's property.

All of this was because of this man, who had left without hesitation for money!

How could she not hate him!?

"Long time no see?" Qin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and walked in front of Chu Yun. She raised her hand and slapped him: "I'd rather never see you again in this life!"

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