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Qin Ruoxi's palm landed on Chu Yun's face, and a crisp slap resounded in everyone's ears.

The people from the Qin Family were all more so like they were watching a good show. Even Young Master Li could not help but chuckle.

No one had the right to touch Chu Yun.

Qin Ruoxi was an exception.

"I'm sorry, I know, I shouldn't have …"

"Get out! You don't have the right to mention what happened back then. I don't want to hear any of your explanations. Qin Ruoxi pointed at the door and said excitedly.

Looking at her gentle and gentle mother, he couldn't believe that she was screaming at the top of her lungs. She even started to hit him.

Qin Xiaoyu cried out loudly.

After all, she was still a child. When she didn't know what to do, other than cry, she couldn't do anything else.

"Mommy, Mommy!" Don't hit me, I'm a bad boy! "

Qin Ruoxi suppressed her sobs and picked Qin Xiaoyu up, saying, "Xiao Yu, let's go! "To my aunt's place …"

Just then, Chu Yun said loudly, "Ruoxi, I know you will hate me, resent me, and won't forgive me, but …" Today was Xiaoyu's birthday. I beg you! Let me attend my daughter's birthday as a father! No matter what I did wrong, no matter how much you hate me, the child is innocent, she did nothing wrong! Today, she should have a happy birthday! "

Qin Ruoxi stopped walking.

Qin Xiaoyu sobbed as she looked doubtfully at Chu Yun. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and asked, "You, you are my father?"

Facing Qin Xiaoyu's question, Chu Yun actually nodded in embarrassment to admit it.

In terms of bloodline, he was indeed Qin Xiaoyu's father, but … In the past six years, he had managed to accomplish half of what he was doing as a father.

Seeing that Chu Yun was silent, Qin Xiaoyu asked again, "Are you called Chu Yun?"

Chu Yun nodded and said, "I am."

Qin Xiaoyu, who had stopped crying, suddenly burst into tears again.

"It's my father!" Wuu! Mom said that Chu Yun is my dad … "Daddy is back, Xiaoyu's daddy is finally back …

Hearing Qin Xiaoyu's words, Chu Yun's heart was both comforted and sour at the same time.

Even though she questioned him, scolded him, and slapped him in the face as soon as they met, but … Still, she told their daughter — your father, Chu Yun.

Chu Yun walked over to Qin Ruoxi and said, "Yes, I'm back. I will never leave you again. Ruoxi, Xiao Yu, I am back! "

"Daddy …"

Qin Xiaoyu had already reached out her hand to Chu Yun, wanting to jump into his arms.

Chu Yun also reached out his hands to hug Qin Xiaoyu.

At this moment, Qin Kaicheng suddenly rushed over and snatched Qin Xiaoyu from Qin Ruoxi's bosom. He glared at Chu Yun and said, "What are you doing? Don't touch my granddaughter!"

On the other side, Xie Huiqin also held onto her daughter and said, "Ruoxi, I know what you're doing. You're always thinking about Xiao Yu first.

Xiaoyu wanted her father, but … After Young Master Li marries you, he will be Xiao Yu's father. Moreover, Young Master Li likes children the most. "

"Yes, that's right, I really like children …"

"No, no!" Qin Xiaoyu might be young, but she could still understand the meaning behind those words. She struggled to say, "I want my own father. I don't want others to be my father!"

"Qin Xiaoyu, shut up!" Xie Huiqin stared at the little girl and said, "You don't have a father, and this trash isn't your father. If you continue to make a ruckus, then you better be careful!"

Qin Xiaoyu trembled as she bit her lips, not daring to make a sound. Her chin was twitching as tears fell from her eyes. She looked pitiful.

Xie Huiqin must have hit Little Yu's shack before. If it wasn't for such a young child, she wouldn't have been so scared.

In Chu Yun's heart, a ball of anger was ignited immediately.

But before Chu Yun could react, Qin Ruoxi quickly carried Xiao Yu back. Her eyes were slightly red and she said, "How many times have I told you? The child is still young, you can't hit and scold him!"

"I was just trying to scare him. I didn't really make a move …" Xie Huiqin said in embarrassment.

"I can't even scare him. If there's a next time, I'll move out!"

"Alright, alright. In the future, we won't scare them anymore." Xie Huiqin said, "Then quickly divorce Chu Yun. It's a divorce, we'll …"

Qin Ruoxi didn't pay attention to her mother. She walked in front of Chu Yun and said, "You're right, today is Xiao Yu's birthday. Xiao Yu should be the main one, letting her finish her birthday happily. Sit down first and eat. "

Since Qin Ruoxi had already given her assent, the others naturally followed suit.

After all, the main event of the day had yet to begin. If Qin Ruoxi took her child and left, how would Lee Ming propose to her later?

At this time, Qin Family's nanny carried the dishes to the table one after another.

Everyone was already seated in their own seats and flattering Lee Ming. Only Chu Yun, who had no seat, was standing over there … …


"Young Master Li, we, Ruoxi, know what's good for us. We'll definitely divorce that trash."

"That's right, only someone as outstanding as Young Master Li can be worthy of our family's Ruoxi."

"When Young Master Li and Ruoxi get married, we will be the same!"

"A family now."

These relatives talked at the same time. Their words clearly showed their disdain towards Chu Yun.

Qin Ruoxi gritted her teeth in anger. No matter what, Chu Yun was Xiao Yu's father.

However, when she looked at Chu Yun, she found that he was just standing there with a silly smile on his face. He was looking at Qin Xiaoyu, while Qin Xiaoyu was also looking at Chu Yun with a silly smile.

Qin Ruoxi was even more angry when she saw his cowardly look.

The group of people surrounded the dining table, not even beginning to move their chopsticks.

Lee Ming suddenly took out a black box that was wrapped beautifully and passed it to Qin Xiaoyu. "Xiao Yu, this is Uncle Li's birthday present for you. I wish you a happy birthday."

Qin Xiaoyu was still a child after all, so she was happy to receive the birthday present. She took it and said, "Thank you, Uncle Li."

"Open it and see if Xiaoyu likes this gift."

After receiving the gift, Qin Xiaoyu couldn't wait to open the package.

Inside was a crown of a princess inlaid with diamonds.

"This is the diamond crown!"

A female member of the family immediately exclaimed.

Lee Ming pretended to smile modestly and said, "This is the original diamond I got from South Africa. I asked a famous British designer to design the crown for Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu, do you like it?"

Little girls always have princesses. Qin Xiaoyu nodded.

"It's actually the diamond crown! It was even designed by a famous designer, this … Young Master Li has spent a lot for Xiao Yu. "

Lee Ming smiled proudly. He took a sip of the red wine and slowly said, "To make Xiao Yu happy, I don't mind spending seven to eight hundred thousand."

"Seven or eight hundred thousand!?"

The relatives at the dining table were all shocked.

"Young Master Li, you are indeed young master."

"In the future, Young Master Li will be Xiaoyu's father. We'll be blessed."

At this moment, Qin Ruoxi's face was extremely gloomy.

Although Chu Yun made her very disappointed,

However, she also never agreed to marry Lee Ming, a hedonistic son with a terrible reputation!

"It's Xiaoyu's birthday today. Chu Yun, you didn't prepare a present, right?"

At this time, a relative of Qin Family suddenly looked towards Chu Yun and said. At this time, the eyes of everyone in Qin Family were fixated on him.

They all looked towards Chu Yun.

With Lee Ming's diamond crown and pearl jade in front of them, they wanted to see how Chu Yun would embarrass himself.

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