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C6 Who Is It

Chu Yun ignored the mocking expressions of the crowd and walked straight up to Xiao Yu. He lovingly stroked her head and squatted down, "Today is Xiao Yu's birthday, of course there's a present."

Hearing Xiao Yu's words, the little girl's eyes lit up with excitement, "Really? Daddy is going to give Xiao Yu a present?"

For a child of five or six, there was nothing happier than to receive a gift from your father.

Chu Yun smiled as he took out a rusty medal from his pocket and formally pinned it on Xiao Yu's chest.

"What? A lousy medal?" "They're using this place as their army?"

"What's the difference between this and scrap metal? How shabby!"

The relatives could not help but complain, looking down on Chu Yun. This kind of worthless thing was miles away from the diamond crown that Young Master Li gave.

Xie Huiqin originally thought that he had prepared some expensive gift, but when she saw that Chu Yun only took out a lousy medal, she immediately burst out laughing.

"Trash is trash, what a disgrace, does our Xiao Yu care about this piece of scrap metal of yours? How much do you think your lousy medal is worth? "

Chu Yun snorted and said righteously, "Priceless!"

This was the first medal he received after being enlisted in the army. After years of fighting, he always wore it, and it had helped him block the fatal attack on several occasions. It was of extraordinary significance to him.

Most importantly, this medal had become the symbol of Northwest Army, it was like meeting a person, how could it be worth to use this medal to judge one's worth!

"Priceless?" Xie Huiqin was about to go crazy with laughter. "You really dare to say that. You go and get a piece of trash. Let's see if he will take your broken metal!" Hurry and take it off, don't dirty our Xiao Yu's new clothes! "

Xie Huiqin cursed as she stretched her hand out to pick up the medal. When Xiao Yu saw this, she hastily moved to the side, her meaty hands clutching the medal tightly as she pouted, "Xiao Yu, don't take it. Xiao Yu likes the gift her father has given her. It's the best gift!"

Children five or six years old wouldn't look at the value of a gift. As long as it was a gift from their father, it would be the best gift in the world!

"Child, I really don't know if you're good or not!" Qin Kaicheng was very unhappy. He picked up the crown that Lee Ming gifted him and walked in front of Xiao Yu, "This crown is so beautiful, this is what you call a birthday present!"

He definitely couldn't let Lee Ming lose face today. If he was angry and didn't marry his own daughter, then who else could he go to for justice?

After putting the crown on Xiaoyu's head, Qin Kaicheng immediately flattered, "Look, everyone look. It's still Young Master Li's gift of superior quality. Xiaoyu is just a little princess after wearing it!"

"That's right, that's right. After all, a gift worth seven to eight hundred thousand gold coins is definitely different!"

"Aiyo, Xiao Yu is so beautiful. Quickly take off the broken medal, it's really annoying!"

Just as everyone was flattering, Chu Yun took off the crown from Xiao Yu's head and threw it into the trash can beside him.

"You …" Lee Ming slapped the table and stood up.

"This crown is harmful to your health for a long period of time!"

Xie Huiqin roared and bent down to pick it up. As she picked it up, she turned her head back and cursed, "What the hell are you doing? Do you think you're the owner of this place? Get out of here now!"

Chu Yun ignored Xie Huiqin and looked straight at Lee Ming. With a gloomy face, he said, "Did you ask someone to order this crown at a high price?"

"Of course!" Lee Ming was not afraid at all as he said arrogantly, "This is a piece of gold that is naturally formed and is in the shape of a crown itself. It is rare, I paid a high price to have diamonds inlaid on it!"

"Oh my god, it's actually a piece of gold shaped like a natural crown. This is really unheard-of!"

"No wonder it looks so extraordinary, it's indeed natural!"

Hearing everyone's flattery, Lee Ming became even more proud as he looked towards the sky at Chu Yun.

Chu Yun snorted and said, "You really have a lot of money, the problem lies in this diamond!"

He snatched the crown from Xie Huiqin and said, "This diamond is a fake, an artificial spinel. In order to make it shine, it is usually polished by immersing in diiodomethane, which is also extremely toxic."

As he spoke, he slammed the crown on the table and shouted, "Why did you give this to my daughter?!"

After so many years of experience on the battlefield, the atmosphere suddenly became hostile, and the temperature of the entire room dropped to freezing point.

His daughter was now his lifeline. Anyone who dared to harm his daughter would be courting death!

"No …" "Impossible, you're talking nonsense!"

Lee Ming didn't know much about gold. He had asked someone to buy this piece of gold and it only cost him tens of thousands of yuan.

"Everyone has a cell phone. If you don't believe me, you can search it online!"

No one expected a piece of trash to know about gold. Furthermore, from the way he said it, it didn't seem like he was joking. Could it be that the crown was at risk for cancer?

Lee Ming couldn't back down now, so he tried his best to explain: "I … How could I possibly harm Xiaoyu? She's so cute, I can't love her in time. This … This is all a misunderstanding! "

Xie Huiqin immediately came out to smooth things over, "That's right, it must be a misunderstanding. Even if there is radiation, this crown is still a priceless treasure, and Young Master Li's blessings for our Xiao Yu are as good as the heaven and earth. If you have to blame him, you can only blame that processing grandmaster who was invited by a high price for not getting rid of the radiation, it has nothing to do with Young Master Li!"

Chu Yun was speechless. In order to climb up the Lee Family, Xie Huiqin really couldn't differentiate between black and white, and she could even forget about Xiao Yu's health!

"No matter what you say, Young Master Li has meticulously prepared this gift. But you, as Xiao Yu's biological father, have you ever done anything to fulfill your father's responsibilities? Now that I have returned, I will take out this broken piece of iron and use it on Xiao Yu. Where did you put our Xiao Yu?

Xie Huiqin became hysterical. As far as she was concerned, the person in front of her was just a piece of trash. No matter what, she couldn't be compared with Young Master Li!

As Dragon Head from the Northwest battle arena, no one could be so arrogant in front of him. However, she was Qin Ruoxi's mother after all. For her sake, he could only bear with it a few more times.

Moreover, Chu Yun was very clear that no matter how much he explained, it would be useless. After all, in the eyes of the crowd, he was just a trash who abandoned his wife and son.

"Mom, stop it!"

Qin Ruoxi, who had remained silent at the side, could no longer bear to watch. Breathing heavily, she suppressed the fury in her heart and returned the crown to the gift box.

"My husband slandered your gift. I apologize for him. Even if you had to give it to me, you wouldn't refuse. I will think of a way to gather the seven hundred thousand to you, just treat it as me buying it."

"Give me money?" Lee Ming was a little stunned, he waved his hand and said: "No need, since there's something wrong with this gift, I will take it back. I will choose another precious gift to give to Xiao Yu!"

"No need! I can't afford it! "

Qin Ruoxi replied without raising her head. Her voice was ice-cold.

Seeing her cold attitude, Lee Ming knew it would only make things worse. However, he wasn't in a hurry. Qin Ruoxi's parents were on his side anyway, so there was always a way to save his image.

Just then, the nanny at the door suddenly rushed in and shouted at Qin Kaicheng:

"Mr. Qin, a long limousine is coming for you. Is it Yue A66666?"

"What? Are you sure it's six six?"

"I'm sure it's six six six six!"

Hearing that, Qin Kaicheng was stunned, this was the car of the richest man in Yuezhou, Chiang Zhengyi, why would he come here?

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