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C7 Priceless Gift

The black, lengthened Lincoln was the first to stop at the Qin Family entrance, followed by the eight matching Bentleys who also came to a stop, forming a line of snakes at the Qin Family entrance, it looked extremely spectacular.

Qin Kaicheng had already led his relatives out of the house and stood in two rows, bowing respectfully.

The car door opened and a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes stepped down from the car. Everyone recognized him as Chiang Family Chief Steward Jiang Tian.

Qin Kaicheng and Lee Ming looked at each other and were about to bow and greet him, but Jiang Tian completely ignored them. Instead, he turned around and walked to the back door of the Lincoln, bowed, and opened the back door with a respectful expression.

A young deacon walked out under the gazes of tens of thousands of people. After simply tidying his clothes, he glanced at the people at the Qin Family entrance, and his gaze finally landed on Chu Yun who was at the very back.

"People from the Helian Family?" Chu Yun muttered and frowned.

The person who came was Helian Kui's adopted daughter, Lau Rusi. The two of them had met before at the West Railway Station.

When Lau Rusi saw Chu Yun, her previous arrogant attitude immediately disappeared. Just as she was about to respectfully greet him, she saw Chu Yun shaking his head at her with a stern expression.

Chu Yun had already made it clear before that he would not have anything to do with the Helian Family s, so he would not allow anyone from the Helian Family s to come forward to greet him.

Lau Rusi, who had just taken a step forward, immediately stood still. Since her young master didn't want to be bothered, she naturally didn't dare to step forward to greet him.

At this moment, Lee Ming suddenly walked out from the crowd and headed straight for Jiang Tian. He had met Jiang Tian before, so he firmly believed that Jiang Tian would recognize him.

If he could speak with the Chiang Family people at this time, his position would greatly rise in front of them. In the future, they would only respect him even more.

"Hello, Housekeeper Jiang. It's Lee Ming."

Jiang Tian's face tightened as he said coldly, "Lee Ming? "Who are you?"

"My dad is from Li Gang, the Li Group..."

Before Lee Ming could finish his sentence, Lau Rusi directly said, "Scram!"

Lee Ming's body shook. He never expected the other party to be so disrespectful. However, even Jiang Tian was extremely respectful to this young deacon, so how could he dare to retaliate?

"Didn't you hear that? I told you to scram, hurry up and disappear!"

In terms of Yuezhou, it was merely a second-rate family, so Jiang Tian didn't care at all, not to mention that compared to Lau Rusi's background, Lee Family was like an ant!

After being humiliated in public, Lee Ming turned around and left with a face full of dust.

"Let's begin."

With a wave of Lau Rusi's arm, Jiang Tian immediately bowed and said, "Yes." He then took two steps forward and took out a piece of jade silk with a dragon and phoenix diagram drawn on it from his jacket pocket.

"The Chiang Family Patriarch has given us the following special gift:"

"Gold Dragon Spitting Beads, ten Night Pearls from the South Sea!"

"Dance of the Phoenix, Nine Heavens. One crown with gold thread, hundred diamonds. Two sets of jade clothes with gold thread."

"Wealth comes with a wide margin. A business street with Yuezhou, CBD."

"There are so many cars, it's even suitable for a Bentley."

"One in a million, cash gift 1.01 million."

After a series of announcements, all the people present revealed expressions of shock. Such a large sum, as expected of the number one wealthiest in Yuezhou!

"This …"

Qin Kaicheng was also stunned. His eldest daughter, Qin Ruoxi, had already gotten married six years ago and even gave birth to a daughter of trash, Chu Yun. This betrothal gift couldn't have been betrothed to her.

"Old Qin, your life is truly good. You've given birth to a good daughter!"

"That's right. The eldest daughter isn't going to live up to her expectations. The second daughter has brought you face. Hurry up and call Ruoxin to receive your gift!"

Qin Kaicheng, who had regained his senses, suddenly slapped his forehead. Only now did he realize that he had two daughters, and his second daughter, Qin Ruoxin, was Huang Hua's eldest daughter who hadn't even been married off yet.

Xie Huiqin, who was also confused, suddenly realized what was going on. She immediately pushed Qin Ruoxin out of the way, unable to conceal the joy on her face.

"Ruoxin, what are you standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and accept my gift!"

Qin Ruoxin was even more confused. She had never interacted with Chiang Family before, why did she suddenly come to her house to place a betrothal gift?

However, thinking of how her elder sister had already gotten married and had children and how there was only her, an unmarried girl, left in the family, who else could he give this gift other than to her?

"Oh... "Oh!"

Qin Ruoxin was slightly perturbed as she stepped forward to receive the bridal gift. Seeing that the other party didn't say anything, she was sure of her thoughts. It seemed like these betrothal gifts were indeed for her.

"Aiyo, being born good-looking has its advantages. Look, this time, he was chosen by a rich family to be their daughter-in-law!"

"Ruoxin, don't forget our relatives once you marry into Chiang Family!"

In an instant, everyone started to flatter Qin Ruoxin. If they were to use her and Chiang Family to befriend her in the future, their meteoric rise would be just around the corner!

At this moment, everyone was surrounding Qin Ruoxin, her father, and her mother. They were flattering each other and completely forgot about Chu Yun and Qin Ruoxi who were standing in the corner.

Chu Yun looked at Qin Ruoxi and saw a hint of envy in her eyes. He laughed bitterly in his heart.

Silly girl, these are all for you to begin with, why do you have to be envious?

But these are items from the Helian Family, they aren't worthy of you!

If you want it, I can give it to you ten times or a hundred times over. Even if it's a star in the sky, I have the ability to pluck one!

However, he knew that no one would believe him, not even Qin Ruoxi.

Taking advantage of everyone's attention on the betrothal gift, Chu Yun quietly walked to Heita's side and whispered a few words in his ear. Heita nodded repeatedly and then turned around to walk to Lau Rusi's side.

"Go back and tell Helian Family that I don't care about these little favors of theirs, but what should belong to me, don't even think of leaving a single hair's breadth behind!"

Heita passed on the message to Lau Rusi, who gave Chu Yun a humble look before turning around and leaving.

At this moment, Qin Ruoxin had already been flattered by the crowd. She turned around and looked at Chu Yun with a trace of disdain in her eyes.

Six years ago, she was studying abroad and had never seen Chu Yun, so she didn't recognize Chu Yun at the high-speed rail station. Otherwise, she definitely wouldn't have let him off.

Now, he actually still had the face to come knocking on her door. If he didn't teach him to speak up for his sister, then it would be hard for her to not feel at ease.

Thinking of this, she held all kinds of property certificates in one hand, while swinging the keys to the Bentley in the other, and walked straight to Chu Yun's side.

"This is what you call getting married, unlike some trash. Not only is there not even a single betrothal gift, you even made our family pay six hundred thousand, what face do you have to come to our house to find my elder sister?" If you know what's good for you, then quickly go through the divorce procedures with my Big Sis. Don't ruin her happiness! "

Chu Yun sneered and said calmly, "Money can really make people lose their head. You didn't even ask and you already know that these things are for you? Have you ever seen Young Master Chiang Family, marriage is not like buying pork, you bought you with such little money? "

Qin Ruoxin turned angry from embarrassment and pointed at Chu Yun's nose as she scolded, "Who … Who said I haven't seen Young Master Chiang Family, there's only me, an unmarried lady in the family, so wouldn't the wedding gift be given to me as well? You still dare to call me a pig? If you have the ability, take out some decent gifts! "

Seeing that Chu Yun still wanted to argue with Qin Ruoxin, the ashen-faced Qin Ruoxi scolded him angrily, "Enough! Say less!"

Silence fell upon them, and everyone looked at Qin Ruoxi with sympathy in their eyes.

Her life was truly too miserable, and now that her sister had married into such a good family, the comparison between the two of them must have made her feel even worse.

"Damn, Little Yu is hungry, let's go eat!"

At this moment, Qin Xiaoyu suddenly pulled Chu Yun's firm hands and dragged him into the house.

"Dad, Little Yu is hungry, let's eat!"

Qin Ruoxin said to Qin Kaicheng before she turned around to carry Qin Xiaoyu into the house.

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