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C8 Agree to Divorce

This meal was originally an engagement between Lee Ming and Qin Ruoxi, but Lee Ming had already left with his face covered in dirt.

Fortunately, Chiang Family's marriage was a huge joyous event, so he took this meal as a celebration.

The whole family sat around the table and toasted each other. The relatives who had previously looked down on Qin Family no longer dared to act presumptuously today.

Qin Kaicheng's family's position in the Qin Family was never high. In the end, it was because his ability was insufficient and he could not gain a foothold in the Qin Family. He had been looked down upon by his relatives for many years.

Previously, Qin Ruoxi had allowed Qin Kaicheng and his wife to see hope, and the moment she entered the Qin Family, she immediately displayed outstanding management skills. However, after experiencing what happened six years ago, she was pushed aside by the Qin Family people, and everyone thought that she was the shame of Qin Family.

Without her shameful incident, the Qin Family would have long ago stepped into the ranks of first-rate Yuezhou s.

After that, the only thing they could think of was a way to gain a foothold in Qin Family, and that was to get their daughters to marry into a prestigious clan.

Thus, when it came to marriage, they had always been resolute, not allowing their daughter to resist in the slightest.

The meal continued until 3 p.m., after which Xie Huiqin looked at Chu Yun and asked, "Do you really have the guts to stay and eat here?"

Qin Ruoxi's brows creased slightly. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn't.

"Grandma, Xiao Yu is happy today with dad around!"

Xie Huiqin was about to reprimand the silly little girl, but then she realized that it was her birthday after all, so she didn't want to make her suffer too much. She turned to Qin Ruoxin and said, "Sofia, take Xiaoyu upstairs to play for a while."

Qin Ruoxin grabbed the Bentley Key on the table, walked in front of Chu Yun and said in a low voice, "Enjoy the baptism of the storm!"

"Xiao Yu, little aunt is going upstairs to tell you a story!"

Qin Xiaoyu had finally met her father. Naturally, she didn't want to leave, but she couldn't resist the temptation of listening to the story. She nodded and said, "Yeah, Xiaoyu loves to listen to stories!"

Just as they were walking up the stairs, Xiao Yu suddenly thought of something. She turned around and asked Chu Yun, "Will dad still come and play with Xiao Yu tomorrow?"

In all of Qin Family, perhaps only her daughter truly wished for him to stay. She asked this because she was afraid that she would once again disappear.

"Of course, Daddy will play with Xiaoyu every day from now on!"

The little girl beamed like a flower as she touched the medal on her chest and said, "Daddy, Xiaoyu likes this medal. Xiaoyu wants even more medal!"

"Yes, as much as you want!"

"Alright!" Xie Huiqin couldn't bear to watch any longer, so she immediately interrupted the father and daughter's sweet conversation. She said to Qin Ruoxin, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring her up with you!"

When the two of them finally went upstairs, Xie Huiqin then continued to speak: "Chu Yun, you saw it too, our family will soon soar to greatness, you know the position of Chiang Family, so, some things are better said openly, so as to avoid any misunderstandings."

Although Chu Yun had a premonition, he still said sincerely: "Mom, if you have something to say, then just say it."

Nodding, Lili pulled Qin Ruoxi over to the side, who was in a daze, and calmly said, "You call me mom, and I'm with you now, but it's all for the sake of Ruoxi and her daughter. You can't imagine what kind of life they've been living for the past six years."

"A young girl who should have lived a carefree life, yet was rolled up in front of others, but she could only break her teeth and swallow the blood, silently bearing all of this by herself, causing the originally bustling business to plummet, to the point where even the management of Qin Family could not enter, and could only supervise on the assembly line, how miserable you made her, do you know!"

These words were extremely emotional. When Chu Yun heard it, his heart felt as if it had been cut by knives. His steel body that had experienced hundreds of battles also started to tremble.

He knew that everything was true and he couldn't imagine how Qin Ruoxi survived by herself. He owed her way too much.

Qin Ruoxi's eyes were bloodshot, but her tears still lingered in her eyes, refusing to fall.

"Take a look." Xie Huiqin raised Qin Ruoxi's hands. "Look at those soft and exquisite hands. How rough are they now?"

Chu Yun looked up and saw a few clear scratches on the back of his delicate and white hand. He couldn't hold it in anymore and grabbed the palm of his hand.

"Ruoxi... Right … I'm sorry, I'm sorry! "

Qin Ruoxi pursed her lips, reluctantly retracted her hand, and said in a low voice, "It has nothing to do with you. I cut myself accidentally!"

"It doesn't matter what it is!" Qin Kaicheng sighed, looked at his daughter with a pained look, and said with a tremble, "It's not that he tainted you back then, and abandoned you two without a sound. How did you end up being a supervisor at the assembly line, and how did you need to deal with those machines, and how could you cut the back of your hand!"

At this moment, Chu Yun did not refute their accusations at all, because everything happened because of him. He will not escape his responsibilities!

"Dad, mom, I understand all of this. I came back this time to compensate the mother and daughter pair. Please give me a chance, I will definitely treat them well!"


Xie Huiqin's voice rang out again, her emotions clearly surging.

"You still want a chance? Wasn't it a chance six years ago? Do you know how many people pursued my daughter all those years ago? Even now, there are an endless stream of people chasing after her. Why did we give you this useless chance? "

Qin Kaicheng was also a bit angry and shouted: "What do you think our daughter is? You can throw her away if you want to!"

Qin Ruoxin who had coaxed Xiao Yu to sleep suddenly walked down and said with a sneer, "That's right, what do you think of my sister? Look at what the people who chased after me gave you. My sister is even prettier than I am. She should have had these too, but now you've caused her no harm! You can't give my sister any happiness at all. If you really want to help her, then go and get a divorce tomorrow! "

"Leave …" Divorce? "

Chu Yun's heart ached as he subconsciously looked towards Qin Ruoxi. Could it be that this was also her intention?

"Don't look at Ruoxi, you two already didn't have any feelings for each other six years ago. Marriage is entirely due to helplessness, and in these six years, you didn't even care about the mother and daughter pair, much less now! "Ruoxin is right. If you really want to help her, then go and get a divorce tomorrow."

Looking at Qin Ruoxi's trembling shoulders and red eyes, Chu Yun immediately understood.

He was wrong. From start to finish, it was just a wishful thinking on his part. Even if he was married and had Xiao Yu, it was all due to helplessness. She probably never wanted to be together with him, let alone need his compensation.

What she wanted, was never to be dragged down by herself again.

It was laughable that he had joined the army in order to be worthy of her. Now that the glory had returned, she hadn't even said a word of urging him to stay.

Her attitude should have explained everything.


Chu Yun suddenly raised his hand and punched himself in the chest. The sound was like a drum beating the sky. Everyone in the room was shocked.

"Chu Yun, what are you doing?!"

Xie Huiqin had never seen such a scene before. With this punch, blood directly spurted out from Chu Yun's mouth and continuously flowed out.

However, Chu Yun did not care about the flow of blood as he loudly shouted:

"This punch was not enough to make my unfilial son filial!"


Turning around to face Qin Ruoxi, Chu Yun punched him in the chest again.

"This punch had only hit an unscrupulous husband for less than a day."


"This punch was directed at Father De, who had not been under it for more than a day!"

After three punches, Chu Yun was already staggering and could not stand properly.

"Ruoxi, let's get a divorce."

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