Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C9 Flying Feather Company
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Invincible Warfighter Son-in-law/C9 Flying Feather Company
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C9 Flying Feather Company


By now, Qin Ruoxi's face was covered in tears. When she heard the word "divorce", her whole body shuddered and she almost fell to the ground.

"What, you agree?"

Xie Huiqin and Qin Kaicheng were extremely surprised, but they were mostly surprised.

Chu Yun nodded, he tried his best to resist the salty taste in his throat and said: "I..."


Qin Ruoxi, who was already in tears, suddenly raised her hand and slapped Chu Yun's face.


"Six years ago, you left without a word. Six years later, on the first day you returned, you asked me for a divorce?"

Because of her excitement, Qin Ruoxi's voice was uneven, tears were flowing down her cheeks, making Chu Yun's heart ache.

What other girl in the world could have such a sorrowful and beautiful crying appearance?

"Ruoxi, I …"


Without any hesitation, Qin Ruoxi raised her hand and slapped Chu Yun again, interrupting Chu Yun's words.

"Why did you get married and leave without saying anything?"

"I've been bullied for six years, my daughter has been bullied, and we've waited for six years, looking forward to it. We finally managed to get you back, and now you want to divorce me? "Are you worthy of me, of our daughter?"

"Our daughter is only five years old! Five years old! What had she done wrong? Just because you're not here, she fights with other kids every week and tells them she's not a bastard, that she has a father! You only made her happy for a single day, yet you want to push her back into the abyss of pain? "

"Such a vicious heart, such a vicious heart!"

Qin Ruoxi collapsed completely. She rushed forward while crying and slapped Chu Yun regardless of everything. Every punch was filled with hysteria, but every punch was able to avoid Chu Yun's injured chest.

"Ruoxi, you …"

These words were like a steel nail that pierced Chu Yun's heart, causing him heartache!

So, they were waiting for me to come back. They have been waiting for me for six years!

At this moment, Dragon Head, the cold-blooded killer god of the Northwest battle zone, suddenly felt a warm feeling in his heart. Tears immediately welled up in his eyes.

Gently holding Qin Ruoxi's wrist, Chu Yun couldn't wait any longer and tightly held his beloved woman in his arms!

"Why? Why? Why are you doing this to us! "

"I'm sorry, Ruoxi. I was wrong. I will never leave you mother and daughter. From now on, I will do my best to protect you two!"

Thoughts, guilt, love, love, heartache, countless emotions poured out at this moment. Chu Yun's generous and explaining arms were tightly wrapped around Qin Ruoxi, making her finally feel a man's warm embrace after six years. A faint sense of security rose from the bottom of her heart!

"Let me go, you go, I don't want to see you!"

Qin Ruoxi wanted to break free from her embrace in anger, but how could Chu Yun be willing to let go? He held her tightly in his embrace and pressed her head against his shoulder.

Seeing that their daughter was getting more and more stable, Qin Kaicheng and Xie Huiqin couldn't stay any longer. If this went on, wouldn't the two of them be able to get back together?

"Let go of my daughter. Didn't you hear her tell you to scram?!"

The two of them hurriedly rushed over and used all their might to separate the two of them. They didn't say anything as they pushed Chu Yun out of the door.

Facing the cold door, Chu Yun didn't feel sad at all and laughed innocently while covering his shoulder.

Under his palm were the two rows of teeth marks that Qin Ruoxi had used all her strength to bite him …

Heita, who was waiting at the side, was stunned. The usually cold and ruthless Dragon Head actually had a harmless smile on his face.

"Brother Chu, you couldn't have gotten into trouble, right?"

He turned his head and hit Heita's buzz cut with a "pa" sound. Chu Yun was in a good mood and said, "I hit your head and left."

Today, Chu Yun was on a roll. He was originally prepared for a divorce, but the situation just now explained everything.

Qin Ruoxi didn't agree to a divorce!

This was the best result for Chu Yun!

… ….

"Feathered company? Brother Chu, why did that young deacon invite you here? "

Heita was at a loss. Last night, he suddenly received a message that something belonging to the young master had been prepared and asked them to come receive it. However, it turned out to be a large company when he arrived.

"This company belongs to my Chu Family to begin with. Come, let's go in."

Chu Yun's mother single-handedly created a Feathered company, but was bought by the Helian Family Clan using improper means, resulting in his mother being unable to afford to treat her serious illness. Chu Yun would never forget this "favor" for the rest of his life.

Right now, he was only taking back the property that belonged to Chu Family!

With his current identity and status, the Helian Family Clan would definitely not dare to play any tricks.

The two of them had just arrived at the entrance when they heard two girls at the front desk chattering.

"Ruoxin, I heard that Chiang Family gave you a Bentley Yee. Why didn't you drive it over?!"

"Sister Jingjing, tomorrow I'll drive you for a ride, and today I'll give you my license!"

Qin Ruoxin was pleased with herself, and the girl in front of her was full of envy as well. It was obvious that the two of them had a good relationship.

"Jingjing-jie, how was my interview today? Is there going to be a problem?"

Liu Jing patted her chest and said confidently, "Don't worry. The HR manager is chasing me. As long as I say it, your job will definitely be done!"

Qin Ruoxin immediately jumped in joy and grabbed Liu Jing's arm, saying coquettishly, "Then I'll thank elder sister!"

"Don't, don't scold me, Lady Jiang. I still need to rely on you to promote me in the future!"

"Haha …"

At this point, the two understood each other and began to laugh out loud.

"Brother Chu, isn't that your sister-in-law? Why is she here as well?"

Chu Yun shook his head and ignored Qin Ruoxin. He brought Heita into the lobby and walked towards the elevator.

Liu Jing's eyes brightened as she saw Chu Yun. She immediately turned to Qin Ruoxin and said, "Ruoxin, look at him. He seems to be your brother-in-law, right?"

Qin Ruoxin frowned slightly. She looked in the direction Liu Jing pointed and indeed, she saw Chu Yun.


With a loud shout, Qin Ruoxin pulled Liu Jing and ran toward Chu Yun. Seeing this, Heita immediately stopped the two of them. He knew that the other party did not come with good intentions.

Chu Yun pushed Heita away and said calmly, "Ruoxin, what's the matter?"

Qin Ruoxin looked Chu Yun up and down before a mocking expression appeared on her face.

"What are you doing here? For security? "

Liu Jing, who was standing behind Qin Ruoxin, snickered when she heard that. She had long heard that her brother-in-law was a trash, but she didn't expect him to be true.

"Not really." Chu Yun Feng answered lightly.

"Then it's cleaning."

Qin Ruoxin refused to give up. Liu Jing, who was behind her, laughed even more brazenly.

"Does it have anything to do with you?" Chu Yun said impatiently.

"Who cares what you apply for, there's no one here for you, right, Sister Jingjing."

Liu Jing smiled and nodded like a chick pecking at rice. She immediately waved her hand at the two security guards and shouted, "What are you guys doing? Why are you letting everyone in? Today is a critical moment for the company's handover. Do you take responsibility if something happens?"

When the security guards saw that the person who shouted was the manager's lover, they didn't dare to be negligent and immediately rushed over.

"Hey, what are you two doing? Get out!"

"How dare you!" Heita yelled and stepped forward, ready to attack.

"You … You. This is going against the heavens! " One of the security guards immediately took out a walkie-talkie and shouted, "Lobby hall, everyone gather. Tell the captain, someone is causing trouble!"

Not long after that, Captain Wang and a dozen men rushed to the lobby. They went straight to Liu Jing's side and asked in a low voice, "What's going on?"

Without waiting for Liu Jing to reply, Qin Ruoxin immediately pouted at Chu Yun, purposely raising her voice, "What's the matter? Can't you see that a piece of trash has barged in?

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