Invincible Wife/C14 Elder Brother
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Invincible Wife/C14 Elder Brother
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C14 Elder Brother

Hee Zhuolun got on the car and said to the driver: "To City B."

The driver looked hesitant, "Sir, this place is 80 kilometers away from B City, the price …"

Without waiting for him to finish, Hee Zhuolun took out two thousand yuan and passed it to him: "Is that enough?"

"Enough, enough."

The driver smilingly stretched out his hand, but was stopped before he could receive the money.

He looked out the window at the passenger seat. A young man was looking at the guest in the back seat with disappointment. "Sir, you …"

Lang Yan didn't bother with the driver and directly took away the money from Hee Zhuolun's hands. He said depressingly: "Brother, I just bailed you out from the police station, why did you lie with fake money again? You really disappoint me?"

Hee Zhuolun, "..."

It was a kind voice, but who was his brother?

The driver's face fell.

Counterfeit currency?

He had been driving for many years and hated people who paid him with fake money.

These people were even more repulsive than those who did not give money, because even if he could not tell whether the money was real or fake, he still needed to find money to give to the customers, which was equivalent to him spending money to buy a guest car, causing him to suffer heavy losses.

The driver remembered that the man in the backseat had indeed come out from the police station, so he said coldly, "Sir, I'm really sorry, my car didn't go far, please find another car."

"…" Hee Zhuolun looked at the driver, "You haven't confirmed the authenticity of the money and you rejected the offer to carry the passenger. Have you ever thought that you might miss a chance to earn money?"

The driver would rather make a mistake than be deceived. However, he was worried that the other party would retaliate, so he didn't make a sound to avoid offending the other party.

Seeing that he was not driving, Hee Zhuolun got off.

The driver quickly drove away.

Lang Yan smiled as he passed the money back to Hee Zhuolun. "Brother, your money, please keep it."

Hee Zhuolun swept his gaze across him indifferently and took back the money. After confirming that the money was not changed into counterfeit currency, he put it back in his wallet and said: "The police station is right in front of us, aren't you worried that I would find the police to verify the truth and accuse you of framing me?"

Lang Yan replied, "When you chose to get off the car, you probably thought about it before saying anything." "When you chose to get off the car, you probably thought about it, and when you weren't paying attention, it was very possible that I would exchange my real money for more than ten thousand counterfeit coins. This way, you would be investigated for criminal responsibility, and once again invited back to the police station for tea.

Hee Zhuolun immediately asked him: "Then what do you want to do by leaving me in the Dragon Cry Village?"

"I don't want to do anything. I just feel that you've come all the way to Dragoncry Village. Why don't you finish today's birthday before you go back? Otherwise, wouldn't this just be a wasted trip?" Lang Yan took out a piece of white paper from his pocket. "See, I've already arranged all these in preparation for your birthday, how about you just stay one more day for me to fulfill your wish last night?"

It would have been fine if he hadn't mentioned last night, but once he did, he immediately attracted a stern look.

Hee Zhuolun looked at the white paper.

It was written on the white paper that they would have their breakfast at 9 in the morning, that they would have their breakfast at 11 in the afternoon, that they would go to the hot spring at 2 in the afternoon, that they would eat dinner at the night market at 6, and that they would go to see the lights at 10 in the evening.

"Morning feast?" Hee Zhuolun muttered.

He looked pretty good.

Lang Yan could see that he was interested in his own arrangements. He put his hand on Yue Yang's shoulder and said, "Come, let's go eat breakfast."

Hee Zhuolun looked at his eternally smiling face and suddenly, the corner of his mouth hooked up.

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