Invincible Wife/C15 Hegemony
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Invincible Wife/C15 Hegemony
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C15 Hegemony

No matter who heard the word breakfast, they would think that it was a very tall and noble breakfast banquet. Even Hee Zhuolun thought so too.

He thought he would be sitting in a secluded restaurant, enjoying all kinds of delicious meals. However, the fact was …

Hee Zhuolun silently looked at the sea of people and the noisy market entrance until the N th time fly passed in front of him. He could not help but ask: "Where's the breakfast?"

Lang Yan pointed to the small white truck beside the entrance of the market: "Over there."

The box of the truck had been modified. Both the left side and the back side were open for business, forming a small shop. On the left side, there was a red sign with the words' porridge cart 'written on it.

Under the car, there were a few tables and chairs for the guests to sit down and eat breakfast. However, a middle-aged man put them away as if he was preparing to pack up his stall.

Hee Zhuolun asked: Have some porridge?

Lang Yan looked at him: "Did you have a stomach attack last night? "Look at how ugly your face is, so, eating congee is the best, it can warm up your stomach."

Hee Zhuolun squinted, "You should really be in the cake …"

Lang Yan interrupted him: "It's because your stomach wasn't good to begin with, but last night you ate barbeque skewers with chili sauce on it along with an ice-cold cake. So, it's very easy to cause your stomach to feel uncomfortable. "Well, did you regret not letting me take the bag and the box last night?"

Hee Zhuolun, "..."

Lang Yan raised his hand and looked at his watch: "It's almost time, let's go and buy some porridge."

Hee Zhuolun looked at the market full of wet leaves and flies. He really didn't want to go with Lang Yan, but when he saw that Lang Yan had to look at the time to buy porridge, he felt that he must be scheming on something.

The ones selling porridge on the carriage were four women, one of them was in charge of serving the porridge, the other two were in charge of packing for the customers, and the last one was in charge of collecting money. They were extremely skilled in their movements, and the group of over twenty people quickly reached Lang Yan's side.

Lang Yan quickly said: "Boss, I want two servings for each type of porridge, packed ones. Also, I also want 19 youtiao, 19 cups of soy milk and 19 buns."

Hearing that, the person in charge of filling the porridge immediately filled the porridge. The person in charge of packing the porridge first finished packing the steamed buns, fried dough sticks, and soy milk. However, the counting women were not so fast. Because the price of each type of porridge was different, besides adding up the two pieces of the porridge, they also had to add up all the money for the porridge, youtiao, steamed buns, and soy milk.

Just in case she made a mistake, she did the calculation twice. Just as she was preparing to make the total account, someone suddenly shouted, "The Town Security is here, let's go."

In an instant, the entrance to the market was in chaos. The people who were setting up the stalls looked like they were fleeing for their lives. They hurriedly packed up all the things they needed to leave with, and even the four women in the car became extremely nervous.

The woman who was in charge of collecting money quickly used the computer to calculate the money, at the same time, she asked the middle-aged man, "Old Zhang, are the tables and chairs ready?"

Old Zhang replied, "Yes, I will drive away now."

The woman in charge of receiving the money quickly calculated the total amount of money Lang Yan earned from buying the porridge. "Sir, it's a total of four hundred and fifty-seven yuan."

"Alright, wait a moment."

Lang Yan handed the porridge in his hand to Hee Zhuolun, rummaged through his pockets, but was unable to find his wallet: Strange, where is my purse?

He took off his backpack and rummaged through it.

The woman who was collecting money saw that the Town Security was getting closer and closer: "Sir, did you find the wallet?"

Lang Yan revealed an apologetic look: "Not yet, I'll trouble you to wait a little longer."

Hee Zhuolun, "..."

He clearly saw the wallet.

Old Zhang, who was at the front, couldn't wait any longer and started the car.

The woman who was collecting money quickly shouted, "Old Zhang, wait a minute, I haven't received the money yet."

Old Zhang shouted anxiously, "Is the porridge more important, or is the car more important?"

It was only a few hundred dollars worth of money, but if they were stopped by the Town Security, their small truck would be taken away. At that time, it wouldn't be a matter of several hundred dollars to get their car out.

The woman glared at Lang Yan who was still looking for his wallet. When they were almost 50 metres away, she heard someone shout from behind, "Boss, I found his wallet, don't go away, I still haven't given you my money."

The woman looked over and saw the man who had bought their porridge waving at them with his wallet.

Hee Zhuolun looked at the smiling Lang Yan and the corner of his mouth twitched.

If he really wanted to pay, he would have already taken out his wallet or chased after him to give him the money instead of standing on the spot and waving his wallet with a smile.

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