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C18 Dear

It was only then that Hee Zhuolun and Lang Yan noticed that there were a lot of people looking at them. Some of them had curious expressions, some of them shook their heads and sighed, while some of them looked down on them.

In their eyes, two men were feeding each other shamelessly in front of the crowd, and they were even smiling sweetly to show their love.

"Darling, look at you, your face is full of porridge. Here, let me wipe it off for you." Lang Yan ignored everyone's words and picked up a tissue to wipe Hee Zhuolun's crotch. However, the more he wiped the porridge on his face, the more he wiped.

Hee Zhuolun, "..."

This man is deliberately misleading.

"Truly disgraceful."

Most of the people who came to do morning exercises in the park were old people. They couldn't bear to watch this any longer, so they turned around and left.

Lang Yan then threw away the tissue in his hand: "I have a set of clothes in my bag. After I finish eating breakfast, you can go to the bathroom in the park to change."

He had finally managed to get her to stay, but he couldn't just force her to leave like this.

Hee Zhuolun was in a sorry state, he did not have the mood to eat breakfast, so he directly went to the bathroom to wash his face.

Lang Yan followed along and went into the bathroom. He took out a set of clothes from his backpack and placed it on his phone: "I'll wait for you outside."

Hee Zhuolun did not speak, he quietly looked at himself in the mirror whose face was filled with porridge. After Lang Yan went out, he suddenly sneered, and felt that his and Lang Yan's actions just now were like two children who loved to play. They did not give in, and also did not admit defeat.

He really didn't know why he had become like this. Where had he run off to, to the point where he had once been so proud and self-contained?

He regained his senses, lowered his head and washed his face and hair clean, then picked up the clothes Lang Yan left on his drying phone and walked towards the bathroom.

Suddenly, something fell out of the clothes with a "pa la" sound.

Hee Zhuolun lowered his head and saw a black key and an anti-theft tool fall into his hands.

He bent over and picked it up, guessing that it was probably Lang Yan's motorcycle keys. It was just that, when he put the keys into his backpack, he accidentally threw it inside his clothes, which was why he gave the keys along with the clothes to him.

After changing his clothes, he took out all of the things in his wallet and placed them on the left side of his pants pocket. His empty wallet was placed on the right side of his pants, and then, he walked out of the bathroom.

Seeing Hee Zhuolun coming out, Lang Yan laughed: "It's pretty fitting."

The two of them were around the same height. Furthermore, he had given Hee Zhuolun a sportswear which made him look extremely loose.

Hee Zhuolun asked: "Where are we going next?"

"I'll take you to hunt. Oh right, where are your clothes from before?"

"Throw it away."

"Eldest Young Master is indeed Eldest Young Master, what a waste. Do you know that one of your clothes is equivalent to a full year's salary for others?"

"Right now, the clothes are still in the bathroom, do you want Mr Lang to go in and take them away?"

"Forget it, just treat it as donating it to a cleaner."

Lang Yan brought Hee Zhuolun and left the park towards the market.

The market was as lively as it was yesterday, it was crowded with people and cars. Lang Yan and Hee Zhuolun were hit by people several times and stepped on by people several times.

When they passed through the market and reached the foot of the mountain, Hee Zhuolun suddenly stopped and said, "I want to go to the restroom."

Lang Yan raised his brows, "We are all men, you can find a place to settle it."

Hee Zhuolun's face was gloomy, after a moment, he found it difficult to speak.

"It can't be?" Lang Yan looked around, pointed at the trees on the mountain and said: "You can settle this there."

Hee Zhuolun stared at him without moving: You won't take this opportunity to secretly take photos?

Lang Yan rolled his eyes: "How could I do such a wicked thing?"

Hee Zhuolun scoffed, "Haven't you done many wicked things since yesterday?"

Lang Yan laughed: "Do you want me to promise you that before you come out, I will stand here and not move?"

He took out a tissue and passed it to Hee Zhuolun. "Go quickly, don't hold it in too much."

Hee Zhuolun seemed to be unable to endure it any longer and did not waste any more time talking to Lang Yan. He received the tissue and quickly walked into the forest.

Lang Yan took out his phone in boredom and started reading the novels he had downloaded earlier.

When he finished reading the twelve chapters, Hee Zhuolun still had not come out. He suddenly felt that something was wrong.

However, he didn't restrict Hee Zhuolun's movements. Hee Zhuolun had also agreed to stay, there was no need to sneak out, could it be that he had been assassinated?

However, this possibility wasn't high. If he was assassinated, then it was impossible that he didn't make any move at all.

Lang Yan thought that Hee Zhuolun might have diarrhea, and waited for another five minutes. Seeing that he had not come out yet, he called out: "Mr Hee? Mr Hee, are you done? Mr Hee, if you don't say anything, I will go over. "

He waited at the same place for a few seconds, but he still didn't hear a sound, so he decided to go over to take a look. However, just as he took a step forward, he heard someone angrily say, "It's him! It's this person that molests my little sister."

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