Invincible Wife/C7 Unlucky
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Invincible Wife/C7 Unlucky
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C7 Unlucky

Not long after Lang Yan arrived at Dragoncry Village, a black Bentley arrived at the outskirts of the village. However, before he had gone far, he heard a sudden crash. It was the sound of a car exploding.

The owner of the car quickly braked and five seconds passed before the door was pushed open.

The person who walked out of the car was Hee Zhuolun, who had been injured twice by the bodyguards in the morning. Seeing the broken glass by the side of the road, he frowned, because the surface of the broken glass was covered in mud and dirt, which was extremely similar to mud and stone, so under the light of the sun, it did not reflect any light. Otherwise, he would not have run over the broken glass in the car and caused the wheels to explode.

He looked at the completely flattened wheels, his eyes narrowed and a look of contemplation flashed in them. He thought about the last two times he came here and saw a repair shop in front of him. He had no choice but to slowly drive the car into the village and stop in front of the repair shop.

When he got out of the car, he saw that the shop had quite a few spare parts and maintenance equipment, so he said, "Boss, I'll have to trouble you to mend a tire."

Car Repairman, who was playing with his phone, saw that it was a Bentley. His eyes flashed as he put his phone away and smiled, "Alright, Mister, you can sit over at the sofa for a while. I'll be able to repair your tire soon."

He poured a cup of water for Hee Zhuolun and quickly dragged a bunch of tools to the back of the car.

Hee Zhuolun did not drink the water on the table. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and called his friends: "Tinghee, I have arrived.

On the other end of the phone, there was a bunch of words, but his voice was intermittent. He Zhuo could barely hear the other side saying, "The signal isn't too good here. We'll talk later."

Hee Zhuolun hung up the phone and heard the sound of a plastic bag coming from the back of the car. He quickly walked over and saw that Car Repairman was looking for a tool in the plastic bag.

Car Repairman chuckled to him, "Sir, the tire is not serious. I can repair it in 15 minutes."

Hee Zhuolun sat at the side and watched him fix the car.

Car Repairman's movements were extremely proficient. He said that 15 minutes was only 15 minutes. After putting away the tools, he stood up and said, "Sir, the tire has already been repaired."

Hee Zhuolun asked: "How much?"

"1500 yuan."

When Car Repairman said this number, a hint of nervousness flashed across his face.

How could he not be nervous?

Of course, he was worried that the other party would not be happy to make trouble for him. After all, the other party did not seem to be someone to be trifled with. Even though the other party seemed gentle, one could tell from the aura he emitted that he was not an ordinary person.

Hee Zhuolun immediately took out 1500 yuan from his wallet and gave it to Car Repairman. To him, 1500 yuan was just a small amount, equivalent to a tip for a waiter. Moreover, how could he, the Eldest Young Master, know how much money was needed for the replacement of the womb?

"Thank you, sir." Car Repairman did not expect the other party to give him the money so readily. He happily took out his name card and handed it to Hee Zhuolun: "Sir, this is my name card. If you need it, you can call me anytime."

Hee Zhuolun took the postcard and drove off.

However, before they had even driven a hundred meters, the car suddenly stopped.

Hee Zhuolun got down from the carriage with a darkened face.

He felt particularly unlucky today. As soon as he fixed the tires, the car stopped burning.

He had obviously taken care of it yesterday, so why did it suddenly go out?

Could it be the Car Repairman?

However, he had his eyes set on Car Repairman, who would not even have the chance to lay a hand on his car.

Hee Zhuolun immediately walked to the back of the car, wanting to see if the Car Repairman had done anything, but someone shouted out: "Sir, your car can't be parked in the middle of the road, it will block the tourists from going in and out and cause a traffic jam."

He looked over and saw a man in a straw hat standing in the cornfield. Because of the glare of the midday sun, he could only tell from his figure, clothes, face, and voice that he was an old man.

In order to not block the way, Hee Zhuolun quickly bent down to check the exhaust pipe.

Seeing that Hee Zhuolun did not immediately drive away, the old man shouted again: "Sir, is your car broken down? If your car breaks down, you can ask the Car Repairman in the village to take a look at it for you, or ask him to help you drag your car to the shop and fix it. "

Hee Zhuolun stood up and looked at the path that could barely fit two cars together. He then took out his postcard to call Car Repairman.

After the Car Repairman received the phone call, he rushed over and asked: "Sir, why have you called me here? "It can't be that I haven't fixed the fetus, right?"

Hee Zhuolun's gentle eyes flashed with a hint of sharpness, and he stared at his face: "My car can't catch fire."

"Can't light a fire?" Car Repairman frowned: "Can you let me try your car?"

Hee Zhuolun didn't notice anything strange from his face, so he merely gave a light grunt.

Car Repairman got on the car to test the engine. After he found that the engine couldn't fire the car, he got off the car and checked the hood. "Sir, there might be a problem with the engine."

"Can it be fixed?"

"That's hard to say. If it's not a big problem, we can fix it tomorrow."

Hee Zhuolun planned to stay here for the night anyway, so he nodded his head: "I'll trouble you to drag the car back to your shop to repair the engine first, if tomorrow I still can't fix it by then, then I'll think of another way."


Hee Zhuolun looked at the watch on his wrist. It was almost 12: 30, so he did not waste time talking to Car Repairman.

When the Car Repairman saw him leave, he leaned against the carriage and heaved a sigh of relief.

This man seemed gentle and gentle, but the sharp look in his eyes made him afraid to look directly at him.

After the Car Repairman drove the other cars to drag Bentley back into the shop, he quickly pulled out the black plastic paper ball from the exhaust pipe.

This was something that he had secretly stuffed in while Hee Zhuolun was on the phone. This way, the car could turn off the engine, so there were no problems with the engine and there was no need to repair the engine.

Tomorrow, as long as he put the engine in a slightly more serious state and made a large amount of money from it, he would be able to make a decent profit for the next two months.

Car Repairman was happy when he thought about it. He whistled and went to close the door for lunch, unaware of Lang Yan, who had given him a thousand yuan, watching his every move from the back.

Lang Yan walked out of the corn field, looked at the place where Hee Zhuolun stood and smiled, then took out three hundred yuan and handed it over to the old man who had asked Hee Zhuolun to drive away: "Thank you old uncle."

The old man took the money with a smile and continued to harvest his corn.

Lang Yan got on his motorcycle and left the cornfield. He took the other road, in the direction of the farmhouse.

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