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C9 Why

Being stared at by everyone, Lang Yan did not panic at all. He casually spread out his hands: "I did not steal his wallet, if you do not believe me, you can check."

The police did not search him when they saw how straightforward he was. "We'll talk about it when we get back to the police station."

Hee Zhuolun felt that his wallet must have been moved away by Lang Yan. Otherwise, Lang Yan would not be so magnanimous. Instead of letting the police search him, he turned and followed them to the police car.

When the police saw that Hee Zhuolun was so self-aware, they did not have any intentions of running away, so they did not handcuff him either. They even arranged for him and Lang Yan to sit at the back of the police car.

Hee Zhuolun sat in the police car, thinking about his good friend who was still waiting for him at the farmhouse to eat, he took out his phone. But, there was no signal on his phone.

Lang Yan who was seated opposite to him saw him staring at his phone, and laughed: "Is there no signal?"

Hee Zhuolun squinted at him: "You did it?"

Lang Yan laughed without saying a word.

Hee Zhuolun looked at the policeman sitting in front of him, he did not ask anymore questions, and even if he had asked, Lang Yan would not answer in front of the policemen.

When they arrived at the police station, the police first checked Lang Yan's backpack. After confirming that Hee Zhuolun's wallet was not there, they began to interrogate and record his words.

Hee Zhuolun directly stated his identity and emphasized that he definitely did not steal a person's wallet. He also asked the police to check the market's surveillance records to clear his innocence, and even asked them to answer the police's questions after his lawyer arrived. Finally, he wanted them to help him inform the people who were eating at the farm house music to prove his identity.

The police obviously could not refuse his request. This was a matter concerning his reputation, and also concerned the possibility of Hee Zhuolun being sentenced or not. Furthermore, Hee Zhuolun had claimed that he was the CEO of the Hee's Group, so it was even more impossible for them to take care of this matter rashly.

Since he did not manage to find out what happened, it was impossible for Lang Yan to leave. Thus, the police arranged for him to follow Hee Zhuolun to a chair in the corner and wait there.

Seeing that the police had left, Hee Zhuolun opened his mouth: "Why?"

Why frame him for stealing his wallet?

What good would it do to Lang Yan if he was brought into the police station?

Furthermore, the amount of money in his wallet was not enough for him to go to jail. Was it necessary to spend so much effort to buy a wallet that was identical to his own to frame him?

"Why?" Lang Yan turned his head to look at him, "Turn off the recording on your phone and put your phone where I can see it, I'll answer you."

Seeing that his actions were seen through, Hee Zhuolun switched off the recording and placed the phone on the small table in front of him.

Lang Yan smiled elegantly: "Actually there's no reason, it's just that I want to see if any of your Hee Family has ever entered the police station before, so I wanted you, a person with Hee Family, to come in and have a taste of what it feels like. Also, I have been extremely bored during this period of time.

Hee Zhuolun said lightly: "Don't tell me you are learning the thief profession?"

"Maybe so. I learned so much in school that I can't even remember what I majored in."

Hee Zhuolun did not believe what the man was saying at all.

Just then, a policewoman walked over, "Mr Hee, I'm really sorry, but there's a problem with the internet and phone lines today. We can't find out your identity on the internet, nor can we call your family and lawyers to inform them.

Everyone in the police station knew about the famous Hee's Group, but the CEO rarely appeared, and even if there was a blurry image, no one in the police station would know about Hee Zhuolun.

However, the man in front of him had an extraordinary aura. Even if he wasn't the CEO of Hee's Group, he shouldn't be a thief.

If it really was a thief, then after entering the police station, he would probably lower his head and not dare to look at anyone, or he would feel regret and fear. He was not as calm as the man in front of him.

Then, another policewoman walked over and said, "Mr Hee, there's a problem with the surveillance room today. There are no surveillance records for today's market."

Hee Zhuolun looked at Lang Yan, and he knew very clearly who caused this problem.

He smiled politely at the two policewomen. "Got it, thank you."

Her charming smile immediately caused the two policewomen to blush.

After they left, Hee Zhuolun said in a bland voice, "It seems that not only are you a professional thief, you're also a professional in computers. You're quite capable."

Lang Yan laughed and said: "I am very happy to be praised by you, but I am even happier to see you locked up in the police station."

Hee Zhuolun said with certainty: "You won't have that chance."

"Is that so?" Lang Yan's smile did not change: "How did you deal with the gift box that I gave you today? Did he throw it away? Or did you take it back? "

Hearing that he had suddenly changed the topic, Hee Zhuolun thought of something very quickly, and squinted his eyes: "Is there a problem with the box?"

Lang Yan chuckled: "There's no big problem, it's just that it will interfere with your bodyguard team's tracking device."

Hee Zhuolun raised the center of his brows. "I really can't underestimate you."

After interfering with the tracking device, Uncle Wu and the rest did not know where he was.

An hour later, the police officer who went to look for Hee Zhuolun's friends returned. "Mr Hee, the Mr. Chai Tinghee you mentioned, and the others are not at the farmhouse, I asked the attendants there about it, they previously booked a private room and several rooms, but they checked out yesterday afternoon."

"How is this possible?" Hee Zhuolun frowned, he had already made an appointment with Tinghee a few days ago, why did he not notify him when he checked out?

He thought for a moment and asked, "Is the manager of the Farmer's family in? He knows who I am, so you can invite him over. "

The policeman shook his head. "The manager went home to rest yesterday. He won't come to work until two days later."

Lang Yan stood up while smiling: "In other words, no one can prove his identity, and I am not wrong, can I leave now?"

"Who says no one can prove it?" Hee Zhuolun looked at him and said: "Mr Lang, did you forget that we are all living in the Villa District of the Imperial Garden and you are the neighbor opposite my house."

Lang Yan looked at him apologetically: "Mr Hee, I'm really sorry. I think you got the wrong person.

He had bought the villa, but it had not been registered in his name. Even if he had checked, he wouldn't have been able to find it on him.

Hee Zhuolun, "..."

Lang Yan looked at the police officer: "Comrade Police, can I leave now?"

The police said: "Mr Lang, you can leave, but the matter has not been thoroughly investigated, so I hope you can leave your contact details. Also, I hope that you can leave your ID card here temporarily."

"No problem."

Lang Yan quickly wrote down his phone number and the address of the hotel he was staying at. After passing by Hee Zhuolun, he suppressed his voice and laughed: "Just stay here and wait, I will come to visit you."

Hee Zhuolun, "..."

After Lang Yan left the police station, he returned to a small stall at the place where he wrongly accused Hee Zhuolun of stealing his purse. Using the movements of tying his shoelaces, he squatted down and quickly touched his wallet under the stall.

He looked at his wallet and smiled slightly. After stealing Hee Zhuolun's wallet, he quickly stuffed his wallet under the table of the stall, and then, he stuffed his wallet into Hee Zhuolun's hands to frame Hee Zhuolun. That was why he couldn't find his wallet on the police.

Lang Yan kept his wallet and turned around to look for some good food at the farmhouse. After eating his fill, he went to rest in the farmhouse's guest room, and only woke up at 8 PM in the evening to take a bath and eat dinner.

Due to the village's network and all sorts of signals being cut off by him, he was unable to watch TV or surf the internet. Thus, he could only sit on the sofa in a daze.

Lang Yan unknowingly thought of Hee Zhuolun who was still in the police station. That red, swollen forehead and scuffed crotch made him laugh uncontrollably.

When he came to, he picked up his car keys, wallet, and a work permit and left the town hall. He went to the night market and bought a lot of supper and went to the police station.

As soon as he entered the room, he shouted, "It's already midnight! It's already midnight!"

The police officers on duty all raised their heads. After smelling the fragrance, they all gathered around. When they saw the big and small bags of midnight snacks, they all exclaimed, "So many midnight snacks?"

They opened it and saw that it was not a barbecue, but fried noodles, porridge, and various other snacks. It made them, the police, salivate.

The police officer with the fastest hands immediately picked up a barbecue skewer and stuffed it into his mouth.

The cautious police saw that Lang Yan did not have a police uniform, and asked: "Why have I not seen you before, you are new here?"

Lang Yan laughed, "Yes, I just arrived today."

"Why haven't I heard of any new colleagues?" The cautious policeman turned to the others. "Have you heard?"

Everyone shook their heads. "No."

"Haven't you heard?" Lang Yan remained calm: "Maybe it's because I called the Little Allied Police today, that's why the higher ups didn't have the time to tell you."

He picked up his work card and waved it in front of them. "This is my work card."

When everyone saw his work pass, they thought that no matter how bold the other party was, he would not pretend to be a police officer and wander around in front of the police. Thus, they no longer suspected him and thanked Lang Yan for his midnight snack and called the other policemen over to eat supper.

Seeing that everyone was fighting over food, Lang Yan took out another bag of supper and quietly left the office, heading towards the building at the back of the building.

It was late and quiet, and the night shift had gone to the office for supper.

Lang Yan saw that there was only one room with lights on, so he walked over. However, the door was locked from the outside, which meant that there was someone inside.

He turned and walked around to the back of the building. The window of the brightly lit room was open, and he went to the window and looked in. The room was small, but very empty, with only a table and a chair.

Lang Yan couldn't help but laugh when he saw the handsome man resting with his eyes closed.

Hee Zhuolun was indeed locked up here.

After all, it was impossible for the police to bring a person to the interrogation room or any other cell without a clear investigation.

Lang Yan's gaze turned towards the two steamed buns and a bottle of mineral water on the table. His smile was even wider.

"Since you're here, why aren't you saying anything?" The man in the chair suddenly spoke up.

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