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At a Chinese restaurant in the city center.

"Ji Tianxiang, what are you poking at!" Hurry up and get to work! Do you think your family owns the restaurant? If you stand there, I'll give you money for nothing! "

Hearing the roar, Ji Tianxiang did not hesitate at all. He immediately picked up the duster, broom and trash can and ran over.

"Wait, this, this, and this. These boxes, hurry up and pack them up for me! "Don't even think about getting off work if you don't pack up!" When Ji Tianxiang was about to walk into the room, the manager immediately pointed at a few boxes and said.

Seven rooms! By the time he got off work, there was still half an hour left. It would take him at least an hour and a half to pack up these seven rooms!

Ji Tianxiang looked deeply at the manager and the manager yelled again: "What? He couldn't accept it! If you're not convinced, leave immediately! I won't give you a single cent! "

"Manager, there's nothing to be unconvinced about!" Don't be angry! Your excellency doesn't care about petty matters, I will do it right now! I'll do it now! "I guarantee that I will complete the mission!" Ji Tianxiang smiled bitterly and quickly apologized to the manager. He didn't want to work for so long and not get a single cent in salary!

With this salary, he was still waiting to buy an Apple phone for his girlfriend Wu Mengmeng!

"Humph!" "At least you're sensible!" The manager glanced at Ji Tianxiang imposingly, put his hands behind his back and walked away.

When Ji Tianxiang was tidying up the fifth room, he saw the messy environment in the room. He was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped, and it took a long time for him to close it.

According to the news, if someone went to the restaurant to eat, they could create a garbage dump. So it was true!

"What a mess this room is! It was just a meal! How can it be eaten into a garbage heap! " Ji Tianxiang said in disdain as he cleaned up the leftovers on the table.

"Hey!" Why did a phone appear on the sofa? It was still an Apple phone! Ouch! And it's even a new Apple phone! "Who is so careless? Such an expensive phone, yet you dare to so carelessly forget to take it?" Ji Tianxiang noticed the phone and quickly threw away the cloth in his hand. He placed the phone in his hand and earnestly admired it.

Wu Mengmeng has been asking for a new Apple phone and has told me about it several times in public and in secret.

He had promised to give it to Wu Mengmeng as a gift, but it had been dragged on for weeks and still hadn't been given out yet.

The reason why he didn't give it away was because he didn't have any money on him! The amount of money she exchanged from picking up trash recently was not as much as before. She could only barely manage to support herself and wanted to squeeze out some money to buy an Apple phone for Wu Mengmeng. It was truly not enough!

Wu Mengmeng had been ignoring him for days!

The more Ji Tianxiang thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt! Thus, he had no choice but to look around for part-time jobs. Sometimes, even if he toiled day and night, he would still not be able to earn two thousand yuan.

Buy an Apple phone, and it's a new one, at least seven or eight thousand!

Ji Tianxiang looked at the Apple phone that he picked up. He was extremely tempted. It really wasn't difficult for him to get it!

If he gave this phone to Wu Mengmeng, she would definitely hug it happily and not let it go. She might even kiss him a few times!

Ji Tianxiang thought about it and his heart was filled with joy!

"Sigh!" No! What am I thinking! This was accidentally left behind by a guest! As a contemporary university student, I am a young man of five good, how can pick up the thing to own! The person who lost his phone must be very anxious! I'm just sending them to the front desk! " After the jubilation passed, reason returned. Finally, reason overcame greed.

Ji Tianxiang cleaned up the room and went to the front desk with his phone.

"My cell phone! My cell phone! He's holding my cell phone in his hand! " A beautiful woman with a first-class figure let out a scream in the hall, immediately attracting the gazes of countless people.

Isn't this the school beauty Lin Xueying? Could it be that the phone he picked up was Lin Xueying's?

Ji Tianxiang held his phone awkwardly, walked over and handed it over: "This is your phone? I just picked it up and was about to deliver it to the front desk! Now that you're here, I'll directly give it to you! "

"Ha!" Picked it up! How could I not believe it! Why didn't other people pick it up, only you, Ji Tianxiang, would pick it up? Let me see! You're the one who stole my phone, right? " The school belle snatched the phone away and wiped it with the toilet paper in disdain. Then, she started to criticize loudly in front of everyone.

The manager of the restaurant was alarmed. He hurriedly ran over and asked, "What's the matter?"

"You came at just the right time! He stole my phone, but he still won't admit it! " School beauty Lin Xueying pointed at Ji Tianxiang and said viciously.

Ji Tianxiang panicked, how could this school belle wrongly accuse someone so casually? Hurry up and explain to the manager, "Manager! I didn't steal her phone! That phone, I picked it up from the box! He was about to deliver it to the front desk! "Results..."

"Don't listen to his excuses! I know this person! He is a student of our Beidu University and lives in especially poor conditions. This new Apple phone of mine is worth seven or eight thousand yuan! He must be greedy and wants to steal our phone for money! " School Beauty Lin Xueying was afraid that the manager would look at Ji Tianxiang, so she told him all of Ji Tianxiang's glorious deeds in one go.

Everyone looked at Ji Tianxiang with disdain.

"Lin Xueying, don't lie to me! I didn't steal your phone! " Ji Tianxiang looked at the school belle in anger. This was bullying the other party too much!

From suspicion to trust, the manager's eyes turned and a hint of darkness flashed across them. He shouted loudly: "Good for you, Ji Tianxiang! Not only did he not work properly, he even learned how to steal from customers! Someone! Get him out of the restaurant! Don't even think about taking the previous salary. "

"Manager, listen to me! I really didn't steal her phone! I really didn't! Believe me! " A few security guards came over, grabbed Ji Tianxiang and pushed him out!

Ji Tianxiang hurriedly tried to explain, but the manager didn't believe him. He was chased out of the door by the security guards, and the school belle looked at Ji Tianxiang proudly with mockery in her eyes.

Ji Tianxiang wanted to go in again to ask for an explanation, but there were a few ferocious guards at the door staring at him, causing him to have no choice but to leave in a sorry state.

Ever since he became an adult, Ji Tianxiang had been released by his family and had to live independently for a while. In order to support his livelihood, he had no choice but to pick up trash and study diligently and thriftily.

His life of picking up trash allowed Ji Tianxiang to experience true human warmth when he was in dire straits.

Ji Tianxiang sighed with sorrow, "Ai!" When will this kind of life be the end!? "

Just as Ji Tianxiang returned to his dorm room, he heard his roommate, Lee Ming, walk over and pat him on the shoulder. "Tianxiang, your girlfriend has invited you to meet her at the sports field!"

"When?" Ji Tianxiang was overjoyed. Wu Mengmeng finally took the initiative to talk to him. It was simply too unexpected.

"Look at how excited you are! Right now! "Hurry up and go!" Lee Ming chuckled.

The other roommates scoffed, "There's still half an hour before the time comes to close the door! Tianxiang! Your little girlfriend has invited you to meet her at the sports field for such a deep reason! "

"Fugui, as you say! Wouldn't Wu Tie be in a bad mood today? " Xue Ruhai was the one who started the commotion. Amongst his roommates, he had the best time with Wang Fugui.

"That's not it! The two of them might be alone today, but since you're so focused on me, I can't help but … Hehe! That's enough! "

Lin Fei, who usually didn't like to join in the fun, also said a few words in an amiable manner. His expression was even more excited and excited than Ji Tianxiang himself.

Ji Tianxiang laughed bitterly: "How could that happen!" I'll just go out and see him! You're all thinking too much! I'll be leaving first! "

Meat? What the hell! At most, he and Wu Mengmeng would just hold hands and not even kiss! Not to mention suddenly hit the home run in one night.

Ji Tianxiang ran to the field. Seeing that his girlfriend Wu Mengmeng had been waiting for a long time, he quickly apologized: "Sorry! I'm late! Mengmeng, don't be angry! I will soon be able to save up enough money to buy you a new Apple phone! "

"Buy what!" Ji Tianxiang, you've already talked about buying a phone for several months! Do you even have the money to buy it!? If you don't have the money to buy it, then stop bragging. "

When she mentioned about buying a phone, Wu Mengmeng immediately got angry. Ji Tianxiang had taken advantage of her a few times for a phone, and even now, there was still no trace of her phone! What a loss.

Ji Tianxiang wanted to grab Wu Mengmeng's hand nervously, "Mengmeng! Listen to me! I'm trying to save money! I'll definitely be able to buy you an Apple phone in a while. "

"Ha!" No need! Let's break up! " Wu Mengmeng looked at Ji Tianxiang's poverty-stricken expression and sneered.

"Break up? "Mengmeng, I'll be able to buy a phone for you soon …" Ji Tianxiang's face immediately stiffened as he actively explained.

"Stop me, me, me! Break up! Break up! Ji Tianxiang, I broke up with you! Don't buy me a phone, I don't want it. " Wu Mengmeng was getting more and more disgusted with the man in front of her. She had been playing with him for such a long time, yet she still hadn't realized that she had been played with. The stupidity of being played with like a pig's head made her feel nauseous.

Ji Tianxiang felt the callousness of Wu Mengmeng and made up his mind to break up with her. But why did he want to break up with her?

"Mist!" Can you tell me why you broke up with me? Did I do something wrong!? I'll change it! I will definitely change it! " Ji Tianxiang wanted to grab Wu Mengmeng's hand in terror, but Wu Mengmeng mercilessly shook him off.

"You thief! The matter of stealing someone else's cellphone had now become known by the entire school! I don't want anyone to say that I, Wu Mengmeng, have a thief boyfriend! What was bad about it! Stealing things? This was too embarrassing! Ji Tianxiang, you really make me look down on you! "

Wu Mengmeng's words were like a bolt out of the blue, striking Ji Tianxiang.

Seeing that Ji Tianxiang didn't say anything, Wu Mengmeng decided to leave on her own and sighed in her heart: I finally got rid of this poor bastard.

"Mengmeng, listen to me! It's not what you think! I didn't steal her phone at all! " Ji Tianxiang reacted and excitedly grabbed Wu Mengmeng's hand to explain!

Wu Mengmeng could not stand Ji Tianxiang's pestering, so she snorted and said: "Tell me the truth! I dumped you because I already have a new boyfriend! He won't let you have too much money! [He is a fuerdai, unlike a pauper who can't even afford to eat!] If you know your own limits, don't bother me anymore! "

"But if you despise me for being poor, then why did you choose to be with me in the first place?" Ji Tianxiang could not believe this fact. Wu Mengmeng liked money and despised him for being poor, but she dumped him because he had no money.

"Oh!" I was with you! You see, being honest, stupid, easy to play with, and as obedient as a dog! And now! I'm tired of it. I don't want to play anymore! "Can I?"

Wu Mengmeng's words were like sharp needles, piercing Ji Tianxiang's heart and making him unable to breathe from the pain.

"Go! I will pester you again in the future! " Ji Tianxiang's heart was like dying embers as he let go of the hands that were about to grab Wu Mengmeng.

However, just as Wu Mengmeng left, Ji Tianxiang received a text message: "You have earned the right to inherit billions of family property. There will be a senior steward serving you. Contact XXXXXX."

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