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The sky of blood dance never lonesomely, fly around the slaughter descends to the world. Blood blurred my vision, and death awakened my killing intent. Then I started to learn how to kill, and I slowly got used to the feeling of the blood rain falling in the sky. Maybe one day, when this day can no longer cover my eyes, this land can no longer bury my heart. Perhaps I will choose to retreat ~ ~

? ? Tengyan Paraphrase

The stars and moon appeared in the sky. A breeze blew... The quiet night was filled with endless mysteries.

The night came quietly as usual.

The night was filled with endless mysteries and revealed endless ambiguity.

"Mm ?" In the depths of the forest, the cry of a young girl could be heard. "Young master, don't, you'll be discovered ?" The young girl's shy voice broke the silence of the night, revealing a trace of dim shyness.

"Dia'Er, don't be afraid. I already told Wang Fei and the rest to guard it, no one dares to enter. Besides, who would come to this kind of place in the middle of the night? "Come, young master I will love you very much, hehe." A young man embraced a pure and beautiful girl with a vulgar look on his face. His sinful hands wantonly wandered over the smooth skin of the girl with a face full of enjoyment.

The youth's excitement and the young girl's shyness caused the air to be filled with endless ambiguity.

No one cared about anything in the face of this scene. However, there was one thing that caught the attention of many people, and in the sky, the black starlight that was originally scattered all over the place instantly disappeared without a trace. However, the black sky instantly became as bright as day, and the dark clouds flickered with purple lightning.

At this moment, many people saw the strange scene in the sky. All of their expressions flickered, and their hearts were in turmoil ? In this world, there was a legend: There is a phenomenon in the sky, and a monster must be born.

Boom... Right at this moment, a purple bolt of lightning descended from the sky, completely breaking the silence of the night.

The sky changed color, and the sun and moon dimmed.

"Ah..." A pair of eyes that were filled with endless fear stared fixedly at the scene in front of them. A few seconds ago, just as the boy in front of him was about to break through the last line of defense of his body, a purple bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the sky. It mercilessly struck the boy in front of him, and in that instant, the boy was struck beyond recognition by that bolt of lightning ?

The people are doing it, the heavens are watching, the sins they have committed will all be repaid one day.

The young man in front of him was none other than the young master of the number one medical family in the Empire of Zi Ye, Teng Yan. In this mysterious continent, although martial arts was the most respected family in the world, medicine masters, as a powerless profession, still occupied an important position, no other reason other than that the pills refined by high level pharmacists were the dream of every expert in the world. Often, a high level ammunition could instantly become a powerful martial artist in the blink of an eye, so the existence of the number one medical family in the Empire of Zi Ye, the Teng family, was of course a lot of powerful martial artists.

As the only male in the generation of the Medicine Aristocrat Clan, Teng Yan was obviously favored by tens of thousands of people. Normally, when he went out, there would be ten Battle-King level experts, or even Battle-Emperor level experts following beside him (Warriors were divided into nine levels: War Soldiers, War Generals, Battle-King, Battle-Emperor, War God, and Battle Lord; the Ancestor was divided into nine levels, each level was further divided into three stages, namely early, middle stage, and late stage). Teng Yan had always been mischievous due to his family's influence.

Perhaps it was because even the heavens did not like the actions of Teng Yan that this bolt of purple lightning deprived Teng Yan of the right to continue living.

"Young Master, Young Master..." The young girl was shaking Teng Qingshan's body and crying out nonstop. However, Teng Yan showed no reaction. "Help! Help!" Although the person in front of her had taken over her body countless times, he was her master after all. Right now, Teng Yan's appearance made Die'er very afraid. If something were to happen to Teng Yan, then her little life would be gone ? ?

Without waiting for Die'er to call out, a few elders appeared in the distance. These people were none other than the current patriarch of the Teng Clan, Teng Wen. Earlier, when they saw the strange scene in the sky, they were startled by another bolt of purple lightning landing on the bamboo forest in their back garden, so they immediately rushed over ?

"Dia'Er, what happened?" Teng Yan was the sole heir of the Teng family. (In this world, he had completely adhered to the principle of being inferior to men and women, so women, especially ordinary women, were not taken seriously in this world. Therefore, even if the Teng family and Teng Yan were of the same generation, they wouldn't be taken seriously.) Although Teng Wen was angry, he had already started to check Teng Yan's condition. Alchemists were divided into five levels: apprentice alchemist, alchemist, Medicine Emperor, Medicine God, and Medicine Sovereign. Each level was further divided into nine levels, from one to nine.

Medicine God level 1, this was basically the peak existence in the entire world. As for the legendary Medicine Sovereign, this world had never heard of him before.

"What happened to Die'er?" Teng Wen was busy inspecting Teng Yan's body, so he didn't care about anything else. At this time, the middle-aged man that came with Teng Wenwen couldn't resist his curiosity and asked Die'er, who was trembling in fear.

"I... "I..."

"You what you, hurry up and tell me ?" Looking at Die'er's hesitant appearance, Teng Qingshan couldn't help but urge her. When Die'er had explained the whole situation, everyone finally understood that the purple lightning bolt had landed on Teng Yan's body.

A few were happy, a few were sad, and naturally, a few were happy. Other than Teng Wen and Teng Qian Zhan, the rest of the people who came here revealed a look of schadenfreude, but they didn't dare to show it. Like Teng Qian Zhan, they were both Teng Wen's sons, but because they didn't continue burning incense for the Teng family, they didn't receive any attention from Teng Wen. At this moment, seeing Teng Yan on the verge of death, how could they not feel happy ? ?

"Second brother, Yan Er is blessed by the heavens. He will definitely be fine. You don't need to worry ?" However, in his heart, he was thinking, "Haha, your bastard will also be struck by lightning one day. Serves him right. Let's see how you will continue to act arrogantly in front of us in the future." The others comforted Teng Wen one by one, but their thoughts differed too much from what they said.

"All of you shut up..." At this moment, Teng Wen, who was bending over for Teng Yan's inspection, couldn't help but let out an angry shout. How could he not know what his sons were thinking? He immediately felt extremely angry at their dignified appearance. At the same time, he felt helpless because of the state of Teng Yan's body. He discovered that there was not a single trace of life left in Teng Yan's body. That was to say, Teng Yan had died ? ?

The strong blow caused this alchemist, who stood at the peak of the world, to instantly age a lot. He helplessly looked at Teng Yan's icy-black body on the ground, and then at his own sons who were plotting against him. His heart felt as if it had died. It was as if he had seen through everything in the world in an instant ?

"Pu ?" He spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Father ?" The old man's sudden change of events caused the people around him to tremble in fear. They couldn't help but to hurriedly support the old man.

"Forget it, forget it ?" "Thousand Battles, help Yan'er deal with her back affairs. In the future, you can do whatever you want to do. I'm too lazy to care about that, so I can't do anything about it ?" The elderly figure gradually disappeared from everyone's sight.

After Teng Qingshan left, those so-called brothers of Teng Qian Zhan no longer hid anything. One by one, they left while taking pleasure in Teng Qingshan's misfortune, leaving Teng Qian Zhan and Die'er staring at the cold corpse on the ground in a daze. A cold wind blew violently, seeming to be wantonly mocking him ? Thankfully...

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