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The news of the Teng Clan being exterminated overnight quickly spread throughout the entire Empire of Zi Ye. As the number one medical family in the Empire of Zi Ye, the Teng Clan was not only inextricably linked to the royal family, but also to some sects. Of course, there were friends and enemies ?

Even some of the individuals or sects that had been in contact with the Teng Clan were now in a wait-and-see attitude. After all, the Teng Clan was more or less related to the Teng Clan, and now that the Teng Clan had fallen, it meant that they would be unable to obtain any benefits from the Teng Clan. Moreover, they would be able to kill the Teng Clan in one night. This power had already revealed its unfathomable strangeness. No one wanted to provoke a mysterious, powerful enemy without any benefits ?

This was the world, and this was reality. Husband and wife were originally the same sort of people who would fly when faced with a great calamity, not to mention these forces that had no relation to each other. On the seventh day of the Teng Clan's annihilation. It was also the day when all the members of the Teng Clan were buried. The scene of the Teng Clan being overcrowded as soon as something happened no longer appeared. At this moment, other than the commoners of the Imperial City, there were only the people of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Guard Army. At this moment, other than the commoners of the Imperial City, there were only the people of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Guard Army. Even an ordinary Medicine Aristocratic Family would not be able to match up to him ?

All of the Teng Clan's medicine masters had been killed, so the Teng Clan could no longer be considered as a medical clan.

As Teng Qianhao stared at the scene before him, his heart felt like it was on the verge of death, filled with endless anger. Father, Father, look. How realistic they were, how realistic ? He was very clear in his heart that no matter how strong their relationship was today, as long as his family declined, then everything would disappear in a puff of smoke. Therefore, when he told Teng Yan to go find his aunt, who was thousands of miles away, he didn't ask Teng Yan to follow the royal family ? ? He knew very well that the heart is separated from the belly, and only relatives can rely on. Not to mention that Teng Yan had two heaven-defying pills on him that could move anyone's heart. He misjudged the royal family and Zi Sheng Tian. From the beginning, Zi Sheng Tian never planned to settle the boundary between the Qing Dynasty and Teng family, and because of this, the Empire of Zi Ye became a powerful empire in the future. Of course, this was all in the future.

"Father ?" At this moment, a sorrowful voice came from the outside. Teng Qianhao was stunned as he looked towards the source of the voice with a dull expression.

"Eldest young mistress ?" His mournful voice seemed to have found a trace of support. He had endured too much for the past seven days. Now that he saw the person in front of him, he finally couldn't hold back and shouted, "Big sister, it's my fault. I didn't protect my father well ?" Teng Qianhao kept blaming himself.

The person in front of him was none other than Teng Qingshan's eldest daughter, Teng Xueji. She was the aunt that Teng Wen asked Teng Yan to look for before his death. She was the wife of the head of the Evil Faction, one of the three major sects of the Zi Ye Empire ?

"Qian Hao, get up. "Big Sister doesn't blame you. The men of the Teng Clan should always be able to support themselves ?" Teng Xue Ji said indifferently and quietly helped Teng Qian Hao up. There was not a single trace of emotion on her face, but beneath this peaceful face was an endless tornado. Teng Xue Ji was the only one of Teng Wen's sons and daughters who cultivated battle qi. Of course, her current cultivation level was even more astonishing. As Teng Qingshan's eldest daughter, she was also the most outstanding one. At the age of twenty, she married into the evil sect and became the young master's wife. At twenty-one, she helped the young master of the evil sect ascend to the position of Sovereign. At twenty-six, she allowed the evil sect to become one of the three great sects of the Empire of Zi Ye.

This time, the current Sect Leader of the Evil Sect, Leng Feng, also came along with Teng Xueji. He was also a powerhouse at the Queen of War, of course, along with countless experts of the Evil Sect. This was the strength of the three great sects of the Empire of Ziye ?

At this moment, a monstrous presence suddenly came from outside the door, causing everyone to be moved. Even Teng Xueji and Leng Feng, who were experts, were not one bit different, and the presence was as destructive as the heavens and the earth. However, neither Teng Qianhao nor Teng Xueji were moved, because this aura was too familiar to them. This person was their second uncle, Teng Wu. In the past, Teng Wen and Teng Wu, the two brothers, had both been a doctor and a servant. Teng Wen was now a medicine god, while Teng Wu was also a battle queen, so how could a battle queen expert emit the aura of a war god? Teng Wu said that his strength had long since reached the level of a Martial Immortal, but since reaching the level of a Martial Immortal from the War Emperor required no longer cultivation, but comprehension, and only after comprehending could he enter the level of a Martial Immortal, Teng Wu was still in the realm of the War Empress. If Teng Wu had entered the level of a Martial Immortal, the Broken Moon would have long disappeared, becoming the foundation of the birth of a peerless expert in the Teng family.

"Second Uncle ?" Looking at the ferocious man in front of them, Teng Qian Hao and Teng Xue Ji called out to him at the same time. When they saw the man in front of them, they felt as if they had found their pillar ?. The person in front of him looked to be around thirty to forty years old, but his age had already reached sixty. It was all because of his battle qi cultivation ?

Teng Wu returned along with a group of experts from the Teng Clan. Each of them was a warrior of the Battle-Emperor level and there were no less than one hundred people. This was the foundation of the Teng Clan.

The current Teng Clan could be said to be a gathering of experts. Royal experts, experts from the evil sects, and also experts from the Teng Clan itself. Now, not to mention Zhan Tian bringing the mysterious sect and the Poison Sect, even if he joined forces with another of the three great sects, they would still be unable to contend against him. In the end, the past is still the past ?

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