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"Don't say anything, bury our family well ?" Teng Wu said in an indifferent tone. Revenge was something that would come later. Under Teng Wu's arrangements, Teng Wen and the others were quickly settled down. Early the next morning, the whole Teng Jia Village was silent.

Teng Wu was high up in the hall. There weren't many people in the hall except for Teng Wu, Teng Qianhao, Teng Xueji, Leng Feng, and Zi Shengtian ?

"Qian Hao, tell us what happened." Teng Wu said indifferently. The annihilation of a clan was not something that anyone could accept. Even an expert like Teng Wu was no exception. The reason why he was able to maintain such a calm mentality was because Teng Wu had yet to find an outlet to vent his anger. Once they found this outlet, they would be in an irreparable situation.

"It's Second Uncle. That morning ?" Teng Qianhao then recounted in detail what had happened.

"So you don't know who did it?" Teng Wu asked angrily.

"I don't know ?" If he knew who the other party was, he would have flared up a long time ago. After that, he had investigated the entire area but did not find any clues.

"Sigh ?" The family was exterminated, yet he didn't even know who the other party was. He couldn't even find his target for revenge. Suddenly, Teng Wu thought of something and asked, "Didn't you say that two people were missing?"

"Yes, Xiang'er and Yan Er aren't here." Teng Qian Zhan said indifferently. Previously, he had counted the number of people who had died, but two were missing. These two people were none other than Teng Yan and Teng Xiang. After that, he sent people to look for them. There were no traces of two people in the entire Imperial City.

"Since we did not think of Yan Er and the rest, I believe they are still alive. Perhaps, we might be able to find out something from them. "Your Majesty, I will trouble you to issue a bounty for our Teng family. If anyone can find two people or provide information on them, our Teng family will reward them handsomely." Teng Wu said to Zi Shengtian respectfully, "Zi Shengtian would of course have no objections." Your Majesty, I will trouble you to help our Teng family issue a bounty for our Teng family. If anyone can find two people or provide information on them, our Teng family will reward them handsomely. "

"Old Teng, don't worry. I will do my best." Zi Sheng Tian said respectfully.

"Xueji, you and Feng'er should return to the Evil Sect first. When we don't find who our enemies are, there won't be any problems here for now," Teng Wu said indifferently to Teng Xueji.

"But, Second Uncle ?" Teng Xue Ji hesitated.

Just when Teng Xueji was about to say something, the experts of the Teng Clan neatly walked in. Looking at the person in front of them, besides Teng Wu, everyone else was at a loss.

"Coming ?" Teng Wu said helplessly.

"Yes, master ?" One of the visitors

Everyone looked at Teng Wu in surprise. What was the meaning of this? The enemy had not been found yet, so what was the purpose of summoning everyone here?

"What are you all doing?" Teng Xue Ji couldn't help but ask in surprise.

"Miss, we've come this time to bid farewell to the old master ?" With just a simple sentence, it caused a huge storm. Other than Teng Wu, the other four people looked at the experts who had lived in the Teng Jia Village for countless years with trembling eyes. What did this mean? Now was the time for the Teng Clan to hire people, but they?

When a rabbit dies, the dog is cooked. Previously, they had stayed at Teng Jia Village because the Teng Clan was able to provide them with countless pills to help them cultivate. Now that the Teng Clan had been exterminated, there was no longer any meaning in them staying here. Although the Teng Clan was not like the other clans that treated them as slaves, to them, improving their strength was the most important thing. That was why they chose to leave after some discussion.

"What?" What do you mean by this? Father treated you like this before, but now that Father has left, you can no longer recognize him? "What a bunch of heartless beings ?" Teng Xue Ji couldn't sit still any longer and began cursing at the crowd. Everyone couldn't help but lower their heads in shame. They didn't even try to refute her because everything that Teng Xue Ji said was the truth.

"Xueji, don't be rude!" Teng Wu stopped her.

"But second uncle ?" Teng Xue Ji was not satisfied. She glared at the crowd and sat down angrily.

"Since all of you have made up your minds, then let's go." "I hope that you can all find a good foothold." He had expected this outcome from the moment he entered the sect yesterday. Therefore, when they came in, he had a calm expression. After all, the Teng Clan was no longer able to give them anything.

"Master Xie ?" This simple word had completely erased decades of history. Without any hesitation, everyone headed outside. It was only a few years later that they realized how wrong they had made today's decision. This was because they would never be able to make the same decision in the Teng family that they had once had.

That ruthlessness, that decisiveness, without any words, all that remained were the departing figures one by one. How laughable was this comparison that only when faced with a great calamity would they both fly away. Right now, the Teng Clan could be considered to have completely fallen. All of the clan's experts had left, and none of the medicine masters remained. Teng Xue Ji was naturally a member of the Teng Clan, but she had married into an evil sect ?. No one could have imagined that such a huge clan would fail to fall into such a state because of an overnight change. However, no one knew that this was just the beginning of the Teng Clan, a new and glorious beginning ? ?

Three days later, at Teng Wu's fierce request, Teng Xue Ji left with the people from the evil sects.

Five days later, Teng Wu left the Teng Jia Village and roamed the entire Dreamsky Continent. He had to find Teng Yan or Teng Xiang. Only by finding them would the truth be revealed ? ? Everything seemed to have regained its calm once more. It was so quiet, so terrifyingly quiet, so quiet that it made people feel helpless.

The eve of the storm is always the most peaceful...

Brothers, this book is now in its true beginning. There are many flaws in the first few parts of this book, but if you think this book is still okay, you should keep it and let Ruo Han know how many people are paying attention to this book.

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