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Blood, blurred eyes, hazy heart.

Night. The boundless darkness. The infinite indifference.

Hatred continued to spread, wantonly growing. The bloody scene spun around one after another, hitting the ignorant heart and activating the desire to kill.

The night was sad and desolate, and his heart was full of anxiety.

Life or death, the world changing, the night turning, the universe changing.

A line between life and death, a rain of blood.

The family had been annihilated, and their thoughts filled up with a thousand years of eternal nostalgia.

Gazing at the night sky, he asked who could control the nine heavens.

Heavenly Dao, Human Dao, Asura Dao, Beast Dao, Hungry Ghost Dao ?

Six paths of reincarnation, the Buddha does not cross me, I become a devil.

At the edge of a cold pond at the bottom of a deep abyss, a young man quietly looked at the dark sky with a trace of sadness and depression in his eyes. His thoughts were still fixed on the scene of his family being exterminated. The scene froze at that moment. The slaughter continued unabated, and blood poured from his wounds. This was an unforgettable night for the rest of his life. One day and one night. It had been a full day and one night. Teng Yan just stared at the sky like that. It was unknown what he was thinking.

"Grandfather, I won't let you down, I definitely won't ?" Sitting quietly, Teng Yan held the green bottle tightly. His indifferent tone revealed endless determination and persistence. The hidden bitterness in his eyes stared straight into the starry sky, threatening with a cold aura.

That night, after Teng Yan jumped down from the bottomless abyss, he thought that he would die without a doubt. In that short moment, Teng Yan recalled every single scene that had occurred in this world. Although the time was very short, in Teng Yan's heart, he could never erase those beautiful memories; he had cared for them, he had loved them, and he had even sworn his death to protect them.

However, the Heavens seemed to love Teng Yan. He actually didn't die when he fell down from the bottomless chasm. It was because Teng Yan fell into the Unparalleled Frost Pool beside him. Therefore, he didn't die.

Right now, there was only hatred in Teng Yan's heart, and only hatred ? If he wanted revenge, if he wanted revenge, he would have to become stronger and hold onto the two elixirs in his hands that could make anyone in this world go crazy for him. Teng Yan did not know what use he had and did not know how to use them, so if he could, he believed that his grandfather would have let him eat them long ago.

For a gentleman to exact vengeance, ten years was not too late. Why can't I grind my sword for ten years? Teng Yan reminded himself in his heart.

To Teng Yan, the most important thing right now was to leave this place. Only by leaving this barren valley would he have the opportunity to continuously grow stronger. But how could he leave this bottomless abyss?

"Huhuhu ?" At this moment, the piercing sound of a cold wind could be heard. Teng Yan was stunned for a moment, before feeling a surge of joy. The bottom of the valley was originally too close to the wind, so where did the wind come from? Since there was wind, it meant that there was an exit. If there was an exit, they would be able to leave. Overjoyed, he stood up and ran towards the direction where the sound of wind came from.

"Heaven Battling Sect, just you wait. One day, I will make all of you sect members fall under my sword." "There will be a day!" Teng Yan's roar completely broke the silence of the night, creating endless memories in the deep valley.

Finally, Teng Yan found the source of the sound of the wind. It was a deep and serene cave entrance ? ? It was pitch black inside, and he couldn't see anything, "I'm not even afraid of death anymore, what else is there to be afraid of?" Without any hesitation, he walked into the cave ?

From time to time, a gust of cold wind would blow past Teng Yan's face like a blade, and the piercing pain made Teng Yan suffer. Teng Yan didn't know what kind of thing was in front of him, and he didn't want to go.

Holding onto that last sliver of hope, along with endless hatred, and enduring the ravaging of the cold wind, even Teng Yan himself didn't know how long he had walked inside this cave. He felt that his body was about to fall apart, and if he couldn't leave now, he really wouldn't have the strength to continue walking ? ?

God forbid.

Perhaps even the heavens were moved by Teng Yan. Finally, a weak light appeared before Teng Yan's eyes. The closer they got, the more sufficient the light became. A trace of joy was revealed on Teng Yan's helpless face. He used the last of his strength to run towards the source of the light ? ?

Boom ? In that moment, his vision suddenly brightened. When Teng Yan walked out of the cave and took the last step, he was once again in a different scene. This scene, however, was not an easy one in this bottomless chasm.

In Teng Yan's line of sight, there were numerous unknown flowers and plants, as well as some strange-shaped trees. Although he did not know what these things were, he was still very happy. He had finally left the bottomless abyss ? ? In other words, he had finally embarked on a completely new journey.

Teng Yan didn't know that at this moment, he hadn't left the deep abyss. He also didn't know that everything that happened before him was the work of the Teng Clan's patriarch that he had painstakingly built over thousands of years. If Teng Yan was a pharmacist, he could clearly recognize that these plants before his eyes were all extremely precious existences. If placed outside, just a single plant here would be worth an entire city's worth of money. This was the real secret of the Teng Clan's rear mountain forbidden area. Even Teng Wen, the current clan master, did not know of this place. Everyone in the Teng Clan knew that the back mountain was the forbidden area of the clan, but everyone knew that other than a deep abyss, there was nothing else at the back mountain. The so-called forbidden area was actually the place where Teng Yan was at this moment.

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