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Boom ? In a split-second, Teng Yan's entire body was covered in purple flames. His entire body was burning with raging flames, and the air was flashing with traces of scorching heat. The Han family members were startled as they watched Teng Yan charge towards them.

Let's fight. Those heaven defying brothers were naturally unwilling to give up. They all took up a stance and charged towards the Han Family. Those who kill my brother, however far they are, will be killed! Kill ?

The brothers wantonly shouted for battle, and the magical beasts angrily roared. Everything shattered the sky, breaking the silence of the night.

Haargh!" "Kill!" Leng Gu Han shouted loudly, without holding back at all. His frost domain expanded, and an endless cold engulfed everyone present. The purple flames of Teng Yan and the heaven-defying ice of Leng Gu Han mixed together in two powerful auras.

The fire made the air feel like it was ignited, yet it was filled with endless chilliness.

The ice was endlessly deep and cold, causing one's hair to stand on end.

He had lost at the hands of Teng Yan and Leng Gu Han. At this moment, the two of them were just like devils, brazenly harvesting the lives of the Han clan's warriors. Fresh blood recklessly splattered everywhere, and endless death spread ?

"What are you waiting for?" "Quickly, attack!" When he saw the scene in front of him, Han Ying could not help but roar out to the Five Great War Emperors behind him. The five Great War Emperors also recovered from their shock. Their trembling eyes were filled with complex emotions as they stared at the two youths in front of them.

A killing intent suddenly appeared!

Teng Yan, who was immersed in the pleasure of killing, instantly felt these five powerful auras and immediately locked his gaze on these five people.

They were both Battle Emperors, but Teng Yan knew that if it was just a one on one fight, perhaps none of them would be his match, but if it was five against one, even with Leng Gu Han, he did not have the confidence to win, because once he fell, the brothers behind him would be implicated ? The consequences would be unimaginable!

Heaven defying was insolent. It was arrogant. However, that did not mean that Heaven defying was stupid. Heaven defying would absolutely not do things that would bring about one's own death.

The scene of the Dongfang family appeared in Teng Yan's mind once again. He definitely could not let history repeat itself. Teng Yan secretly made up his mind.

Whether it was his previous life or the current one, Teng Yan believed that in this world, there was no such thing as an eternal friend, nor would there be an eternal enemy. There would only be eternal benefits.

Yes, profit! Under the influence of absolute benefits, Teng Yan believed that anything could change his mind!

Teng Yan quietly looked at the five emperors in front of him. Regardless of how wanton the slaughter was or how much blood splattered, none of the six of them moved. In a fight between experts, sometimes it was only a split-second of victory or defeat before it was a permanent victory or defeat.

"If we make a move, can you promise to finish me off without any casualties?" Teng Yan said faintly.

The five Great War Emperors were stunned as they stared blankly at Teng Yan. They were curious, just what did this young man mean? Was it because he wanted them to give up and surrender? However, they did not deny Teng Yan's words. At the very least, based on the current situation, if they wanted to kill him, their side would have to pay a heavy price. Some would even die because of this ?

"So what if you can kill me? You are the War Emperors, and in front of outsiders, you are the most glorious ones, but in truth, what about you? "You're just a few dogs of the Han Family, you have to see the Han Family's face. You're just a few dogs that only know how to waggle their tails and beg ?" The cold voice stimulated the Five Great War Emperors in front of them.

Yes, they were indeed just a few Han Family dogs. This could be seen from Han Ying's attitude towards them. This young man had mercilessly provoked them. As a Battle-Emperor, how could they be willing to submit to him? However, the world was cruel, so what if he was strong? After all, the War Emperor was not the War Emperor or the War God, and many times, he would be greatly restricted. Only by being attached to a large clan would they be able to obtain a better existence ?

Of course, you will also have to pay a huge price, or surrender to me. I will help you break through the shackles of the War Emperor and enter the realm of War Emperor. War Emperor, think about this, what did the Han Family give you, money? Vanity? Beautiful women? "These are just floating clouds. In this world, strength is the only thing that matters ?" Teng Yan narrated in an indifferent manner.

"Bullshit, don't believe him. I'll help you guys break through the Battle-Emperor level to become War Emperors. Do you think that's possible? Who do you think you are for ? "Kill him, quickly kill him!" Han Ying could not help but roar. Right now, he was extremely afraid of Teng Yan. On the battlefield, in the midst of killing, he was actually still able to calmly rope in his clan's Five Great War Emperors? This was completely not something he could accept.

What Teng Yan said was not wrong, he even said that he had completely explained their weaknesses. Looking at the furious Han Ying who was roaring at the side, and then looking at the calm Teng Yan, he asked, "Why should we believe you?" one of the five quietly asked.

"Just this ?" At some point, a pill had appeared in Teng Yan's hand. It was glowing with a faint blue light!

"Blue colored pill?" The five Battle-Emperors trembled violently at the same time as they stared in shock at the blue pill in Teng Yan's hand. This blue pill was a Grade 8 pill! The thing that he had never been able to get in his entire life was actually so close to him now!

Looking at the reaction of the Five Great War Emperors, the corners of Teng Yan's mouth curled up into a strange smile, "Let me tell you another secret. Do you know where these magical beasts came from?" Do you know how long it took for these magical beasts to reach the third step?

The Five Great War Emperors looked at Teng Yan in astonishment. His face was filled with confusion.

Half a month, I only used half a month's time and fed it with countless pills! In an instant, not only was it the Five Great War Emperors, but even Han Ying was shocked. Madman, this man was simply a madman ?

"How is it, have you considered it? Pills are not worth a penny to me. As long as you surrender to me and defy the heavens, I can guarantee that in the future, you will be able to enjoy endless pills. Your strength will also increase by ten times, or even a hundred times more! " The words were simple, but they were loud.

The five Battle-Emperors were silent. They hesitated!

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