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"Your Majesty, this kid is simply too arrogant. He doesn't put our empire in his eyes at all, he doesn't put our imperial family in his eyes at all!"

"That's right, Your Majesty. This brat definitely can't let him go ?"

"Too arrogant, too arrogant ?"

As soon as Teng Yan left the palace hall, the ministers erupted with anger. They couldn't bear to see this young man disregard the royal family or even the empire. This was simply going too far.

Is it too much? Arrogant? Arrogant?

In Teng Yan's eyes, as long as you have enough strength, then everything is natural.


Shut up ?" Zi Sheng Tian roared at everyone, how could he not know about this? But what could he do? As the supreme leader of an empire, there were things that he had to take into consideration...

"Your Majesty..." The ministers looked at Zi Sheng Tian in surprise.

"Alright, let's end this here. From today onwards, General Yan is our empire's general, anyone can go and provoke him. This is our warning to all of you, if anyone dares to offend him, don't blame me for not reminding you ?"

"Boom ?" Everyone was shocked. They didn't think the emperor would say something like this, but what else could they say?

At this time, Teng Yan had already left the palace and returned to the Dongfang family. This time, it could be said to be a great harvest for him, not only did he get the old residence of the Teng family, but also the marriage between Leng Gu Han and the third princess. More importantly, it could indirectly arouse conflict between the Battle Sky Sect and the royal family.

"Big brother, you're back ?" Seeing that Teng Yan had returned, Leng Gu Han welcomed him excitedly.

"Little Han, let me tell you a happy occasion." Teng Yan told Leng Gu Han in a low voice.

"What good news?" Leng Gu Han looked at Teng Yan with curiosity. He really had nothing to say to this elder brother of his. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have been able to become a Battle-Emperor.

"Heh heh..." Teng Yan smiled as he shifted his gaze to Third Princess Zi Yi, who was snuggling up against Leng Gu Han. "The Emperor has already agreed to marry the Third Princess to you!"

"What?" Brother, are you joking? " Leng Gu Han looked at Teng Yan with both excitement and suspicion.

"My royal father really agreed to it?" The third princess was also shocked as she looked at Teng Yan. She knew that her father had betrothed her to the Heaven Battling Sect, so Teng Yan's words didn't gain her trust.

"Of course. Why don't you see who this young master is? Also, from now on, you're my brother's man. At the same time, hehe, you know what Xiao Han calls me, so don't you ?" Teng Yan looked vulgarly at the third princess.

"Big brother..." The third princess hesitated for a moment before shyly calling out to him.

"Hahaha..." Teng Yan laughed. He didn't expect this unruly princess to have such a day. He felt so good.

"Big Brother, you haven't answered me yet. Did my royal father really agree?" The third princess confirmed as she looked at Teng Yan.

"If you don't believe me, you can go back to the palace and ask your father!" Teng Yan said, ignoring the two. He needed to move. From today onwards, he was officially in the Teng family, so he had truly returned home. Who would have thought that this day would come so much faster than he thought ?

After that, all the members of Heaven Defying Tribe started to think about the Teng family. After Teng Yan left the palace, the army that the Teng family had been guarding left as well.

The place that represented the shame of the Teng family was still vivid in his mind. What happened on that night three years ago once again appeared in his mind. His eyes were bloodshot, his heart was filled with hatred, and the only thing left in his heart was his endless hatred ?

"Big brother ?" Just at this moment, Leng Gu Han appeared beside Teng Yan. However, the moment he looked into Teng Yan's eyes, his entire body froze. That look was so cold, so dark, and so frightening!

"Big Brother, are you alright?" Leng Gu Han trembled as he looked at Teng Yan. It could be said that she had never met Teng Yan before. Even when he killed the Han family, he didn't realize how powerful his big brother's killing intent was. What exactly was this? What on earth made this big brother have such killing intent?

He did not understand, nor did he know!

At this moment, the inner palace was filled with a solemn atmosphere. Everyone's face was filled with fear, anger, and helplessness.

"Report... "Border emergency report ?"


"The Kassa Empire attacked the borders of the Empire of Ziye three days ago. Our army is like a hot knife through butter. Our army suffered heavy losses and could be forced to retreat at any time. We request for your assistance!"

These few words made everyone quiver. Their faces were filled with shock. "The Kaiser Empire is attacking our Empire of Zi Ye?"

There were thousands of countries like the Purple Night Empire in the whole continent, and each country's power was different. A country like the Purple Night Empire was at most a third-rate country, and the Kassa Empire was definitely a second-rate country. Facing the attack of the Kassa Empire, how could everyone not be afraid?

The Empire of Ziye, which had been peaceful for hundreds of years, was finally baptized by the flames of war once again ?

Panic, helplessness, and fear instantly washed over all the ministers present. The Kassa Empire was not something they could contend against!

"What do the various officials think?" Zi Shengtian asked helplessly.

Your Majesty, this humble subject believes that we should surrender to the Kassa Empire immediately. With our country's strength, we are simply unable to contend against them, and they attacked the Empire of Ziye because of our abundant resources. I believe that as long as we agree to provide them with a certain amount of resources every year, this battle will soon come to an end.

"Your Majesty, this humble subject agrees with General Zhang's thoughts as well ?"


Not a single person in the great hall wanted to fight, and this made Zi Shengtian feel helpless. In the end, his gaze fell on Teng Qianhao, who was standing beside him.

"General Teng, what do you think?"

"Every day we use troops. If we run into a war and retreat, then what do we soldiers need to do? From now on, anyone who disrupts the morale of the troops shall die ?"

The cold voice intimidated everyone present!

The entire hall was silent!

The fifth fragment had already been delivered, and there were still three more to be had. "

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