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Teng Yan looked around, hoping to find a way out. However, this paradise was very big, and he couldn't see the end of it. Teng Yan had been walking for a long time. He was tired, thirsty and hungry. His body and mind were exhausted, and he felt weak. He slowly moved forward with that last strike of obsession in his heart and mind.

When a car arrives at the mountain, there will be a path. When a boat arrives at the bridge, it will naturally straighten out.

Finally, an old, dilapidated room appeared in Teng Yan's sight. Immediately, he was overjoyed. A room meant that there was a person, and there was food to eat ?. "Gu Gu ?" His stomach was already protesting against Teng Yan. Teng Yan no longer hesitated as he ran towards the dilapidated house. It was excitement, it was excitement, it was lucky...

"Bang ?" The moment Teng Yan stepped into the house with endless excitement, a green thing pounced towards him, causing him to fall to the ground. Inwardly, he could not help but curse in his heart. However, when he saw the thing that was approaching him, Teng Yan was stunned.

A little green dog? Right? In Teng Yan's line of sight, a cute little dog appeared in front of him. However, it was different from the dogs that Teng Yan had seen in his previous life. Now, the dog in front of him seemed to be slightly different, but as for where it was, he wasn't sure. Of course, the most special thing was the green dog's body, which Teng Yan had never seen before.

"Puppy dog, is your master home?" Teng Yan asked as he held the little green dog in front of him. The little dog seemed to like Teng Yan a lot, as it cuddled in Teng Yan's arms. Of course, the little mutt couldn't answer Teng Yan. Feeling helpless, Teng Yan could only walk into the house. The room was not big at all. Other than a bed, there was a bookshelf filled with books, and there were also some bottles and jars. What attracted Teng Yan the most was the purple pill furnace in the middle of the room ? ?

Other than these, there was nothing else. Teng Yan felt helpless. He searched the house for a long time, but couldn't find any other food. His stomach was already growling, and the protest was getting louder and louder ? ? He weakly sat on the ground, "Oh my god, am I really going to become a person who starves to death?" He grumbled helplessly.

At this moment, the bag of things that the puppy was holding appeared in Teng Yan's sight. The dog placed the thing in its mouth onto the ground, and a few fruits appeared in Teng Yan's sight. Its shape was similar to that of the small tomatoes from his previous life. However, the color was purple and it looked strange. However, Teng Yan couldn't care so much at this time. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quickly took care of everything in front of him.

Seeing Teng Yan eating the food he found, the puppy seemed to be taking credit. It wagged its tail and kept rubbing its body against Teng Yan's body ?.

"Alright, alright, I know how amazing you are now. "Haha ?" Teng Yan picked up the puppy and toyed with it. Although he had only eaten a few small tomatoes, his originally hungry feeling disappeared in an instant. His tired body also regained its energy ? ?

"Puppy dog, what did you give me to eat?" He could not help but ask in surprise. Of course, this was a question that he had asked many times before, but Teng Yan did not receive any response.

It was obvious that someone was using it to concoct pills. The cauldron and the bottles of pills on the shelf next to it were enough to explain everything. Teng Yan was curious, who the hell was concocting pills in this place? Furthermore, looking at the thick layer of dust within the room, it seemed that no one had lived here for a long time ?

Everything meant that no one had lived here for a long time, but why was there such a small dog? Based on the size of the puppy, it was obvious that it had just been born. Teng Yan was curious, but he didn't know what kind of existence the little mutt that he was talking about was. It was a medicine beast, a qilin. It was a sacred object brewed from gathering the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and absorbing the essence of the sun and moon ? After being nurtured by the Teng Clan's patriarch for generations, the medicinal beast in front of him was definitely a rare treasure. If it was placed in the outside world, its value would definitely be equivalent to a huge dragon, or even higher.

A medicinal beast's function was to be able to track down all the spiritual treasures in the world. As long as it was a treasure or medicinal herb with spiritual energy, he would be able to sense it the moment it appeared within a ten meter radius from the medicine beast. Thus, once he possessed the Medicine Beast Kirin front of him, it would be equivalent to having a treasury...

Teng Yan didn't know about any of this. With so many pills and a cauldron in front of him, could the book on the bookshelf be related to alchemy as well? Teng Yan thought to himself. He had a blood feud and the mission of reviving the clan. If he didn't have the strength to accomplish all these, it would be a good idea to become a high-level pharmacist ?.

Filled with hope, Teng Yan opened one of the books on the bookshelf.

Effect of Rank 9 Qi Gathering Pills: Able to increase the user's strength by 2 levels within 6 hours. Medicinal Materials Required: Seven Star Grass, crabapple flower, Class 9 Monster Core ? Just this medicinal pill alone was enough to stun Teng Yan. Within six hours, his strength had increased by two levels? Then if a warlord level expert took this pill, wouldn't they become a Ancestor level expert? What kind of existence was the Ancestor? There was no suspense at all. As Teng Yan thought about this, he felt embarrassed. No wonder the alchemists welcomed them so warmly. Who in this world didn't want to become famous just like that? With this kind of pill, it would no longer be a dream. However, Teng Yan had never heard of the things mentioned above, let alone refined one.

He had no choice but to keep reading.

The effect of the Rank 9 pill, Returning Spring Pill, allowed the user to instantly recover from any injuries, allowing him to recover to his peak condition. Materials Required:

It was another heaven-defying pill. Teng Yan was completely speechless ?

Grade nine medicinal pill ?

Grade nine medicinal pill ?

Divine level pill ?


In the end, Teng Yan was completely dumbfounded. From the ninth stage to the divine stage, each pill that defied the heavens and had all kinds of powerful attributes allowed Teng Yan to finally witness the strength of an alchemist. Almost all the books in front of him recorded the refining methods of some high level pellets. However, Teng Yan was at a loss. All of them were high level pellets, so how could he train to the level of an alchemist?

Stunned, Teng Yan stared at the puppy beside him. At this moment, Teng Yan had the urge to commit suicide. The current Teng Yan had a huge treasury, but he could only look from there and not move? How could this feeling be good?

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