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The young man was arrogant, but the young man in front of him had the qualifications to be arrogant. That general was an expert at the late stage of the warlord level, yet he was killed so easily? This was truly hard for everyone to accept. They didn't know what terrifying level this youth's strength had reached, but they were clear that they were absolutely no match for him.

Silence. The entire meeting room was dead silent except for Teng Yan. At this moment, there was a trace of disdain on his face. The long sword covered in blood had mysteriously disappeared from everyone's line of sight.

Although Zi Shengtian was angry, they had decided on their own, and since Teng Yan already said that once he makes a move, it will be a killing move, so he couldn't blame Teng Yan at all, and the kingdom still needed him, but he had a feeling of defense against this mysterious young man. After all, this young man wasn't easy to control, and at that time, it was very likely that he would raise a tiger ?

"Alright, this matter shall end here. "General Yan, don't be too angry. Let's talk about the expedition this time. What suggestions do you have?"

"Kill without mercy..." Teng Yan's three cold words responded to Zi Shengtian's question.

Kill without mercy? This time, to Teng Yan, the army of the Kassa Empire was no match for him. They were merely brothers who had gone against the will of the heavens, the stepping stones for their progress. Only by using their lives and their blood could they forge a path to become brothers who had gone against the will of the heavens.

"General Yan, I think you should first understand the enemy's military strength. A full million soldiers is three times more powerful than our border army. Furthermore, I can only deploy 200,000 troops for you. Even so, it is still incomparable to the enemy's military strength ?" Of course, this was not all that was left of the Empire of Ziye. However, time was of the essence, and the number of troops he could mobilize was limited in the shortest amount of time possible.

"More than a million? "Having more people doesn't always mean you're good ?" Teng Yan said coldly. Whether it was the battle at Casatou, killing the Han Family, or taking over the Heavenly Wolf Stronghold, which of them hadn't he won by a large margin?

"But ?" Zi Shengtian hesitated.

"Five hundred thousand against one million. Your Majesty, don't worry. I have a hundred percent confidence to completely annihilate the enemy forces ?" One must know that Teng Yan was talking about annihilating them, not repelling them. These were two completely different concepts, and if this time, he could completely annihilate the million strong army of the Kassa Empire, then they believed that in the next few decades, they would not dare to invade the Empire of Zi Ye.

"General Yan, are you really confident?"

"This young master has never fought a battle without confidence. Alright, if there's nothing else, this young master will take his leave first. Tomorrow afternoon, the army will depart ?" With these words, Teng Yan did not care about the reaction of the people around him. He turned around and walked outside. Starting from tomorrow, Teng Yan had to start preparing immediately. A soldier must be quick. Of course, Teng Yan understood this principle ?.

This time, Teng Yan did not put the winning stakes into the empire's army, but on the heaven defying brothers. This was because this was in itself a chance for his brothers to gain experience, and Teng Yan would definitely not let this opportunity go to waste.

Therefore, this time, Teng Yan decided to bring the five Battle-Emperors and the ten Battle-Kings with him ? As for the other Battle-Kings, Teng Yan didn't plan to use them. On the battlefield, these people were like devils, but if they wanted to advance on the battlefield, they wouldn't be suitable for Battle-Kings. Thus, this time, besides bringing these fifteen people, Teng Yan also brought an army of heaven-defying magical beasts ?

The vast plains were definitely the best terrain for the magical beasts to attack. Furthermore, it could be used as an opportunity for the brothers to improve their teamwork with the magical beasts ? Why not...

"Your majesty, do you think this kid can really repel the army of the Kassa Empire?" After Teng Yan left, Teng Qianhao, who had been silent all this time, asked.

"I can't guarantee that, but what can I do now?" Five hundred thousand against one million enemies ? Unless a miracle happens, the Empire of Ziye has no hope at all. Besides, the Kassa Empire's successor is also moving towards the Empire of Ziye. When the time comes ? Sigh, it is really hard to imagine what kind of scene this would be. Now we can only place all our hopes on him ? " Zi Sheng Tian said helplessly.

"But... "Your majesty, this brat has never fought before. Do you think this is okay? I will immediately bring the Teng family to the frontlines with him ?" Teng Qian Hao said anxiously.

"No, Qian Hao, it's not like you don't know that our Empire of Ziye is suffering from internal and external troubles. Once your Teng family leaves the capital, what will happen in the capital?" "By that time, even if the Kassa Empire doesn't break through our defenses, the Empire of Ziye will be finished ?"

"Alright, now that all of our worries are in vain, we might as well quietly wait for him to create a miracle for us ?" Zi Shengtian had a helpless look on his face.

"Alright, looks like that's the only way ?"

The next day, Teng Yan led two hundred thousand soldiers of the empire towards the border. At the same time, the army of the heaven-defying demonic beasts followed Teng Yan's army and approached the border. Their target was the border battlefield ?

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