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The two hundred thousand strong army advanced toward the borders of the Empire of Ziye in a grandiose manner. Along the way, every one of the soldiers carried a heavy heart. They all knew that it was possible that they would never come back. The battlefield was a cruel side that soldiers could never avoid. Therefore, they could neither resist nor avoid it. With the rise and fall of their country, they were responsible for nothing. As a soldier, he should protect the dignity of the country and the territory of the country from being violated. Even if he were to die, he should do so without hesitation ?

Hot blood surged in his veins as his will to fight soared.

Just like this, the entire team carried with them such a heavy emotion, a feeling of not caring about death at all. They faced the battlefield, faced death, and began to advance towards slaughter ?

Of the entire troop, Teng Yan was the highest commander and most relaxed.

Death? For Teng Yan, who had already died once, there was no longer any fear of death.

Slaughter? For Teng Yan, whose hands were covered in blood, killing had long become an indispensable part of his life.

The rise and fall of the country? For Teng Yan, the only thing he cared about was himself. He only cared about his brothers, his friends, his relatives, the rise and fall of his country, and his men's responsibilities. Teng Yan did not care about these things, nor did she care about them.

It originally only took twenty days to travel from the Imperial City to the border. However, under Teng Yan's lead, it only took fifteen days, which was a full five days faster than expected ? ?

The thick smell of blood in the air was extremely thick, causing people to feel like vomiting. However, to Teng Yan, this feeling was so intimate, so familiar ? ?

There was no suspense at all for the three hundred thousand soldiers of the Empire of Ziye to face the million strong army of the enemy. It was purely a one-sided massacre, and from the beginning of the battle to now, the original three hundred thousand soldiers were no more than one hundred and fifty thousand men. Half of them had lost, but that was one hundred and fifty thousand men ?

In the battlefield, life was originally the most worthless thing. In here, it was either you die or I die, regardless of whether you are a high and mighty general or an unknown soldier, you only have one life on the battlefield, so losing it is equivalent to losing it forever ?

"You all... "Why did you guys only arrive now ?" When Teng Yan led the army to the border, there wasn't any welcoming or anticipating scene. All there was was this border general's endless complaints and reproaches. Which one of you is the commander in chief here, what the hell are you guys doing, why did you come here so late? Do you know how many soldiers I have under my command died because of you guys being late? "You all ?"

This was an angry complaint, and it was a vulgar evasion of responsibility.

"Who do you think you are?" Teng Yan's cold eyes were fixed on the fallen general before him. His anger and his complaints could only arouse the endless anger and killing intent within Teng Yan's heart ?.

"Me? Who do you think you are? I am the oldest here, what right do you have to talk to me like that, and how many soldiers have you brought this time? "The front lines are about to be breached, right now you all are going to fight for me on the battlefield to kill the enemy ?" Endless roars filled the hearts of every soldier present.

They had come here on a long journey, and they didn't even have a break to bring them to the battlefield? What was he doing? Isn't this asking us to die? At this moment, every one of the soldiers were thinking angrily, but none of them dared to say anything. The only thing he could do was to silently look at Teng Yan.

"Who do you think you are? "This young master's soldiers are not even under your control. From now on, I will take full responsibility of this place. Those who disobey will be killed ?" The word 'kill' was simple, but unusually cold. An ice-cold chill swept through everyone's heart, especially the impoverished general in front of Teng Yan. As he stared at Teng Yan, a trace of fear and shock appeared in his eyes ? ?

"You ?" He had been guarding the border for decades, and he himself was the king here. If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't defeat the imperial army this time, he wouldn't have asked the empire for reinforcements, and he wouldn't have had to suffer the orders from the outer army. He was the ruler here, but the teenager in front of him had obviously challenged his rights, challenged his position ?.

"Men, tie that arrogant brat up for me ?" The fallen general shouted angrily at the soldiers behind him.

He looked at Teng Yan, then at the general, and for a moment he didn't know what to do. However, there was a saying that a strong dragon wouldn't oppress a snake, and the fact that the general had been guarding the border for dozens of years was deeply ingrained. They would definitely choose the stronger one. They were preparing to attack Teng Yan.

"Kill..." However, he heard an ice-cold voice. It was so cold, so full of chill, that it made people shudder when they heard it. An invisible pressure engulfed everyone present.

In an instant, everyone's eyes fell on Teng Yan. That's right, the one who said this was Teng Yan.

Shua! Before anyone could react, a scarlet liquid streaked across the sky. It was gorgeous, but also filled with fear. The fallen general's body had already heavily fallen to the ground, while his head had already completely left his body ? Those eyes were filled with endless fear and incredulity ?

Yes, he was a general. In the eyes of others, he might be the supreme existence, but in the eyes of Teng Yan, he was nothing. In the eyes of the Five Great War Emperors behind Teng Yan, he was nothing.

"Those who follow me will die while those who go against me will die. From now on, I have the final say here ?" A small voice was like a bolt of thunder, shaking the hearts of everyone present ?

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