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Killing competition? Hearing Teng Yan and the others still chatting happily while not putting the enemy in their eyes, the soldiers of the Empire of Ziye were all dumbfounded. Today, they had finally witnessed what it meant to be arrogant, what it meant to be arrogant.

Shock, and even more shock.

With Teng Yan's words, the army of seven hundred thousand from the Kassa Empire appeared in everyone's line of sight.

People of the Empire of Ziye, listen up. Now, I am giving you one last chance. Surrender, and live." "No surrender ?" "As the melodious voice rang out, every soldier of the Empire of Ziye was shocked.

"Magic beast army, charge ?" Teng Yan didn't even have time to consider before he roared.

"Kill..." The brothers, who were also roaring, followed closely behind them and commanded their magical beast battle pets to charge. Of course, at this moment, the brothers, who were fighting against the heaven defying, had yet to make a move, after all, when facing the seven hundred thousand strong army, they were seventy times stronger than their own army, so no matter how strong they were, they would still suffer, not to mention that the enemy still had some strong experts.

Roar! Roar! Roar! An earth-shaking roar rang out as the magical beasts followed their master's orders and launched their most violent attacks against the army of the Kassa Empire ?

"What's that?" Countless voices of confusion rose from the Kassa Empire camp. They saw a black mass of people charging towards them, raising a cloud of dust that made it impossible for them to clearly see what was in front of them ?

Closer. Closer. Closer. Closer ?

"Not good. It's a magical beast ?" "It's the army of magical beasts ?" Finally, the moment they saw the creature approaching them, they were shocked and began to tremble ? One or two magical beasts appearing on the battlefield was already quite rare. After all, cultivating magical beasts was an extremely difficult task. But now, thousands of magical beasts had appeared in front of them. How could they be able to accept this?

"What are you all panicking for? What are you all panicking for ?" "Kill all these beasts for me ?" The appearance of an army of magical beasts on the battlefield had completely exceeded his imagination. He could not understand how the Empire of Ziye could train so many magical beasts, all of which were at least rank 3 and many of which were rank 5.

A magical beast of the third rank wasn't something an ordinary person could contend against. And now, a magical beast of the fifth rank had appeared ?

Roar ?

The magical beast army didn't think this far. As soon as they charged into the Casa Empire's camp, they started slaughtering without restraint. Of course, these magical beasts all followed their master's orders and didn't intentionally cause a massacre. Instead, they constantly charged, charged, and charged ?

However, with the massive body of the magical beast, even if it was only a charge, it wasn't something these mortal soldiers could contend against. For a moment, his body was a mass of bloody flesh, and corpses littered the fields ?

This was the absolute advantage of a magical beast army on the battlefield ? At this moment, the army of magical beasts was like a killing machine. As they charged forward, the life of the soldiers of the Kassa Empire constantly fell. Death enveloped the entire army. It was just a single charge, the blood became a river, the corpse became a mountain ?

Shock, fear, and trembling ?

All the members of the Kassa Empire had complicated looks on their faces ?

"Attack, attack, attack ?" Watching the magical beast army brazenly slaughtering their way through the ranks of their own armies, John was enraged and panicked, constantly issuing orders ? The soldiers of Kassa Empire finally reacted. Now, fear and cowardice were meaningless. If they wanted to survive, they had to kill these magical beasts ?

Kill ? For a time, the sound of battle shook the skies.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers charged toward the magical beast army.

But in the next second, everyone was shocked because the soldiers' attacks couldn't even break through the defenses of the magical beasts. This...

The charge of the magical beast army continued. The slaughter continued. Death was descending ?

Helplessly, fearfully, the army that had enveloped the empire had never imagined that the situation would develop to this point ?

Aoao ? The magical beast army continued to charge forward, brazenly slaughtering the soldiers. shrink back, be timid... The Kassa Empire's side was at a loss as to what to do. Furthermore, these magical beasts did not have the heart to fight. They simply charged forward again and again while relying on their huge bodies to trample on the lives of the soldiers of the Kassa Empire ?

"Trash ?" You bunch of trash ? All of you, go stop these magical beasts ? "Yes." John said to the two Battle-Emperors beside him. The two of them were speechless. Even if they were Battle-Emperors, they still lacked the strength to face thousands of Class 3 Magical Beasts. However, since the general had spoken, what else could they say? He could only bite the bullet and charge forward ? Once his two Battle-Emperors participated in the current battle, then, if the Empire sent out their experts, how could they defend against them?

Helpless, but we can only continue ?

"Big Brother ?" "Looks like there's no need for us to do anything. Our magical beast army alone is enough for them to handle ?" Looking at the army of magical beasts in front of him, he watched as the soldiers of the empire died a miserable death ? Leng Gu Han said lightly...

"That might not be the case. My goal in coming to this battlefield is to let my brothers come train. I can't let these bastards get lucky ?" However, the seven hundred thousand strong army didn't arouse my interest at all. After the battle ends, we should head to the lands of the Kassa Empire to take a stroll. That is the true battlefield that belongs to us... " Teng Yan said weakly.


Although Teng Yan's words were not very loud, everyone present could basically hear him. "Go to the Kassa Empire?" At this moment, the soldiers of the Empire of Ziye were speechless. Towards this young general, apart from admiration, they also respected him ?

"Young master, the War Emperor over there has already taken action ?" At this time, Wushuang faintly said.

"Oh ?" Teng Yan looked at the battlefield in astonishment, and a disdainful smile appeared on his face, "Since they have already made their move, we cannot be weak. The five of you can go, but ignore those two trash, your mission is to kill ?"

"Yes, Young Lord ?" The five Battle-Emperors replied at the same time ?

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