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The killing machine of the battlefield, the terminator of life, if these words came out from someone else's mouth, perhaps no one would believe them, but at this moment, from Teng Yan's mouth, the three hundred and fifty thousand soldiers of the Empire of Zi Ye had no doubts at all. They had seen Brother Against the Sky's abnormal abilities, witnessed the nightmare-like slaughter of these lunatics, and firmly believed that since this youth could bring out this group of lunatics, then he would naturally be able to lead out the second, third, or even the fourth, or the fifth batch ?

This was a world where the strong were respected, and the weak were prey to the strong. Who wouldn't yearn for strength? Who didn't want to kill?

In the past, they might not have a chance, and could only silently shoulder the responsibility of an Imperial soldier. But now, that opportunity was right before their eyes, fleeting, fleeting. If they missed it, it was possible that they would never have another opportunity like this in their entire lives, and they yearned to become stronger, fiercer, fiercer ?

Three hundred and fifty thousand hearts were boiling. Those persistent eyes were quietly looking at the young man in front of him. They were looking at this mythical young man.

"We are willing to follow the general to the death. We are willing to follow the general to the death ?" The three hundred and fifty thousand soldiers kneeled on the ground in unison. Their respectful voices filled the entire battlefield and did not disappear even after a long time ?

This was reverence from the bottom of his heart, and it came from the bottom of his heart as well ?

Looking at the scene before him, a faint smile appeared on Teng Yan's face. The first step had finally been completed. The only thing left to do was to train all of these people to become as strong as his heaven-defying brothers ?. Think about it. If 13,000 heaven defying brothers could fight against 600,000 soldiers or even more, then what kind of bloody storm would result when such a number was 350,000? Teng Yan was already beginning to look forward to it ?

However, Teng Yan also knew that this would take time. One must know that all the brothers who were powerful enough to defy the heavens were mercenaries, and their strength had a certain foundation. However, the majority of these soldiers were only at the soldier level ? Too far from the general level ? In the future, they would still have a long road ahead of them. However, time was definitely sufficient for Teng Yan before his identity was exposed ?.

"From today onwards, you are still soldiers of the Empire. However, from this moment onwards, you have gained an additional identity. That is, you are all heaven-defying members and disciples of my Dragon Flame ? From today onwards, you can only obey my commands. Three thousand people living in this world, only I am respected ? " A majestic aura intimidated everyone present.

"I vow to follow the general until my death, never to betray him ?"

"I vow to follow the general until my death, never to betray him ?"

"I vow to follow the general until my death, never to betray him ?"


The orderly voice could not disperse for a long time ? Several hundred thousand pairs of excited eyes quietly stared at Teng Yan. They quietly watched the youth who was about to bring them a miracle and create a legend. At this moment, his heart was in awe ?

"As heaven defying members, you all ? Everyone present had to remember our purpose, which was to only allow us to trample on others, to absolutely not tolerate others stepping on our bodies, even if it means death. Remember, we are wolves, we are tigers, we are demons, and we are the gods of death. Can you do it? "

A brief moment of silence ?

"Yes ?" And then another roar rang out.

A man should kill, but he should not hold back in killing. All that was left to him was to kill ?

Under the command of Teng Yan, the three hundred and fifty thousand men of the Empire of Zi Ye's army boiled with blood in their bodies. Born in this world, no one had the desire to kill, they just didn't want to be discovered.

It was just a few short sentences, but it instantly gave the entire army a new aura. It was a fighting spirit, and also a killing intent ?

If Teng Qianhao, the general of the empire, was here, he would definitely be surprised, because the young man in front of him was too much of a person to be surprised. If he was the one leading, the Empire of Zi Ye would definitely be able to rise to another night of glory and reach an unprecedented peak, but unfortunately, he was not here, so he would not know. Of course, even if he knew, it would be of no use.

"Tomorrow, we will be heading to the Kassa Empire. It will definitely not be as peaceful there as it is now. It's possible that many of our brothers will never be able to return. It's also possible that many of our brothers will leave us forever ?" Are you afraid? If you're afraid, you can leave now. "I don't object ?" Her ice-cold eyes quietly swept over everyone present ? It made people shiver ?

"Not afraid..."

"Alright, as heaven defying members, you are qualified. Remember, there is no need for heaven defying cowards to fear death, only heroes who die in battle." In the battlefield, we are the kings and the creators of death. Of course, this also requires absolute strength ? Now, I will give each of you a Grade 6 Spirit Pill. With the strength of your Battle Soldiers, I believe that after consuming it, you will all advance to the level of War Commander-in-Chief tonight ? "

This short sentence was like a bolt of thunder that intimidated everyone present. It was like a violent storm that swept through everyone's heart as several hundred thousand pairs of trembling eyes tightly locked onto Teng Yan ?

Grade six pill? What a distant existence this was. If it was the past, these soldiers wouldn't even dare to think about it, but now ? Grade 6 pills were right in front of them. Moreover, they were once again shocked by Teng Yan's power. Grade 6 pills, three hundred and fifty thousand people would get one each? That was three hundred and fifty thousand grade six pills ? If it was placed anywhere, it would cause a bloodbath... Of course, they did not know that three hundred and fifty thousand Grade 6 Elixirs were a lot, but in Teng Yan's opinion, this was nothing. In front of him, Teng Yan had thrown in more than ten million Grade 6 Elixirs. Although they were only low-level pills, but tens of millions, this was definitely a huge sum of money. Furthermore, the magical beasts had already entered the third step or higher, and the low-level pills were basically useless. Teng Yan was already preparing to use high-grade pills ?

In this battle, the superiority of the Magic Beast Army was fully displayed. This also made Teng Yan realize that his decision from the beginning was not wrong. Right now, he still had tens of thousands of demon beast eggs in his spatial ring ? Looking at the three hundred and fifty thousand strong army in front of him, Teng Yan knew that it was time for these magical beasts to appear ?

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